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Fujitsu Releases Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012

Focuses on contributions to the earth and society's sustainable development through corporate activities

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 07, 2012

Fujitsu has issued its Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012, which discusses the approach, initiatives, and accomplishments of the social and environmental activities of the Fujitsu Group.

With this year's theme of "The Power of ICT for sustainability and beyond," the report introduces the "Three Powers of ICT" - the key fields that must be focused on to transform society by the year 2020, as well as the medium-term targets set for 2020 and accomplishments of the Fujitsu Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. It also discusses a smart city envisioned by Fujitsu and other efforts related to sustainability of the earth and development of society, based on the Group's CSR Policy, that are carried out through the Fujitsu Group's corporate activities.

The report also covers actions taken in regards to the three targets under the medium-term environmental vision, and discusses the results that have been achieved under the Stage VI Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program, such as preventing global warming through corporate activities and contributing to reducing CO2 emissions produced by our customers and society in general through Green Policy Innovation, the project to reduce the burden on the environment through the use of Green ICT.

Report format

A concise report of the Fujitsu Group's CSR efforts is available as a booklet, to be more accessible to the many stakeholders likely to be interested, while more detailed information is being published on the company website near the end of September as the Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012 [Detailed Version].

Report overview

I. Message from management and opening discussion

This section describes the Fujitsu Group's aims, including the general approach behind the Fujitsu Group's CSR program, which focus on the ways that ICT can contribute to a safer, more secure environment while creating new value.

It also includes a discussion between Fujitsu's President and Sadako Ogata, a respected world authority in the field of international contributions, and Special Advisor to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), on the role that ICT should play in international development.

II. Special feature

This section describes a smart city envisioned by Fujitsu as a case study in contributing to the future of the planet and society through the Fujitsu Group's corporate activities, and in assisting with rebuilding efforts in the disaster-stricken areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

III. Our Approach to CSR

This section describes the CSR Policy, which was enacted in December 2010; the five priority issues around which efforts are organized; the Fujitsu Way, which lays out the Fujitsu Group's philosophy and principles; and the organization for putting CSR into practice.

It also sums up how ICT can contribute to "addressing society's challenges through corporate activities," one of the key issues in the Group's CSR Policy, and identifies concerns regarding changes in the global environment and ICT that may affect the 2020 target date. It also spells out "the Three Powers of ICT," where the Fujitsu Group will focus its energies in response.

Report on fiscal 2011 activities

I. Providing opportunity and security through ICT

This section describes a number of case studies of ICT use in Japan and around the world in terms of how they create new value, expand access, and ensure reliability and security.

II. Protecting the global environment

This section introduces major activities related to Green Policy 2020, the Fujitsu Group's medium-term vision for 2020 with three targets: contributing to customers and society, transforming ourselves, and defending biodiversity. The Stage VI Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program runs from 2010 to 2012 and involves all group companies. In 2011, the second year of the plan, all of those objectives were achieved, including ones that had been revised upward. In terms of actual results, the Fujitsu Group reduced its greenhouse gas emissions worldwide to 1.098 million tons (down roughly 87,000 tons from 2010, and down 18.2% since 1990). The Green Policy Innovation project to reduce environmental footprints by providing green ICT contributed to a cumulative total CO2 reduction of 9.98 million tons over the period FY 2009–11.

III. Embracing diversity and inclusion

The year 2011 marked the transition in our diversity-promotion activities away from "awareness and understanding" to "understanding and practice." A "female leadership development program" was started to provide more support to female employees. At the same time, with the "Integr8" project to support international employees working in Japan and other efforts, the Fujitsu Group is taking concrete action to increase diversity.

IV. Developing human resources for their contribution to society and the planet

Fujitsu enhanced its future leader development program in cooperation with its overseas Group companies, and launched new programs in 2011. These programs, including developing global leaders equipped with practical knowledge and supporting the redevelopment of the tsunami-stricken Tohoku region, are part of the Fujitsu Group's efforts to cultivate both business strategy and value creation for society in global business leaders.

V. Communicating and collaborating with stakeholders

The report describes initiatives with customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, and global and local communities.

VI. Targets and achievements in CSR activities

The report describes our medium-term CSR goals for 2020 target date as well as our 2012 goals and 2011 results in meeting them.

To ensure the reliability of its contents, the entire publication was audited by a third-party institution and includes an independent assurance report. The Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012 [Detailed Version] has been approved and granted the sustainability report audit and registration mark(1), complies with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.1 (G3.1) standard, and corresponds to GRI Application Level B+.

  • [1] Sustainability report audit and registration mark

    Issued by the Japanese Association of Assurance Organizations for Sustainability Information. The mark assures the reliability of the information.

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