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Fujitsu Updates Line of Enterprise PCs

New line includes ultra-thin yet sturdy Ultrabook™ models and world's first models with keyboards supporting built-in palm vein sensors

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 04, 2012

Fujitsu today announced its enhanced line of LIFEBOOK notebook PCs and ESPRIMO desktop PCs for enterprise customers. Upgrades have been made to the CPU and memory in a total of 39 models in nine product families(1), as well as three FUTRO thin client models. The new models will be available starting today only in Japan.

  1. Includes LIFEBOOK U772/E Ultrabook™ and large-screen LIFEBOOK N532/E
    The LIFEBOOK notebook PCs are now equipped with the third-generation Intel® Core™ processor family of high-performance CPUs. The new line also includes as new models the ultra-thin yet sturdy LIFEBOOK U772/E Ultrabook™ with full security features and the LIFEBOOK N532/E model with a 17.3" screen.
  2. World's first models with keyboards supporting optional built-in palm vein sensors
    The ESPRIMO desktop PCs have enhanced CPUs and other basic features, and all ESPRIMO models have, as an available option, keyboards supporting built-in palm vein sensors, thereby meeting a variety of customer needs.
  3. Addition of compact desktop model in line of thin clients
    With the addition of a compact desktop model, the FUTRO thin client line now has a full selection of models, including desktop, compact desktop, A4-sized notebook, and B5-sized mobile models, enabling customers to select models that best meet their usage needs.
  4. Support for energy-conservation efforts
    The new line-up complies with the International ENERGY STAR® program(2) and includes proprietary Fujitsu energy conservation features that enable standby power to approach zero when the computer is turned off or in sleep mode, thereby also contributing to the energy conservation efforts of customers.

Product Features

1. LIFEBOOK enterprise notebook PCs: new Ultrabook™ and large-screen models


Larger View (375 KB)

1) Ultra-thin yet sturdy LIFEBOOK U772/E Ultrabook™ with full security features
Combining a high-speed solid state drive with a large-capacity hard disk drive (up to 500GB), the LIFEBOOK U772/E is an Ultrabook™ with "Made in Japan" quality that delivers the ultimate in mobility. It measures 9.0mm at its thinnest point and just 15.6mm at its thickest to realize a compact casing with a 14-inch liquid crystal display. A magnesium alloy is used in the top and bottom casing, enabling the top cover to withstand load testing(3) of 200kg, thereby delivering sturdiness in an ultra-thin form factor. From sleep mode, operational start-up times are very quick(4), and it uses a slim and lightweight stick AC adapter. With a long battery run-time of up to 9.0 hours, it can be used on the go, conveniently and worry free. It is also equipped with full security features, such as a built-in fingerprint sensor and security chip.



Larger View (462 KB)

2) LIFEBOOK N532/E features desktop PC-sized screen
Equipped with a 17.3-inch HD+ (1600 x 900 pixel) high-resolution LED liquid crystal display screen, the LIFEBOOK N532/E delivers the large screen size of a desktop PC while offering the energy conservation of a notebook PC. It is a standard PC for which specifications can be changed to fit operational needs, enabling customization of the CPU, security features, and hard disk drive. The keyboard includes a numeric keypad as a standard feature, enabling convenient input of numbers.

3) Contributes to energy conservation
The new LIFEBOOK line again includes Fujitsu's proprietary ECO Sleep function(5), an energy conservation feature that enable standby power to approach zero when the computer is turned off or in sleep mode, and an ECO Sleep-compatible AC adapter(6). Moreover, it also includes a peak-shift control feature that automatically switches the power source to the internal battery during predefined periods of time, even if the PC is connected to the AC adapter, and a dashboard for power-saving utilities that easily enables adjustment of settings, such as the brightness of the LDC display, or features not being used to be disabled, thereby reducing power consumption whether the PC is in use or at rest.

2. ESPRIMO enterprise desktop PCs: world's first keyboard palm vein sensor models

Palm vein sensor

Larger View (136 KB)

All of the new ESPRIMO desktop models are equipped with the latest architecture for high-speed processing, including the third-generation Intel® Core™ processor family of high-performance CPUs. The ESPRIMO D752/E supports Intel® vPro™ technology, which facilitates PC operations management work, The ESPRIMO D582/E offers a wide range of customizations, and the ESPRIMO K553/E, which is a space-saving all-in-one PC unit with a built-in LCD screen.

In addition, all ESPRIMO models now have, as an available option, the world's first keyboards supporting built-in palm vein sensors that easily enable the user to be authenticated simply with the passing of the user's hand over a scanner.

Moreover, power consumption can be cut with such features as the Power Supply Coordination Service Concept(7), which enables zero power to be consumed in standby mode when with main switch or display switch has been accidentally left on. Another way to save power is offered by the all-in-one PC with a built-in LCD screen that enables just the power for the display to be turned off.

3. FUTRO thin clients: full selection with addition of compact desktop model


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With the addition of the new FUTRO A300 compact desktop model, the FUTRO thin client line now has a full selection, including desktop, compact desktop, A4-sized notebook, and B5-sized mobile models. The FUTRO A300 compact desktop model is equipped with only the minimum necessary features and runs Fujitsu's proprietary OS (eLux), resulting in a highly-compact form factor (42 x 185 x 185mm) that allows it to be placed wherever is most convenient for the user.

The B5-sized FUTRO MP702 model is compact and lightweight, and, as standard features, is equipped with security buttons(8) to preserve strict security as well as a new smartcard reader/writer, resulting in a mobile terminal that can be used with peace of mind.

The A4-sized FUTRO MA552 model is available with such options as a numerical keypad in the keyboard to enable easy input of numbers with one hand and a full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) high-resolution liquid crystal display, contributing to improvements in work efficiency.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Suggested Retail Price
(excluding tax)
LIFEBOOK U772/E 250,000 yen from late June
LIFEBOOK N532/E 149,500 yen from mid June
ESPRIMO D752/E 146,000 yen from late June
ESPRIMO D582/E 118,000 yen from late June
ESPRIMO K553/E 189,000 yen from late June
FUTRO A300 39,000 yen from mid August
FUTRO MP702 110,000 yen from late July
FUTRO MA552 91,000 yen from late July

  • [1] Thirty-nine models in nine product families

    There are seven product families and 27 models for LIFEBOOK and two product families and 12 models for ESPRIMO (when all CPU options are included in the model count).

  • [2] International ENERGY STAR® program

    An international energy-efficiency standard for office equipment used in seven countries and regions. Excluding the Q552/E model, all remaining 26 LIFEBOOK models comply with the standard, as do all remaining 12 ESPRIMO models.

  • [3] Load testing

    The testing confers no implied warranty that the products will not become damaged due to the application of pressure.

  • [4] Quick operational start-up times

    Within 7 seconds from sleep mode.

  • [5] ECO Sleep

    Included in the following models: The N Series, E Series, A Series (except A531/D), U Series, S Series, P Series, and T Series.

  • [6] ECO Sleep-compatible AC adapter

    Included in the following models: The E Series, A Series (except A531/D), U Series, S Series, P Series, and T Series.

  • [7] Power Supply Coordination Service Concept

    By equipping the main PC unit with a power supply port, power can be supplied from the main unit to the display unit. When power to the main PC unit is turned off, the power supply to the display unit is also stopped, preventing the unit from accidentally being left on. (Not included in the K Series and B Series models.)

  • [8] Security buttons

    A security feature in which authentication is enabled through a combination of four buttons on the main PC unit.

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