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Fujitsu Launches Manufacturing Innovation Team Services

Supports innovation delivery through ICT by linking all aspects of manufacturing operations

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 01, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of a new line of service offerings for the Japanese market based on the company's "Manufacturing Innovation Team" concept, which was unveiled in May 2012. The new offerings include a "Manufacturing Expert Service" for customers in the manufacturing industry provided by veterans of the manufacturing front lines, a "Manufacturing Toolset" service consisting of on-site production equipment and ICT work support tools, and "Manufacturing Outsourcing Services," in which Fujitsu will offer sophisticated, specialized outsourcing services and BPO services for operations that are common across the manufacturing industry.

By leveraging the new services, manufacturing customers will be able to harness cutting-edge ICT to accelerate prototype testing and substantially cut workloads and costs. Moreover, through assistance in clarifying problem areas from experienced professionals, customers will be able to build production lines that can flexibly accommodate movements in the market.

Fujitsu will deliver comprehensive support across all of a customer's manufacturing operations, while at the same time utilizing ICT to connect all aspects of the manufacturing process, thereby helping customers bring about manufacturing innovation.

In addition to a sluggish world economy, the severe operating environment which surrounds Japan's manufacturing industry is characterized by pressure from a strong yen and higher environmental demands (lower CO2 emissions). It is becoming ever more urgent to improve products and reduce costs, take advantage of the strong yen by accelerating the shift toward procurement of raw materials outside Japan and shifting production overseas, and to seek new directions for growth by expanding business into other markets, particularly emerging economies. For these reasons, in May 2012 Fujitsu announced its Manufacturing Innovation Team concept as a service designed to deliver new value to customers in Japan's manufacturing industry. Starting today, the company will begin sales and delivery of new services based on this concept.

Manufacturing Expert Services, which are tailored to the characteristics of each customer's products throughout the manufacturing process from initial design to how that design applies to production, and provide expertise in development techniques that utilize ICT. Specific services include consulting on how to best put in place software development processes, QCD (Quality Cost Delivery), project management, virtual verification and analysis simulations of development up-streaming, as well as construction and optimization of production lines. The Manufacturing Toolset includes offerings such as precision assembly robots and assembly equipment for installing parts, in addition to performing equipment coordination, production line integration, and operational support. Manufacturing Outsourcing Service provides outsourcing services for specialized functions, such as drop impact analysis, based on Fujitsu's experience in advanced quality inspection procedures for servers and drop impact analysis for highly durable PCs and mobile phones.

About the Manufacturing Innovation Team

The Manufacturing Innovation Team has been designed to offer services to customers that leverage the know-how, tools and human resources, nurtured over many years, in providing solution-centric support and manufacturing such products as the K computer(1), as well as a variety of servers, PCs and smartphones. In doing so, Fujitsu will utilize ICT to connect all aspects of customers' manufacturing operations—from product planning to development, production, and sales—and improve product functionality and quality, shorten product design and production lead times, improve productivity, and drive cost efficiencies.

Service Offerings

1. Manufacturing Expert Services support manufacturing innovation through staff with sophisticated technical skills

Veterans of Fujitsu's manufacturing processes team up with experienced on-site staff in assisting customers by taking part in resolving issues related to the customer's development and production processes, as well as providing diagnostic support and guidance connected with manufacturing innovation.

2. Offering an advanced Manufacturing Toolset to improve productivity and flexibility

In addition to precision assembly robots and other manufacturing equipment, as well ICT solutions production standardization, this toolset includes portable wireless terminals able to perform adjustments to work flow. This greatly improves the operational efficiency in every process and contributes to paperless facilities. In addition, equipment coordination and integration into the production line will be accompanied by comprehensive support.

3. Offering Manufacturing Outsourcing Services for specialized operations

Fujitsu offers outsourcing services for specialized functions that require sophisticated equipment, including impact analysis for PCs and mobile phones that need to be extremely durable, as well as collision and materials analysis. Fujitsu will also perform product quality confirmation on behalf of customers and offer outsourcing services for common operations such as purchasing accessory materials. By outsourcing indirect operations that require a high degree of specialized technical analysis or where streamlining at an individual plant may be difficult, indirect operations can be standardized and made more efficient.

Pricing and Availability

All prices will be based on individual estimates. To be made available immediately.

Sales Target

100 billion yen within three years (including related business)

  • [1] K Computer

    Developed together by RIKEN and Fujitsu, the K computer achieved the world's highest computing performance in both the June and November 2011 TOP 500 lists. The next-generation supercomputer's nickname "K" has been used by RIKEN since July 2010.

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Date: 01 October, 2012
City: Tokyo
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