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Fujitsu Begins Global Launch of Workplace-LCM Service for Japanese companies to Optimize ICT Support for End-Users

Adds smart devices to lineup, supporting transformation in the ways people work

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 18, 2012

Fujitsu has today commenced the global launch(1) of its Workplace-LCM Service, which optimizes ICT utilization and thoroughly supports the lifecycle of corporate end-users' ICT equipment, from planning and acquisition to deployment, operation, equipment removal, and disposal.

The service provides total outsourcing support, for a monthly fee, for all of the tasks inside a company associated with today's increasingly diverse, multivendor ICT equipment, including procurement, deployment, day-to-day operations, and migration to the newest environments.

Offered primarily in Japan since 2009, the service will now be available both in and outside Japan upon an integrated service management platform, and employing a 24-hour, multilingual service desk to support global operations. This will enable Japanese companies that are expanding globally to standardize ICT services across all of their locations and enhance their ICT governance from the perspective of their headquarters in Japan.

Moreover, a new addition to the service is support for smartphones, tablets and other smart devices to help transform the ways people work and respond to the wide-ranging needs of today's end-users.

In recent years, with the intent to as much as possible curb initial investment costs, many Japanese companies are experiencing rising needs associated with a shift away from ownership of ICT assets to a usage-based service model, demonstrated by the outsourcing of ICT equipment operations for end-users and the deployment of virtual desktop environments.

Moreover, as Japanese companies have entered emerging markets and expanded their existing global locations, they have had to address such issues as shortages of skilled ICT personnel and the need to build secure ICT infrastructure, in Japan and around the world. To meet these needs, Fujitsu is now leveraging its long track record in Japan to globally launch its Workplace-LCM Service.

By using a globally uniform service management platform for its Workplace-LCM Service and providing service desks to support global operations, Fujitsu will be able to deliver a standardized service of high quality. Overall control of the service is conducted by global service managers with rich experience cultivated both in and outside of Japan. By coordinating with service personnel in locations around the world, they are able to visualize the ICT environment and operating conditions of each customer location, including Japan, and report and propose improvements to the customer's headquarters in Japan. In this way, Fujitsu helps customers strengthen their global ICT governance as well as related security measures.

Moreover, for smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which are increasingly used in business, Fujitsu has added a new Smart Device-LCM Service(2) to provide one-stop support, from deployment to operational management. This service is provided jointly with Fujitsu FSAS Inc.

Figure 1. Description of Workplace-LCM Service

Service Features

1. Global rollout of Workplace-LCM Service for Japanese companies

Providing the Workplace-LCM Service in a uniform way both in and outside of Japan will help standardize ICT deployment and operation that is different in each country—an issue faced by Japanese companies as they seek to expand worldwide. This service will work to maintain a high level of global security and optimize ICT utilization.

2. Lifecycle support for smart devices

By augmenting to the service total lifecycle support for smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, Fujitsu reduces the operational burden on customers, thereby supporting the transformation in the ways people work and helping to improve productivity.

3. Globally standardized service

By using, both inside and outside Japan, the same service management platform (incident management, service portal, etc.), Fujitsu is able to provide globally standardized operational management. And by employing 24-hour, multilingual global service desks, Fujitsu is able to provide a high quality, comprehensive service desk service at low cost. Moreover, Fujitsu is providing on-site services, such as fixing technical problems and adding or relocating hardware, in 160 countries around the world.

4. Service managers help enhance ICT governance

Total oversight for the service is conducted by a team of global service managers who coordinate with service managers in each region of the world to help customers enhance ICT governance at their locations worldwide.

5. Enhancing the Virtual Desktop Service

Anywhere, anytime, no matter what ICT device, Fujitsu offers a virtual desktop service where operations are always conducted in a secure environment, in Japan and around the world. And by offering use of the optimized template based on Fujitsu's accumulated knowhow on the cloud platform, deployment costs are reduced and lead times shortened.

Workplace-LCM Service Menu

Workplace-LCM Service Menu
Service Description
Workplace Infrastructure Service Provides infrastructure (personal computers, divisional servers, networking equipment, multi-function copiers, software, etc.) necessary to end-user environments as a monthly fee-based service.
Virtual Desktop Service (DaaS) Quickly and inexpensively deploys a client virtualization environment, provided as a service from the cloud platform.
Service Desk Service Provides a 24-hour, multilingual, consolidated service desk for responding to ICT-related inquiries from end users.
Desktop Managed Service Provides optimized support on a global basis for day-to-day end-user needs, including troubleshooting on personal computers, printers, and multi-function copiers; and installation of additional equipment. Also provides assets management service, security management service.
Smart Device-LCM Service Provides total lifecycle support for smart devices (such as smartphones and tablets), from deployment and roll out.
Collaboration Service Provides a set of services on a global basis, including e-mail, groupware, file storage, and unified communications(3).
Service Management Global service managers provide service-level management, change management, trouble management, service improvement proposals, and periodic reports.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Service Name Pricing Availability
Workplace-LCM Service By quotation Immediate

Sales Target

Sales of 100 billion yen from October 2012 to March 2014 (Fujitsu's fiscal year ends March 31)

  • [1] Global launch

    There may be some locations where it is not possible to provide services, depending on the countries or regions where the service is launched.

  • [2] Smart Device-LCM Service

    Smart Device-LCM Service sales and provision is expected to begin from early October 2012. Global support is planned to be offered in the future.

  • [3] Unified communications

    A system that provides a seamless suite of communication services including landline telephones, mobile handsets, videoconferencing, web conferencing, e-mail, voicemail, etc.

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City: Tokyo
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