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Fujitsu Uses Private Cloud for Communications Platform to Integrate Global Communications

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, January 19, 2012

Fujitsu today announced that it is unifying the communications platform(1) used in the Fujitsu Group by some 170,000 employees in 500 group companies in Japan and around the world to foster and enhance the global integration of the entire workforce.

The business needs stemming from close collaboration with subsidiaries around the globe, in addition to Fujitsu's own experience of using cloud-based services were the key drivers for the launch of this global project enabling a unified communication process.

All employees will use the same tools for e-mail, file sharing, calendaring, presence management(2), and web conferences in order to promote the seamless sharing of information, skills, and expertise, as well as more active communications. The new platform will also encourage information sharing and communication outside the workplace through different kinds of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. In addition, integration with Fujitsu's authentication platform enables integrated management of group-wide information security.

"This new standardized global communication infrastructure will enable Fujitsu to respond faster to the business needs of its customers and accelerate further Group-wide integration. As the platform is based on a private cloud, it can quickly be extended around the world," stated Makoto Ogamino, Head of the IT Strategies Unit.

Fujitsu began work last year on a private cloud as a communications platform that would be capable of quickly unifying the company globally. The new platform was built using Fujitsu products and services, as well as those provided by global partners Microsoft and Cisco Systems. The new platform is already in partial deployment inside Fujitsu, and by April 2012 will be extended to all group companies in Japan, with a roll-out to all group companies worldwide by fiscal 2013.

Fujitsu will begin offering services, based on its internal project, to other global companies starting today. The first step will be to target Japanese companies conducting business internationally and will encompass end-to-end services ranging from system investigations to construction and operations.

"The communication platform solution is designed to deliver externally what Fujitsu actually uses internally. We are rolling this solution out around the globe as we move forward with it ourselves. Fujitsu is leveraging the experience of this project to benefit our customers," stated Cameron McNaught, Senior Vice President Cloud of Fujitsu.

The services include:

Assessment Consultancy

  • Clarify issues to be addressed in current systems in order to systematize the communications platform.
  • Determining the scope of the systems based on business goals and targets.
  • Propose best practices for hardware and software used in the communications platform.

Design consultancy

  • Design an optimized system configuration covering required software and hardware, to meet the deployment goals and scope of the communications platform.
  • Implement system configuration that recognizes optimized operations based on the customer's operational system and system scale.

Deployment Services

  • Total support for hardware and software construction to optimize the communications platform.


In the past, each company in the Fujitsu Group deployed its own communication infrastructure such as e-mail, resulting in a complicated mix of different systems.

Not only did this impede communications between different group companies, it left business resources and practical expertise divided between each company, slowed down the pace of business, lowered the quality of output, and was operationally inefficient. Redundant operating expenses imposed needless costs.

Key Project Features

1. Accelerates the pace of business

Having all employees using the same information tools will enable seamless information sharing worldwide, energize communications between group companies, accelerate the pace of business, and expand opportunities for the company. For example, an incoming e-mail message will show the sender's presence information, so the recipient can respond through whatever channel is most appropriate in the circumstances. This could include instant messaging and voice or video conferencing.

2. Better work options through support for multiple devices, remote access

The system ties together communications over different devices-PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.-seamlessly and in a "human centric" way to make communications more efficient and more productive.

3. Integrated authentication platform for robust information security

A unified, global authentication platform enables integrated management of group-wide information security and stronger group-wide compliance. It also harmonizes rules on information use and availability within the Group, so that usability is easier to maintain and information security is improved.

4. Reduces system operations costs and other expenses

An integrated communications platform limits wasted system investments and should cut annual system-operations costs by approximately 30%. As travel expenses and travel times are reduced by moving to voice and video conferencing in lieu, annual travel costs can be cut by upwards of 20%.

Fujitsu's Communications Platform

  • [1] Communications platform:

    A system that includes ID authentication, e-mail, web portals, document management, web conference, telephony, and other communications and collaboration tools.

  • [2] Presence management:

    Indicates physical presence.

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