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Fujitsu Releases Riskmining Navigator, a Proactive Risk Analysis Solution

Analyzes large volumes of trouble reports to anticipate product problems, operator errors and accidents

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 20, 2012

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited (FJQS) today announced the release of Riskmining Navigator, a software solution targeted primarily to manufacturers. The software analyzes reports of past manufacturing and design trouble that occurred on the shop floor and helps to proactively prevent product malfunctions, operator errors and accidents by visualizing trouble occurrence trends and causes.

By analyzing the causes of trouble from massive volumes of data and visualizing occurrence patterns, the new solution gives managers a heightened awareness, while also offering support in developing and implementing effective countermeasures during product design. Applying these techniques to design, manufacturing, marketing and other areas can help proactively prevent trouble, thereby increasing product quality, operator safety and marketability.

The new product employs technologies developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, including Visual Text Mining technology, which represents the content of a large volume of trouble reports as a network map, and Risk-scenario Analysis technology, which automatically constructs a trouble occurrence model based on the text of reports.

In the manufacturing sector, product trouble can inflict serious damage on both business activities and business continuity by tarnishing social credibility, hurting sales and exposing liabilities. To guard against trouble caused by issues such as product malfunctions and operator errors or accidents, it is important to effectively take advantage of information regarding similar trouble that occurred in the past. But due to the sheer volume of reported data, coupled with the fact that reports are usually stored in written (text) format and must be individually read, in many cases it is impossible to adequately take advantage of this data.

In light of this, Fujitsu and FJQS have developed Riskmining Navigator, which merges and utilizes unstructured data(1) and structured data(2) from previously collected data, analyzes and assesses risk factors and trends, and helps in developing countermeasures.

Main areas of use for Riskmining Navigator
Area of use Analysis
Improving design quality Analyze errors detected during the design process or design-review process
Improving manufacturing quality Analyze installation errors, production line errors and errors detected in the manufacturing process
Improving operator safety Analyze accidents and near misses occurring on the shop floor
Marketing Analyze customer requests and complaints from call centers

Product Features

1. Visualizes the text content of trouble reports (Text Mining technology)

In the past, when manually performing a detailed analysis of information written in an unstructured text format, it has been necessary to carefully read and comprehend the details of each report one at a time. By extracting the relationships among keywords and text, and visualizing these relationships as network maps, it is now possible to intuitively grasp the overview, characteristics and relationships of text information in a large volume of trouble reports.

2. Industry-first risk-scenario technology that automatically models trouble occurrence patterns (Risk-scenario technology)

The software automatically extracts the conditions and events of an incident from the text details of trouble reports, and then automatically constructs a trouble occurrence model. By modeling the process leading up to the occurrence, it is possible to perform quantitative risk analyses, forecasting and simulations, thereby enabling companies to efficiently implement effective countermeasures against trouble.

3. Improves the quality and responsiveness of risk management

Through an analysis of trouble reports related to past product malfunctions, operator errors or accidents, Riskmining Navigator can shine a light on risk prevention clues hidden in past cases and provide a new awareness of factors that have been overlooked. Moreover, substantiating known trends that are vaguely recognized as risks with concrete case study data makes it possible to perform quantitative, objective analyses. Compared to conventional manual data analysis techniques, the new software allows analysis to be performed much quicker, thereby enabling countermeasures to be rapidly considered and acted upon.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product name Pricing (excl. tax) Availability
Riskmining Navigator v1 server license JPY 5 million Immediately

  • [1] Unstructured data

    Information presented as text in a free-form format, which can cover a broad range of subjects. Since it has no defined structure, it is difficult to use as-is in a quantitative, objective fashion.

  • [2] Structured data

    Information containing data of known types—such as dates, numbers, names and IDs—that can be categorized using such types as criteria, making the information easy to handle quantitatively and objectively as-is.

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City: Tokyo
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