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Fujitsu Launches New Enetune Cloud-based Energy Management System

Centrally manages energy data across all of a company's business locations, helping to optimize energy usage

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 15, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the development of Enetune, a cloud-based energy management system (EMS) service to be available starting at the end of June. The service collects energy data from all of a company's business locations, including leased or rented buildings and retail locations. By consolidating and centrally managing this data in the cloud, businesses can bring integrated and cross-sectional clarity to their energy usage.

This makes it possible for customers to shift from a conventional model in which improvements are individually implemented for each location to a new approach of performing central energy management for all buildings. As a result, companies will be able to compare and evaluate power usage efficiency across multiple business locations and implement effective countermeasures. In addition, through power demand forecasting capabilities employing the latest technology from Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, the new service enables customers to implement countermeasures, such as relying on energy storage devices and generating power internally during times when power demand is expected to peak, and to use remote control and automatic control capabilities. This also helps businesses to avoid exceeding power levels specified in their electric utilities agreements.

In order to flexibly respond to a variety of changes in the power usage landscape in Japan, including an overburdened power supply, rising electricity costs and revised energy-conservation laws, businesses are increasingly facing a need to further enhance energy management with the aim of streamlining utilize of energy.

Recently, attention has been focused on the conventional model of addressing the efficiency of energy usage in individual buildings owned by companies, requiring a strong reliance on the skills and know-how of individual building managers. This has also made it difficult to evaluate energy usage efficiency across multiple locations, thereby resulting in an imbalance in the improvement levels for different buildings. One effective approach for addressing these challenges is to centrally compare and evaluate energy data from multiple buildings and then roll out a common set of effective countermeasures at each of the locations.

Beginning in late June, Fujitsu will be offering Enetune, a cloud-based EMS service that supports enterprise energy management and provides companies with the essential ability to optimize and improve the efficiency of their energy usage.

The new service will be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2012, to be held at the Tokyo International Forum on Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 18.

Product Features

1. Employs cloud computing to enable centralized management of energy data from multiple locations

The new service employs Fujitsu's highly secure and highly reliable FGCP/S5(1) public cloud service to consolidate and centrally manage power data from all of a company's business locations. By ascertaining the power usage status of multiple buildings in real-time, businesses can carry out timely measures—such as shutting down equipment and facilities—as necessary. Moreover, the software makes it possible to compare and evaluate power efficiency from a variety of viewpoints, including by the scale of the building, operating time and production volume. This allows customers to gain insight into information such as differences in the power usage status of identically sized buildings. Through the implementation across multiple locations of countermeasures based on these insights, companies are able to completely optimize all of their locations, in contrast to the conventional approach of individually making improvements for each building.

2. Forecasts a company's power demand and reduces peak power

By leveraging power demand forecasting capabilities employing the latest technology from Fujitsu Laboratories, the new service can determine in advance a company's power demand for the current day, thereby making it possible for companies to consider precautionary measures such as relying on energy storage devices and generating power internally. The system also conducts constant power usage monitoring and will use methods such as sending an e-mail from a datacenter to warn users if their power consumption is expected to exceed levels specified in their electric utilities agreement. Based on these warning notifications, businesses can remotely and automatically control air-conditioning, lighting and other equipment to help avoid exceeding their electric utilities agreements.

3. Helps customers conserve energy and improve their power usage by taking advantage of Fujitsu's abundant hands-on experience

By leveraging Fujitsu's hands-on experience at its own offices, production facilities and datacenters, the Company will perform on-site diagnoses of the energy usage status of all of a customer's own buildings and shared facilities, including air-conditioning, lighting and other equipment, as well as shared facilities. Based on this diagnosis, Fujitsu will propose ways in which the customer can conserve power and make improvements.

Fujitsu has been selected as a leading BEMS (Building and Energy Management System) aggregator as part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan's "Subsidy for Promoting the Introduction of an Energy Management System." Going forward, by promoting the deployment of its Enetune cloud-based EMS service, Fujitsu will support customers as a BEMS aggregator in pursuing energy conservation initiatives.

Overview of Enetune Cloud-based EMS Service Features
Feature Overview
Visualization Collects and consolidates power data measured at each of a company's locations.
Based on the collected data, visualizes power usage status information in the form of graphs and tables.
Integrated management Tabulates and comprehends power usage status information from all buildings being managed.
Makes it possible to check goal achievement progress and to compare and evaluate power utilization efficiency across multiple locations.
Power demand forecasting Performs forecasts, in advance, of a company's power demand for the day and delivers information to managers. Makes it possible to consider precautionary measures such as relying on energy storage devices and generating power internally for times of peak power consumption.
Demand management Constantly monitors power usage and warns managers via system notifications. Through remote control capabilities, it is possible for businesses to avoid exceeding the levels specified in their electric utilities agreements.
Remote control Makes it possible to remotely conserve energy by manually controlling A/C, lighting and other equipment.
Automatic control Conserves energy by automatically controlling A/C, lighting and other equipment.
Report generation Generates reports based on collected data that fulfill the requirements of Japan's revised energy-conservation laws and the regulations of local governments.

Application in Smart City Initiatives

Fujitsu views this new service as an important component of energy demand-and-supply control for smart cities. The Company is currently involved in building energy management systems for a wide range of scenarios—including buildings, households, towns and cities, and entire areas—as part of smart city projects. The new service will also play a significant role in smart cities by contributing to energy demand-and-supply control.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Service Name Price (excl. tax) Availability
Enetune cloud-based EMS service From 30,000 JPY/month (per location)
* Start-up fee is by individual estimate
End of June 2012

Sales Target

Approximately 2,000 deployments within two years

  • [1] FGCP/S5

    A public cloud service that delivers bundled virtualized ICT infrastructure, such as servers and storage functionality, over a network from Fujitsu's datacenters, providing resources that can be employed on-demand in accordance with customer needs. The service ensures a high level of reliability that is sufficient for deployment in a company's mission-critical systems.

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