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Fujitsu Launches Global Sales of Interstage List Creator V10

Form design and generation software supporting 13 world languages

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 09, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability, in 46 countries, of Interstage List Creator V10, the latest edition of its software tool for designing and generating business-use forms.

Interstage List Creator V10 is a software tool for designing and generating forms in the 13 different primary languages of Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Russia, namely Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Russian. The new software tool is intended for use by Japanese companies with operations in these regions.

The new software supports 32 kinds of barcodes that are printed on forms, including the latest GS1 DataBar standard and other industry standards employed in a variety of different fields. As a result, barcodes can be generated for wide use both inside and outside Japan. Furthermore, through the use of Fujitsu's proprietary smart software technology(1), the new software is able to automatically translate and convert form designs—the blueprints for forms—between 13 different languages with a single click, enabling forms to be created up to 90% faster than before(2).

This, in turn, will allow companies to employ the same form design and generation software across their global operations, making it possible to quickly build equivalent form systems for use both inside and outside Japan.

Fujitsu also plans to gradually roll out the new software through the company's FGCP/S5 public cloud service globally and in Japan, FGCP/A5 Powered by Windows Azure.

Many Japanese companies are currently expanding their production facilities and sales operations on a global scale, and as part of this process, they are employing a variety of forms, including quotations, invoices, and work order instructions, at each of their business locations. At the same time, to accommodate country-specific differences in language, taxation and other areas, it has been necessary to implement separate systems in each region for designing and generating forms.

The newly available Interstage List Creator V10 provides support for 13 different world languages, covering approximately 80%(3) of companies' business locations outside Japan, while also enabling users to design forms that accommodate country-specific differences, such as various tax systems. As a result, companies can utilize the same form design and generation software on a global scale, thereby allowing them to deploy the form system they use in Japan for other regions.

Product Features

  1. Supports 13 languages, covering approx. 80% of Japanese companies' overseas business sites
    With Interstage List Creator V10, forms can be designed and generated in 13 languages, including six languages from Asia (Japanese, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai), where Japanese companies are increasingly expanding their operations, in addition to seven languages from Europe and North/South America (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Russian). These 13 languages cover approximately 80% of Japanese companies' overseas business locations. Moreover, as the software can design and generate forms that meet country-specific requirements, such as format specifications required by customers and factors such as tax inclusion/exclusion conventions, companies are able to deploy the same form system that they use in Japan for other regions.

    Going forward, Fujitsu also plans to gradually offer the software through its FGCP/S5 public cloud service and FGCP/A5 Powered by Windows Azure.
  2. Supports 32 major kinds of barcodes employed throughout the world
    The software can generate 32 kinds of barcodes that are broadly employed both inside and outside Japan, including the internationally recognized logistics industry standard GS1 DataBar, which was formulated by the GSI standards group with member organizations from over 100 countries and regions throughout the world and is employed by roughly 1.2 million companies; the QR Code and PDF417 industry standards; and Intelligent Mail Barcode, which is used by the United States Postal Service. In addition to supporting 13 different languages, the software also allows users to select barcodes employed outside Japan, thereby making it applicable for a wider range of business applications on a global scale.
  3. Industry-first automatic translation and conversion functionality allows for one-click generation of form designs in multiple languages
    With a single click, the software can translate and convert existing form designs to different languages. For example, based on a form in Japanese, the software can automatically extract items that vary by language—such as heading strings, font types, date formats, currency symbols, and decimal place conventions—and translate/convert them. Moreover, when generating a form, the software can automatically adjust the character width and spacing of strings that have changed in length due to translation in order to fit them into the available display area. Also, Fujitsu Interstage List Creator utilizes Microsoft® Translator(4) to deliver automatic translation of a text into a specified language.

    This feature performs automatic form creation using Fujitsu's proprietary smart software technology, thus shortening the amount of time required to produce form designs that support local languages by up to 90%. The software automatically performs a series of operations—from extracting items for translation to producing translation lists, conversion/translation, and adjusting the length of text post-translation—all with a single click. This, in turn, has made it possible to shorten the time required to produce form designs in a local language—which previously took roughly 210 minutes—down to only about 22 minutes for checking and revising the form after it has been converted.

Standard Pricing and Availability

Standard Pricing and Availability
Product Name Standard Pricing(excl. tax) Availability
Products Interstage List Creator Enterprise Edition V10
(Processor License)
From 1,300,000 JPY Starting from October 10, 2012
Interstage List Creator Standard Edition V10
(Processor License)
From 450,000 JPY
Interstage List Creator Connector V10
(Processor License)
From 210,000 JPY
Interstage List Creator Designer V10
(Unlimited Licenses)
From 320,000 JPY
Cloud Services The following are available as optional services for FGCP/S5:
  • Interstage List Creator Enterprise Edition
  • Interstage List Creator Connector
From 65,000 JPY/month
From 10,500 JPY/month
End of February 2013
The following is available as a Windows Azure-compatible software service for FGCP/A5 Powered by Windows Azure:
Interstage List Creator Form Output
Basic fee of 19,500 JPY
Additional processing fee of 10 JPY/page
  • In the case of multi-core processors, the number of processor licenses is the total number of cores multiplied by the number of specific units.
  • For cloud services, a separate basic service fee is required.

Operating Environment

Operating Environment
Operating System
Server Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (planned)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Oracle Solaris 11
Oracle Solaris 10
Client Windows 8 (planned)
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

  • [1] Smart software technology

    Fujitsu's proprietary technology that evaluates its own hardware and software environment and optimizes for easy and worry-free use.

  • [2] Creating forms up to 90% faster than before

    Values measured using a Fujitsu evaluation model in which a form was translated from Japanese to English.

  • [3] Approximately 80%

    Ratio of local companies (15,082) in countries that use languages supported by Fujitsu's product vs. the number of local overseas companies of Japanese corporations (18,599). Source: "Summary of the 2011 (41st) Survey of Overseas Business Activities," Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. In the survey, local overseas companies include both subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries.

  • [4] Microsoft® Translator

    A machine translation service from Microsoft Corporation. User registration is required.

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