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Fujitsu Launches Global Sales of Interstage Business Operations Platform V12.0

Next-generation business process management solution enables fast integration of cloud services and on-premise systems

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 02, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of Interstage Business Operations Platform V12.0, a business process management solution that can quickly integrate a company's cloud services and multiple on-premise business systems.

Interstage Business Operations Platform V12.0, which integrates multiple business systems using a web service, supports companies in developing new business processes. The solution has a wide range of features, including connectors that link existing SAP systems and other business packages as web services without requiring application revisions or connection add-ons, processes, data connectivity, and user interfaces. With this single solution, companies can build services that support new business processes.

The new solution enables the creation of ICT systems that help companies accommodate changes in managerial strategy and business structure, including global system integration due to M&A and corporate group management, and the development of SCM systems.

The new solution augments the Business Process Management lineup of Fujitsu's Interstage family of business application platforms by leveraging Cordys Business Operations Platform as an OEM solution. This, in turn, enables the company to provide, in combination with other existing products, fine-tuned support for a diverse range of customer requirements.

"Cordys welcomes Fujitsu's announcement of Interstage Business Operations Platform V12.0." said Jan Baan, Founder & Chairman, Chief Innovation Officer of Cordys. "Cordys Business Operations Platform is an innovative platform for next generation BPM and Cloud Orchestration, which enables process integration via web service. The combination of Cordys' innovative platform and Fujitsu's industry-proven products and extensive knowledge and experience as a global systems integrator will help our global customers respond to today's rapidly changing business environment in a more flexible and agile manner."

Fujitsu also plans to offer the new solution via its FGCP/S5 public cloud service.

In recent years, as business has become more globalized and diverse, in addition to M&A activity, many companies have had to cope with a rapidly changing business environment, including changes in managerial strategy and business structure. As a result, there has been significant need for ICT systems that support these processes also to be able to respond to change.

With Interstage Business Operations Platform V12.0, companies can easily integrate cloud services and on-premise business systems as a web service that utilizes drag and drop operations and wizard templates. The solution is a cutting-edge next-generation business process management tool that enables business processes to be flexibly and quickly integrated in response to change.

Product Features

1. Integrates cloud and on-premise systems with a web service

The solution can easily integrate cloud services and on-premise business systems with a web service. This solution provides connectors which enable existing customer SAP and other systems to easily connect to other systems as part of a new business process.

For instance, when leveraging company-wide data—consisting of information from the accounting systems of each of a company's global offices—in order to perform managerial analysis, the different systems can be integrated without having to develop a program to link them, as was previously necessary.

2. Enables the speedy development of business processes

The solution is equipped with all of the integration features, including process definitions, data connectivity, and user interface features, that are needed to build a new business process that smoothly connects multiple business systems.

In addition, components features can be easily defined and integrated via a web browser through drag and drop operations and wizard templates. Moreover, service deployment and execution is also easy, thereby enabling efficient verification by business units and IT departments and facilitating collaborative process integration. Compared to the conventional development process in which business units propose requirements and the IT department develops a system around these requirements, the new solution enables development models to be quickly implemented and tested, making it perfect for time-sensitive business system development.

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Date: 02 February, 2012
City: Tokyo
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