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Fujitsu Enhances Analytics Features of glovia G2 Production Management ERP Solution for Manufacturers

Supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012, enabling self-service BI using production ERP data

Fujitsu Limited,Glovia International

Tokyo and El Segundo, CA, May 16, 2012

Fujitsu and its subsidiary Glovia International Inc. (GII) today announced the immediate release of a new version of glovia G2 that supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012(1). Glovia G2 is a production management ERP solution for manufacturers and is designed to support global production operations.

As a production management ERP solution developed for manufacturers, glovia G2 enables visualization of production conditions by individually tracking the production, sales and inventory status of each business site around the world in a timely manner. These capabilities help customers devise strategic plans for their production operations. The new version of glovia G2 supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012, allowing customers to take advantage of the exceptional analysis and reporting capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Advanced Services (SSAS)(2). Also being released is the Glovia BI Starter Kit for SQL Server®, a collection of data analysis templates for glovia G2 that makes it easy for customers to build an analytics environment tailored to their specifications.

As a result, customers can analyze and effectively use the ERP data they have accumulated to date, and use templates loaded with GII's know-how, enabling customers to quickly analyze ERP data from their particular perspective. These capabilities help customers respond quickly to changes in international market conditions at each layer of operations such as accounting, management and local sites.


For today's manufacturers, it is vitally important to quickly grasp changes in demand worldwide and have an integrated view of conditions at production facilities around the globe in order to formulate strategic production plans. In addition, the ability to perform analyses using the data accumulated to date leads to better decisions.

Until now, effectively utilizing ERP data involved processing accumulated data into graphs and reports, requiring additional investments. The new version of glovia G2, however, supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 and its SSAS advanced functionality, enabling self-service business intelligence.

Another challenge for customers in analyzing data has been the time-consuming process of tailoring the analysis to their particular perspective. The Glovia BI Starter Kit for SQL Server® (SSRS edition), however, provides a collection of templates to facilitate building data analysis and reporting environments, all of which leverage GII's over four decades of expertise and experience in deploying ERP packages.

The new version of glovia G2 will be exhibited at this year's Fujitsu Forum 2012, which will be held at the Tokyo International Forum on May 17-18.

Service Features

1. Supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

In addition to its existing support for Oracle® Database, the new version of glovia G2 supports Microsoft® SQL Server®, enabling users to freely choose whichever platform best suits their needs. This expansion of options provides greater flexibility in meeting customer needs.

2. Enables the use of SSAS

The new system enables users to take advantage of the advanced functionality of SSAS. Use of SSAS functions enables self-service business intelligence, providing customers with an effective platform for using the ERP data they have accumulated.

3. Offers the Glovia BI Starter Kit for SQL Server®

Also being released is the Glovia BI Starter Kit for SQL Server®, which supports SQL Server Reporting Services for producing and managing organizational reporting. The kit includes 27 sales-analysis report templates and 18 accounts receivable-analysis report templates as well as ledger output samples, enabling customers to quickly tailor the system to their operations.

4. Increases production efficiency by "pushing" the information that users need, when they need it

An alert function has been built into the glovia G2 portal screen. The system actively analyzes ERP data in real time and "pushes" user notifications of important production activity data, such as when order logistics are causing delays in deliveries.

5. Compatible with various production methods, enabling global expansion

In addition to mass production and make-to-stock production, glovia G2 supports mixed mode production, in which some products are manufactured as individual orders. Flexible production systems can be adopted while carrying out concurrent production of multiple products or monitoring product lifecycles.

When production is carried out at multiple sites for individually ordered goods, the system generates production orders for each site and transfers orders between sites. An overall manufacturing-order plan can be formulated even for multiple production sites, enabling precise management of each order.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing (excluding tax) Shipment
glovia G2 Base ERP Package (10 Users) : from ¥2.5m
Technology Base (1 Server) : ¥2.5m
From July 2012

Sales Target

Sales of ¥50 billion over three years from start of shipments.

  • [1] Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

    Database software produced by Microsoft. This new solution delivers real-time decision making services employing big data, as well as the high availability and performance required by mission-critical systems. It achieves this by establishing flexible coordination between on-site systems and cloud-based services.

  • [2] Microsoft® SQL Server® Advanced Services

    A data analysis platform and toolset for personal, team, and enterprise business intelligence.

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City: Tokyo and El Segundo, CA
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