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Fujitsu Launches Interstage Application Server V11

Provides support for the latest in smart device development frameworks

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, August 20, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of Interstage Application Server V11, an updated version of its application server that provides support for the latest in smart device development frameworks. Fujitsu plans to steadily roll out the new application server worldwide, while also offering it through the company's FGCP/S5 public cloud service and FGCP/A5 Powered by Windows Azure.

Interstage Application Server V11 incorporates the latest jQuery Mobile 1.1.1(1) development framework for smart devices, thereby making it easy to develop user-friendly applications for smartphones and tablet devices. In addition, with support for the latest version of Java, Java SE 7(2), the new application server enables a 30% improvement in Java application development productivity.

Moreover, Interstage Application Server V11 is the only application server in the world that can simultaneously run business applications developed using multiple generations of Java, COBOL, and C. As a result, existing business processes written in Java SE 6 and other older specifications can run alongside and link to new processes developed using Java SE 7. This, in turn, makes it possible to easily add new functionality while flexibly and gradually consolidating business processes.

The new application server includes an enhanced Smart Set-up feature, based on the Fujitsu Smart Software Technology(3), that can perform a series of deployment steps with a single command in as little as 15 minutes, making it easy to rapidly deliver business applications.

Product Features

  1. Support for the latest standards enables improved development productivity
    Interstage Application Server V11 features support for jQuery Mobile 1.1.1, the latest version of the application development framework for smart devices that enables speedier page transitions on smartphones and tablet devices, as well as improved tap responsiveness on longer pages. This thereby allows developers to effortlessly develop applications with easy-to-use user interfaces. In addition to supporting Java EE 6, as was the case in V10, applications can be developed using the latest Java SE 7 specification. With Java SE 7, exception handling and resource collection functions can be written with greater brevity than ever before. For example, through the addition of a file handling API, file management operations that were impossible using previous Java versions can now see development productivity improve by 30% over Java SE 6.
  2. Allows applications using multiple Java generations to run parallel and link on the same server
    Although the new application server supports the latest Java SE 7 specification, it also ensures the performance of existing applications that use Java SE 6 and other older specifications. Legacy processes and new Java SE 7 processes can run alongside and interact with each other on the same application server. As a result, new processes that link with existing processes can easily be added without the need to modify the existing processes, making it possible to flexibly and gradually consolidate business applications. Interstage Application Server V11 is the only application server in the world that can simultaneously run business applications developed using multiple generations of Java, COBOL, and C.
  3. Simplifies deployments
    The new application server features a Smart Set-up feature that has been enhanced with the aim of accelerating business service deployments to give customers a competitive edge. Users can perform the deployment process, which previously required 19 different steps, with a single command—from setting up an execution environment to business application deployment, database connection and process booting. The system helps users easily navigate through the deployment process, including steps where configuration is required.
    Most application servers require administrators to devote a number of hours to deployment, including time needed for referring to the user manual. With Interstage Application Server V11, deployments are possible in as little as fifteen minutes—without the need for a manual—and application additions or deletions are also effortless when making changes to a process.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Standard Pricing
(excluding taxes)
Products Interstage Application Server Enterprise Edition V11
(Processor License)
From 2,800,000 JPY Starting from August 31, 2012
Interstage Application Server Standard-J Edition V11
(Processor License)
From 550,000 JPY
Interstage Web Server Express V11
(Processor License)
From 120,000 JPY
Interstage Business Application Server Enterprise Edition V11
(Processor License with 24/7 support for one year)
From 7,800,000 JPY
Interstage Business Application Server Standard Edition V11
(Processor License with 24/7 support for one year)
From 4,800,000 JPY
Interstage Studio Standard-J Edition V11
(Installation License)
From 360,000 JPY
Cloud Services The following are available as optional services for FGCP/S5:
  • Interstage Application Server Standard-J Edition
  • Interstage Web Server Express
From 27,500 JPY/month
From 6,000 JPY/month
The following is available as a Windows Azure-compatible software service for FGCP/A5 Powered by Windows Azure: Interstage Application Server Java Application Execution Platform From 8,250 JPY/150 hours
  • In the case of multi-core processors, the number of processor licenses is the total number of cores multiplied by the number of specific units.
  • For cloud services, a separate basic service fee is required.

Operating Environment

Operating Environment
Operating System
Server Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Windows Azure Guest OS 1.18~(4)
Windows Azure Guest OS 2.6~(4)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Solaris 11
Solaris 10
Client Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Smart Device Android 2 or Android 3
iOS 4 or iOS 5
Windows Phone 7.5

  • [1] jQuery Mobile 1.1.1

    The latest version of a development framework for mobile devices that has been developed based on jQuery core and jQuery UI. It offers a variety of components that enable specialized user interfaces to be easily designed for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

  • [2] Java SE 7

    Java Platform Standard Edition 7. The latest version of the Java standard. Reduces the amount of code required and simplifies syntax to increase readability. In addition, it also features enhanced support for dynamic programming languages such as Ruby, Python and JavaScript, as well as offering an additional Fork/Join framework to facilitate parallel processing.

  • [3] Smart Software Technology

    Fujitsu's proprietary technology that evaluates its own hardware and software environment and optimizes for easy and worry-free use.

  • [4] Windows Azure Guest OS 1.18~, Windows Azure Guest OS 2.6~

    Only Interstage Application Server Standard-J Edition V11 supports Windows Azure Guest OS 1.18~, Windows Azure Guest OS 2.6~.

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City: Tokyo
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