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Fujitsu Boosts "My Cloud" Personal Cloud Service

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 19, 2012

Fujitsu today announced that it will be offering expanded availability of its My Cloud personal cloud service in tandem with the roll out of FMV consumer PCs and ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi tablet devices announced by the company today.

My Cloud is a hybrid cloud service for users in Japan that delivers a host of easy-to-use and convenient cloud services from Fujitsu along with high capacity online storage that can be employed in sync with users' home PCs.

1. Overview of My Cloud Services

(1) PHOTO service: Automatically organizes photographs by event

PHOTO automatically categorizes photos downloaded from a digital camera or smartphone to a PC by date, subject or event.

For event-based categorization, the PC will analyze and categorize photos based on the information contained in photo data, the number of photos, and other factors. In addition, if GPS information is embedded in the photo data, the name of the location(1) where the photos were captured will automatically be inserted into the title of the photo group.

(2) TV/AV service: Recorded TV programming from anywhere in your house

With a PC or tablet featuring My Cloud, users can manage and create a list of the TV programs they have recorded on their at-home recording device or PC equipped with a TV tuner card(2). The program list can be viewed on a PC, TV, smartphone or tablet, and users can enjoy their favorite recorded content from any of these devices, without having to worry about where it is stored.

(3) ECO service(3): Manage home electronics with HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

Users can employ their My Cloud-equipped PC as an HEMS controller to manage the operational settings of air conditioners and other ECHONET Lite-compatible home electronic appliances. The service allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their power usage habits.

Moreover, by registering a smartphone, the service will notify users via their smartphone once they are a certain distance away from home if they have inadvertently left an appliance turned on, in addition to allowing users to turn off appliances remotely via the smartphone.

(4) Best Life Support service: Performs automatic PC diagnosis

With a PC or tablet featuring My Cloud, the service will create automatic reports on a regular basis about the health status of the PC, including information such as the utilization status of hard disks and cooling fans, and will notify users about software updates. Along with the diagnostic results, a variety of additional services will be suggested for users depending on their individual needs, including a PC inspection service, a concierge service, and a PC tutoring service.

2. Services for further taking advantage of My Cloud

(1) My Cloud Library

Fujitsu offers My Cloud Library(4), a new service for users to easily store photographs, pictures drawn by family members, and other keepsakes in online storage. My Cloud Library is a reassuring service that aids families in protecting precious mementoes. For instance, by storing maps and travel plans to My Cloud Library before venturing on vacation, users can check them from a smartphone while traveling, and vacation photos taken on a smartphone can also automatically be organized on My Cloud Library. Fujitsu also offers expanded storage and a variety of services as premium add-ons, making it easy for even first-time users to utilize online storage with ease.

(2) My Cloud Mobile Access(5)

By linking a My Cloud-equipped PC to the user's smartphone, users can view photos stored on their home PC at any place and any time. For example, even when visiting a parent's house, users can use a smartphone to access their home PC and enjoy viewing pictures of a recent event with the entire family. Furthermore, as an optional premium service to be offered in the future, Fujitsu will also make it possible for users to replay videos and music stored on their home computers while on-the-go. The service will analyze the communications environment and device used to access content and will deliver it in an optimal format, thereby making it easy to enjoy content while away from home.

(3) Managed with a single My Cloud account

After signing up for a My Cloud account, users can take advantage of all of the services with a single ID. Going forward, customers will be able to continue accessing services via My Cloud that to date have been available through Fujitsu's AzbyClub Premium.

  • [1] Location names

    Includes pre-registered data for approximately 200 locations inside Japan and 200 locations outside Japan.

  • [2] Recording device or PC equipped with a TV tuner card

    Requires DLNA support and a pre-configured network connection.

  • [3] ECO service

    ECO service is available to My Cloud-equipped PCs only via a LAN cable. This feature is limited to wired LAN-enabled PCs. ECHONET Lite is a communications protocol established in July 2011 by the ECONET Consortium. In December 2011, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certified it for use as a standard HEMS protocol inside Japan. To enable ECHONET Lite compatibility, My Cloud employs technology from Fujitsu's Smart Sensing Platform (SSPF) network middleware products and has received ECHONET Lite device certification.

  • [4] My Cloud Library - The application can be

    The application can be accessed via the My Cloud Note app (which will be known as My Cloud Memories after future updates). For Android devices, My Cloud Library must be installed from the Google Play store. Fujitsu also plans to offer an iOS version of the software at a later date. Further details about the timing of the release will be available on Fujitsu's product information site.

  • [5] My Cloud Mobile Access

    My Cloud Mobile Access is available to My Cloud-equipped PCs only via a LAN cable. This feature is limited to wired LAN-enabled PCs, and only when the PC is turned off.

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