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Fujitsu Offers Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service

The new service enables customers to acquire fundamental knowledge of PC hardware while enjoying the experience of assembling their very own customized computer

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 05, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the unveiling of its new Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service, which will provide customers with fundamental knowledge of PC hardware while they enjoy the experience of assembling their very own customized computer.

This new service packages Fujitsu PC components together with assembly support and direction on the inner structure of PCs provided by engineers. It will be offered to customers through PC instruction schools, travel agencies, and event sponsors. Fujitsu's Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service provides a platform for customers of all ages, regardless of technical skill level, to enjoyably learn about PC hardware while assembling their very own customized computer.

The service is to kick off on August 9th through the "Building my very own PC" plan undertaken jointly with travel agency T-Gate, Inc. Fujitsu intends to expand the program through the Fujitsu Open Classroom College of approximately 100 PC instruction schools operated by the Fujitsu Group nationwide. Along with offering this service to customers in cooperation with partners in various industries, such as travel agencies, Fujitsu will continue to make the high quality and exceptionally reliable products that are well known as "Made in Japan."


Every year since in 2004, Fujitsu has held PC assembly workshops during summer vacation for elementary and middle school students at its manufacturing plants in Fukushima and Shimane prefectures. Leveraging eight years of know how in PC assembly instruction from these activities, Fujitsu's new Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service will afford customers all over Japan the enjoyable experience of assembling computers while learning the fundamentals of PC hardware.

Fujitsu has traditionally provided customers comprehensive support services for all aspects of a PC's life cycle, from initial purchase to suggesting application environments, troubleshooting, and even for recycling and eventual replacement stages. The Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service is to be a part of this total support program.

By offering participants the fundamental knowledge of a computer's internal construction, this service reduces customer anxiety during computer operation and explains correct usage techniques so that the computer can be fully utilized in an assured, convenient, and comfortable manner.

Service Features

Normally with PC construction kits, the customer must personally manage a number of very specific procedures, such as system wiring, which if not performed accurately, could lead to system failure. Performing such tasks properly typically requires a high level of computer knowledge. With this in mind, the new service provides the necessary components, while at the same time deploying instructors and technical staff to explain and support assembly.

The service takes important safety measures, such as anti-static mats and wristbands to prevent damaging components from electrostatic shock, and provides screwdrivers and other necessary tools required throughout system construction. Such comprehensive support allows customers of all ages, regardless of skill level, to experience assembling computers.

Computers built by customers receive the same Fujitsu components sold in stores or on the Web Mart online shopping site, with the high levels of quality and reliability expected of products that are "Made in Japan." In line with Fujitsu's warranties and services, Fujitsu places consideration on the customer's ability to utilize a custom-built computer with peace of mind even after assembly.

1. Even beginners can enjoy computer assembly and gain fundamental knowledge

(1) A 15-step unit organization to balance sense of satisfaction with degree of difficulty
Fujitsu has organized difficult wiring sets and other components into 15 individually packaged units within the assembly kit. Easy to follow steps means even beginners can fully enjoy the assembly process while experiencing the sense of achievement. Furthermore, the overall degree of difficulty for the construction process can be altered by taking steps such as changing the number of unassembled components included in the assembly kit.

The Assembly Kit
- Provides a dedicated parts box, constructed so that components may be easily retrieved.
- Comes with a preinstalled motherboard to reduce detailed processes, such as screws and wiring, which are difficult to handle. Cables which could become damaged are packaged into units.
- The 15 individually packaged units are organized by major components, such as the CPU fan, system memory, and the hard disk. A single screwdriver works with all screws.

(2) Fundamental knowledge of PC hardware can be applied to everyday PC use
By taking advantage of this new service, customers will get the chance to assemble essential components of computers not seen in everyday operation while receiving easy-to-understand explanations from instructors on the functions of components, such as the CPU, system memory, and the hard disk. Furthermore, learning a computer's internal construction will allow customers to apply this fundamental knowledge to preventing and troubleshooting problems in their everyday computer usage. This could be, for example, realizing that parts like the hard drive are sensitive to impact, or guessing that the cause of a strange noise might be the CPU or hard disk.

2. Assembling your very own customized computer

(1) Availability from a range of 19 machines in four different series
Computer assembly selections(1) include notebooks and desktop PCs. The lineup of PC's available for assembly comprises 19 different models from four different series, including the popular LIFEBOOK AH large-screen series of notebooks, the all-in-one screen ESPRIMO FH PC series, which can also be used to view TV programs, the perennially popular high-performance ESPRIMO DH desktop series, and the Raku-Raku PC, favored by senior citizens. Furthermore, the CPU, system memory, and hard disk can all be configured to specifications that meet customer requirements.

(2) Personalized engraving
Fujitsu offers optional name engraving services on the case or a computer mouse of customer-built PCs.

3. Comprehensive support during assembly and after completion

- Instructors and engineering staff educate customers in the assembly process and provide attentive support until completion.
- Customer-assembled computers are examined thoroughly at a Fujitsu production facility and are then delivered to customers.
- Conventional warranties last for one year, although customers can receive a 3-year manufacturer's extended warranty (equivalent to 9,800 yen including tax) free of charge.
- Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service customers can take advantage of the same diverse range of Fujitsu services included with products sold in stores or on Fujitsu's Web Mart online shopping site, such as AzbyClub(2) Premium, telephone/web support, and send-in and on-site repair services.

Service Delivery Methods

In collaboration with partners, the following types of services will be enabled.


  • PC schools around the country could combine this service with their own courses on how to use PCs, providing integrated instruction covering everything from PC assembly (hardware) to PC use (software), resulting in a new curriculum that familiarizes users with PCs.
  • In collaboration with travel agencies and media outlets, including technology magazines and other types of magazines, new types of services could be proposed in which PC assembly is packaged with tours of Fujitsu factories or showrooms.
  • The service could be incorporated into courses for regional community groups, such as children's groups or adult groups, to help in bringing residents together and strengthening community bonds.
  • The service can also be used as learning materials in schools to study the structure and operating principles of PCs, thereby helping to foster in children an interest in science.

Partner Companies (as of July 5, 2012)

T Gate, Inc. ("Travel Discovery" theme-based searchable travel site)
- Session on Thursday, August 9

Aviva Co., Ltd. (PC instruction school)
- Session on Saturday, August 25

Fujitsu Open College (PC instruction school)
- Expected this fall

*More partners are being recruited and are expected to be announced over time.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Service Estimated Price (excluding tax) Availability
Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Cost of the PC on Web Mart plus the cost of the Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service(3) From August 9

  • [1] Computer assembly selections

    In some sessions, all participants will assemble the same PC model.

  • [2] AzbyClub

    A user group for Fujitsu PCs for consumers that provides support services to registered members. Admission and membership are free.

  • [3] Cost of the Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service

    prices will vary depending on the number of PCs provided, the content of the sessions, and the location.

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