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Fujitsu Introduces docomo with series F-09D ANTEPRIMA

Smartphone with sparkling elegance adorned with cute but sophisticated flower pattern

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 21, 2012

Fujitsu today announced that its new smartphone, docomo with series F-09D ANTEPRIMA, will be available at shops selling NTT DOCOMO, Inc. products throughout Japan beginning June 27, 2012.

F-09D ANTEPRIMA has been designed in collaboration with ANTEPRIMA, the fashion brand that enchants women around the world. Featuring a casing adorned with ANTEPRIMA's Fiori flower motif, this smartphone is as adorable as it is high-quality. It includes an original, artisan-crafted ribbon strap made using the same material and process as ANTEPRIMA's signature wirebags. It also comes with original content highlighting the ANTEPRIMA collaboration, combining attractiveness with fun.

The smartphone's design and operability have been thoroughly tailored to meet the needs of today's women. For example, it includes a premium stylus with a thin writing end to offer the analog feeling of writing messages by hand. At the same time, however, it is equipped with the latest Android™ OS 4.0, as well as Osaifu-Keitai® functionality, 1seg TV viewing and infrared communications. Sacrificing neither style nor functionality, it is the perfect phone for today's women.

As the switch from feature phones to smartphones accelerates and customer needs become increasingly diverse, Fujitsu and NTT docomo have turned their attention to female users who want a smartphone that complements their own sense of style. Fujitsu developed the F-09D ANTEPRIMA smartphone in collaboration with ANTEPRIMA, the fashion brand popular among young women with which Fujitsu previously created the docomo STYLE series F-02C mobile phone. Delivering both exceptional style and functionality, this smartphone adds luster to the women who use it.

In addition to its compact and elegant design, the F-09D ANTEPRIMA features packaging and a message card adorned with an ANTEPRIMA design, delighting users when they open the box. Equal attention has been given to the phone's contents, and it comes equipped with special features such as wallpapers, a call-notification screen, applications, and widgets all designed to evoke the world of ANTEPRIMA and bring a little extra joy to everyday life.

The phone is available in two colors, ANTEPRIMA Gold, ANTEPRIMA's hallmark champagne color, and ANTEPRIMA Pink, a subtle shade suggesting sweetness.

docomo with series F-09D ANTEPRIMA

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Product Features

1. Unique ANTEPRIMA original content

Beginning with an elegant floral wallpaper that has the brilliance of real crystals, the phone comes loaded with unique ANTEPRIMA content, such as a special lock screen with a bag-shaped design, call-notification screen, a stamp in the style of ANTEPRIMA's Fiori flowered handbags, and Deco-mail emoji®. Beyond that, it has additional features that accentuate its charming ANTEPRIMA characteristics, including a concierge widget in the form of the character Meido no Meichan® dressed up in ANTEPRIMA designs and accessories , a news widget in the form of the ANTEPRIMA character, Caco-chan, and a special application for accessing the ANTEPRIMA smartphone site.

2. Sparkling illuminations(1)

The buttons on the front and the camera bezel on the back illuminate when the phone rings or when a call is underway, for lighting that brings out the user's beauty. A total of 23 lighting patterns are included.

3. 8.1-megapixel camera(2) makes it easy to take great photos and videos

  • Launches quickly so users never miss a shot
    The camera can be activated directly from the lock screen so users do not miss out on the moments they want to capture.
  • Photo enhancement lets users add makeup in camera
    It is easy for users to take photos of themselves with the 1.3-megapixel interior camera, with rich photographic effects and in-camera makeup that can be applied after the photo is taken, allowing users to present themselves exactly as they wish. The interior camera can be activated in an instant from the status-panel switch, which is handy to use in place of a mirror for quick appearance checks.
  • Art Camera makes it easy to take stylish photos
    Art Camera gives users access to 12 special filters, such as chrome key mode and toy camera mode that can easily be applied to photos and videos to make them more stylish.
  • Automatic scene detection
    The camera can automatically identify people, nighttime scenes, close-ups, and set itself to the best mode for each scene. The camera also recognizes QR codes automatically and adapts to them, making it easier to access websites.

4. Complete with apps and features to delight female customers

  • Handwritten memo
    This convenient app allows users to choose between handwritten input or text input as they desire. Featuring an adorable design, this app offers a number of uses, such as a widget on the background screen, or as a memo to be sent directly to friends.
  • Handwritten diary
    This app makes it easy to maintain an analog-style diary, with handwritten entries and pasted-in photos.
  • Font based on user's own handwriting
    Users can easily make a font based on their own handwriting, and with it they can read web-based articles in their own font and view emoticons in a handwritten style for a more enjoyable experience(3).
  • Complete Deco-mail® media
    The phone comes installed with an extensive set of 3,100 ANTEPRIMA original emoji, so that users can express themselves in their daily mail communications.

5. Smart features suited to feminine sensibilities

The phone has Fujitsu's Human Centric Engine built in to suit the tastes, lifestyle, and usage scenarios of its owner.

  • Stays on while being held
    Sensors determine that the phone is being held by detecting its tilt angle and movements and keep the screen on, so that it does not turn itself off while the user is thinking about what to write while texting.
  • "Situational ringing" gives smarter notifications
    Sensors detect when the owner is walking or running, and turn up the ringer volume in cases where ringing is likely to be overlooked.
  • "Rollback shake" for bedtime use
    When the screen is moved unintentionally such as when the user lies down in bed, two or more shakes will return it, so that accidental operations can be instantly rolled back.

6. Supports health, beauty, strength

  • "Beauty Body Clinic"(4) for a better body
    The smartphone comes equipped with the "Beauty Body Clinic" feature, which monitors body posture using Fujitsu's sensing technology. Presenting advice under the supervision of the Miss Universe Japan Beauty School, a stretching and training exercise menu helps users keep their bodies in top shape.
  • "Sukkiri Alarm Clock" gentle alarm
    The "Sukkiri Alarm Clock" feature, which combines an accelerometer with a microphone, monitors users' body movements, breathing patterns, and wakefulness while they are asleep. When sleep is detected to be at its lightest point, the alarm is activated, enabling users to start the day refreshed and looking their best. "Sukkiri" means "refreshed" in English.

7. Advanced features include tethering, waterproofing, infrared connectivity

  • Ready access to the Internet when away from home with Wi-Fi tethering
    Not only can the phone connect via Wi-Fi, the high-speed wireless standard, it can function as a Wi-Fi access point as well. When used as an access point (base station) outside the home, the F-09D ANTEPRIMA can support up to nine devices, such as portable gaming consoles and personal computers.
  • "Screenshot" saves web pages
    The Screenshot function instantly saves an image of whatever is currently displayed on screen. Simply by pressing the side key and power key simultaneously, users can save images of websites that interest them, such as fashion or travel destinations.
  • Supports popular mobile-phone features
    Features include 1seg television, Osaifu-Keitai electronic wallet, IPX5/8(5) waterproofing, infrared connectivity, Areamail® emergency alerts, and a barcode reader.
  • "Okudake-Juden" Wireless recharging
    Support for Okudake-Juden" wireless recharging (translated as "Just By Placing" wireless recharging)(6), means that the phone can be charged simply by placing it on top of its charging pad. This eliminates the hassle of plugging and unplugging a connector every time the phone needs to be charged, and eliminates the risk of breaking a nail.

Compatibility with Key Services

sp mode® mail, FOMA® HIGH-SPEED (14 Mbps), d menu®, d market®, Docomo Anshin Scan™


Size (H x W x D): 121 × 59 × 10.9 mm (11.4 mm at thickest point)

Weight: Approximately 120 g

Continuous Standby Time:
  Approx. 420 hours in FOMA 3G
  Approx. 290 hours in GSM

Continuous Talk Time:
  Approx. 310 minutes in FOMA 3G voice mode
  Approx. 350 minutes in GSM voice mode

Main Display: 3.7-inch TFT color LCD WVGA (480 × 800 pixels)

  Back side (exterior): 8.1 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
  Front side (interior): 1.3 megapixel effective resolution


  • [1] Sparkling illumination

    Camera-bezel illumination during calls is off by default.

  • [2] 8.1-megapixel camera

    Interior camera is 1.3 megapixels.

  • [3] Handwriting font

    Some applications or websites may not reflect the user's font settings, or fonts may display incorrectly.

  • [4] Beauty Body Clinic

    "Healthy living diary" app requires a separate download.

  • [5] IPX5/8

    The IPX5 rating means that the phone can function normally as a phone after being sprayed with water at various angles from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3 m for at least 3 minutes. In the F-09D, IPX8 indicates that the phone can be immersed in tap water at room temperature to a depth of 1.5 m, and function normally as a phone 30 minutes after removal.

  • [6] Wireless charging

    Docomo wireless charging complies with the WPC standard.

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