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Joto Junior High School Begins Educational Field Research Using Fujitsu's ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi Tablets and Cloud Platform

Offering an ICT environment and new widely accessible learning methodology

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 11, 2012

Fujitsu and Joto Junior High School in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture today announced that, starting from May 11, they have begun field research on learning techniques that leverage Fujitsu's ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi tablet devices and cloud computing as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan's Future School Promotion Project.

As part of the new research, each student at Joto Junior High School will receive an ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi tablet. Studies will be conducted on learning techniques and instruction methods that leverage tablet devices and cloud computing for tasks such as collecting, categorizing and organizing information during group learning and extracurricular learning activities. In addition to building an ICT platform for use in the research, Fujitsu has also developed a digital note application that allows students to freely draw handwritten notes on learning materials and photographs they have taken.

By employing the tablets' Wi-Fi capabilities in combination with cloud computing, students at Joto Junior High School will be able to study using the same environment both at school and from outside of school. This, in turn, will enable students to review what they have learned in class and strengthen their understanding, all at their own individual pace of learning. Moreover, using the digital note application, students can display multiple layers of handwritten data overlaid on top of one another, allowing for efficient group learning, drill practices and test review.

Joto Junior High School is planning a number of additional activities using the new system, including communicating over the Internet with students while they are on an international school trip(1) beginning May 11.

The new field research is being conducted by the Wakayama City Board of Education upon the selection of Joto Junior High School as a trial school for the project. At the request of the board of education, Fujitsu has been involved in advancing the project and has examined a variety of approaches for employing ICT in the classroom. In one part of the study, each student will receive an ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi tablet, and field research will examine the way that tablet devices and cloud computing are used in classes, extracurricular activities, and at-home learning. In preparation for this, Fujitsu has installed a field research environment at Joto Junior High School that can be employed outside the school using ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi tablets and cloud computing. Furthermore, after working with the board of education to determine the features that are important for education, Fujitsu developed a digital note application that will allow students to most effectively utilize the tablet devices.

Digital Note Application

About the Field Research

1. Employs a digital note application

The research employs an application that allows students to use their tablet devices to freely draw handwritten notes on learning material data, such as educational materials produced by a teacher or photographs taken by students. For instance, when taking a test using the tablet devices, students can write their answers on a layer that is separate from the test materials data, making it possible for them to save their answers without modifying the original test booklet. This makes it easy for them to review the materials afterwards.

The digital note application supports learning materials data in widely-used file formats, such as PDF and JPEG.

2. Learning materials and handwritten data is saved and managed on a cloud

By storing and managing handwritten data on a cloud, the data can be freely accessed and edited from anywhere, both inside and outside of the school. File access permission settings on the special field testing cloud can be set for different layers for students(2), teachers, and individual users, thereby enhancing security.

Displays learning materials data and handwritten data together

File permission settings by layer and user
User Permissions on student layer Permissions on teacher layer Permissions on learning materials data layer
Teacher Reading of student data list Reading and writing of the teacher's own data Reading
Student Reading and writing of the student's own data Reading Reading

3. Features of the ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi tablet

The ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi is a high-spec tablet device combining a large 10.1-inch LCD screen and a lightweight (599g) and slim body. Featuring water-resistant capabilities(3), the tablet can be employed in a wide range of usage scenarios outside of school, such as on rainy days or even when outdoors. The tablet is equipped with Android 3.2 for its operating system for quick startup. It also comes standard with a wide range of features and applications that support learning in the classroom, including a camera, GPS, and Fujitsu Mobile Integrated Dictionary +, which offers the ability to search from among 29 full-featured dictionaries and 6 specialty reference volumes.

When employed together with the cloud, the tablet can be used to collect and organize information for in-school class work or in group learning. In addition, when students are on a school trip or participating in an international exchange program, the tablet can be employed to keep an eye on the location of students, to take notes in the field, or as a communication tool.

Overview of the ICT Platform for Joto Junior High School

Going forward, Fujitsu is considering expanding the features of its digital note application from an e-textbook/e-note program, which currently includes e-book browsing capabilities, and offering it as an integrated educational tool. In addition to helping foster ICT-enabled cooperative education through the current field research initiative, Fujitsu plans to offer a wide range of services that support education based on the company's track record and know-how in the field of education.

This field research will be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2012, to be held on Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18 at the Tokyo International Forum.

  • [1] International school trip

    In 2012, 22 students will be visiting the City of Richmond in British Columbia, Canada and participating in homestays as part of the sister-city international exchange program between Wakayama City and Richmond City.

  • [2] Student layer

    An individual layer for each student associated with an individual student ID.

  • [3] Water resistance

    Indicates that the tablet can function normally after being sprayed from all directions with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3m for a period of at least 3 minutes. Also indicates that the tablet will function normally after being gently immersed in a tank of room-temperature tap or still water of a depth of 1m for approximately 30 minutes.

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Date: 11 May, 2012
City: Tokyo
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