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Fujitsu Expands Lineup of Contactless Palm Vein Authentication Devices

Achieves world's smallest and slimmest palm vein authentication sensor design

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, August 08, 2012

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech Limited today announced the development of PalmSecure-SL, the world's smallest and slimmest(1) contactless palm vein authentication sensor. A standard portable version and integrated mouse version of the sensor will be available beginning today.

The new authentication device maintains the same high level of authentication as Fujitsu's existing PC login sensor technology(2) while also featuring a compact package that is approximately one-fourth the volume. At the same time, the new device incorporates camera stabilization and guideless authentication functionality, as well as a power-saving mode. Apart from enabling the effective utilization of desk space, these features allow the technology to be effortlessly operated even in mobile applications.

In recent years, the need for enhanced security in the corporate environment has become increasingly important. In addition, ease of use and space efficiency are becoming high-priority requirements for customers.

Fujitsu's new PalmSecure-SL sensor, which provides one-to-one matching authentication, has achieved the world's smallest and slimmest design for a palm vein authentication sensor. Thanks to the device's enhanced convenience, it can easily be employed even in environments such as mobile applications.

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech began global sales of contact-free palm vein authentication devices starting in 2005, and so far these systems have been utilized in a variety of applications, including ATMs and security access control. With the addition of the PalmSecure-SL sensor to its lineup of PC Login sensors, Fujitsu aims to support customers in implementing enhanced PC security measures.

Figure 1: Fujitsu's lineup of contactless palm vein authentication sensors

Product Features

1. World's smallest and slimmest palm vein authentication device

Measuring 48.0 mm wide, 48.0 mm long, and 16.4 mm wide, Fujitsu's new technology achieves the world's smallest and slimmest design for a palm vein sensor, approximately one-fourth the volume of existing products. This, in turn, enables the effective utilization of desk-space, in addition to allowing the technology to easily be employed even in mobile applications.

Figure 2: PalmSecure-SL sensor

Larger View (26 KB)

2. Camera stabilization and guideless authentication through high-speed image capturing

The new device features technology that instantly identifies the best image from successive high-speed images taken of the user's palm veins, and then automatically verifies it. This allows users to perform authentication simply by placing their palm lightly over the sensor, instead of by using fixed guide rails for holding the user's hand motionless over the sensor as before, thereby enabling convenient operations.

Figure 3: Performs authentication when the user's palm is passed over the sensor

Larger View (23 KB)

3. Equipped with a power-saving mode

The PalmSecure-SL is equipped with a power-saving mode that automatically engages when the sensor has not been in use for more than 10 seconds. As a result, the technology is able to reduce the amount of power it consumes from a maximum of 2.5W during normal use, down to only about 0.2W when power-saving mode is engaged.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Suggested Retail Price
(excluding tax)
(Standard sensor/set/other)
From 17,500 yen August 8, 2012
(Integrated mouse sensor/set/other)
From 19,500 yen August 8, 2012

* Reflects pricing and availability for Japan only.
* PalmSecure-SL sensors do not include authentication software. The sensor can be operated only when used in conjunction with Fujitsu's proprietary login system.

Sales Target

Within three years, the Fujitsu Group as a whole aims to achieve sales of 10 billion yen (including hardware, software, and systems integration).

Features of the Contactless Palm Vein Authentication Device

1. Difficult to forge since biometric source is internal within the body

Palm veins are inside the body, thereby making them difficult to forge. Furthermore, compared to veins in the fingers or the back of the hand, palm veins are more complex and stable, with a false acceptance rate of less than 0.00008% and a false rejection rate of only 0.01%(3), thereby offering greater security.

2. Minimal impact from external factors ensures successful registration for almost every user

Fingerprint authentication can be hindered by surface abrasions on the skin or dry skin, and iris scanning can be difficult depending on the size of the user's eye, thereby preventing successful registration and verification of the user's data. In contrast, Fujitsu's contactless palm vein authentication device features minimal susceptibility from such external factors and therefore enables a high rate of applicability across various types of users.

Fujitsu collected data samples of 140,000 palm vein patterns from each hand of 70,000 people and verified the reliability of its technology for recognition accuracy and rate of applicability. There were no cases in this data sample for which the technology was not applicable, demonstrating its high rate of applicability.

3. Contactless for minimal hygiene concerns during scanning

The technology is hygienic and enables scanning that can be completed in a natural manner. This, in turn, helps to minimize possible psychological resistance to its use.

  • [1] World's smallest and slimmest design

    As of August, 2012, based on research by Fujitsu.

  • [2] Conventional PC Login sensors

    Fujitsu's PalmSecure-LT, introduced in January 2010.

  • [3] Authentication accuracy

    These figures reflect the authentication rate of the high-performance version of the PalmSecure sensor.

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