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Fujitsu Introduces ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi Tablet for Consumers

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, January 12, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the release of ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi, a new tablet PC targeted toward consumers in the ARROWS series of tablets and smartphones. The new tablet will be available for purchase throughout Japan in consumer electronics stores as well as Fujitsu's WEB MART shopping service site from January 19th.

The ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi is equipped with a fingerprint sensor(1) and is IPX5/7 water-resistant(2). It can be used in places near water, such as in bath areas or the kitchen, as well as outdoors, further enhancing usability. In addition to high-speed Wi-Fi data communications, it is equipped with other leading-edge specs, such as a high-speed and high-efficiency dual core CPU, DLNA support, and a highly responsive Saku-Saku Touchpanel. Also, while it employs a lightweight, slim body design, it features a 10.1 inch large screen display and Dolby®Mobile v3 front speakers, so it is possible to fully enjoy video entertainment. Furthermore, in connecting to other PCs, the ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi is standard equipped with an F-Link(3) wireless data exchange application. This feature enables users to connect to Fujitsu FMV PCs and load recorded TV programs onto their tablet using a mobile export function. In addition, the i-Filter for Android™(4) web filtering application is a standard feature that allows users to browse the Internet without worry.

Main Features

1. Equipped with fingerprint sensor for easy lock release and password management

  1. Screen lock release
    When recovering from sleep mode, it is easy to release the screen lock just by sliding one's finger over the fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint authentication makes for a highly secure usage environment.
  2. Password manager
    If authentication data, such as account IDs and passwords, are registered, one fingerprint enables the registered data to be accessed and managed, so users need not worry about forgetting this information.

2. Can even be enjoyed in the bathtub and kitchen

  1. Water-resistant & lightweight
    Users do not have to worry about getting the tablet PC wet when using it around water, such as in the bathtub or in the kitchen. Being thin and lightweight, the tablet PC is easy for users to carry wherever they go.
  2. Hand gesture control feature
    The built-in camera can recognize hand gestures for operation even without directly touching the screen. As a result, smooth operation of the tablet PC is possible when preparing food and the user's hands are not clean, or even when in the bathtub and user's hands are wet.

3. High processing performance delivers quick Internet and image responsiveness

  1. Saku-Saku Touchpanel
    The combination of the large 10.1-inch LCD screen and Fujitsu's proprietary quick-response panel delivers unprecedented ease of operation. With the touch panel's special surface processing, called Super Glide Coating, users can glide their way through the tablet's touch panel operations.
  2. Dual core CPU
    With the OMAP4 (1GHz) high-speed, high-performance dual core CPU for extraordinary processing performance, users can comfortably enjoy watching videos and playing the latest game applications.

4. Large-screen, high-resolution display for a striking audiovisual experience

  1. Front stereo speakers achieve pristine audio quality
    The tablet's two speakers allow for clear audio and powerful bass that is perfect for enjoying multimedia content.
  2. One-segment broadcasts
    With the tablet's "smooth display(5)" frame enhancement technology, which enables a 15 frames/second video clip to play at 30 frames/second, users can watch smooth one-segment video content.
  3. Dolby® Mobile v3
    The tablet is equipped with the latest version of DolbyMobile for producing lifelike surround sound. Virtual 5.1 channel surround(6) sound performance, which is equivalent to that used in home theaters, allows users to enjoy impressive audio—as if at a movie theater or concert hall—from wherever they are.

5. Wireless connection to other devices

  1. F-LINK
    Photographs and videos taken with the ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi can be easily transferred to PCs equipped with F-LINK. In addition, data can be exchanged wirelessly and smoothly with any F-LINK equipped PC or any other Android™ device without the burdensome process of connecting a cable to the tablet, or removing and inserting a memory card.
  2. DLNA connectivity
    The tablet can connect to DLNA-compliant Blue-ray disk recorders(7) and other devices and view streams of recorded terrestrial digital broadcast(8) programs in Hi-Vision resolution.

6. Linking to Fujitsu FMV PC's

  1. Enjoying recorded television programs on the go
    If users have a Fujitsu FMV supporting mobile exporting features, they can easily load videos using a microSD card. When commuting to work or on the way to school, users can enjoy recorded video on the go whenever they want.

7. Advanced user interface combines high performance with ease of operation

  1. Style options
    The tablet PC is pre-installed with six style options representing optimal combinations of wallpaper, applications, and widgets, depending on how and where it will be used. Users can easily switch styles depending on their mood or the situation in which the tablet PC will be used.
  2. Text input
    The tablet PC is equipped with a variety of text input modes, from one-handed input using a numeric keypad reminiscent of a mobile phone, to hand-written input using Fujitsu's proprietary high-speed and high-precision engine, taking full advantage of the tablet PC's screen size. The tablet can be used in different ways depending on circumstances or user preferences.

8. Loaded with applications that make life more enjoyable and convenient

  1. i-Filter for Android™
    Users can set a variety of web browsing filters to browse the Internet. It is also equipped with a feature that limits applications, so anyone can use the tablet with peace of mind.
    Users can enjoy with latest TV and movies from six different Hollywood movie studios.
  3. Hikari TV
    Users can enjoy Hikari TV videos, including cartoons and dramas (service schedule starting February 2012).
  4. Fujitsu Mobile Integrated Dictionary +
    The tablet includes a full-featured multimedia dictionary that supports both audio and video content. This provides access to the same full-featured dictionaries that can be found in electronic dictionary devices, such as Kojien and English-Japanese Dictionary for the General Reader.
  5. Document Viewer/Adobe® Reader
    Users can view essential business documents, including Microsoft® Excel®, Word, and PowerPoint® documents(9), as well as PDF files.
  6. BooksV online e-book service
    Users can enjoy reading on the go with BooksV, Fujitsu's online e-book service, which has over 350,000 publications—the largest in Japan, including popular comic books, novels, and business magazines.
    Purchasing the ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi at WEB MART, Fujitsu's online shopping site, will give consumers a 10% discount on the Popular Product Set that targets those changing lifestyles or entering school, available at BooksV, Fujitsu's online e-books service. For details on the product sets and pricing, please visit the BooksV website.

9. "Made in Japan" quality and reliability

As a "Made in Japan" product, the tablet meets high-quality and high-reliability manufacturing standards. This enables Fujitsu to deliver products that meet customer needs in a timely and thorough manner.

Product Specifications

Size: 181 × 262 × 11.3 mm
Weight: 599g
Continuous Standby Time(10):
   When playing video: approx. 10 hours
   When playing music: approx. 83 hours
   In standby mode: approx. 2,900 hours
Display: 10.1-inch color TFT LCD WXGA (1280 × 800)
   Backside: 5.1 megapixel, CMOS sensor
   Frontside: 1.3 megapixel, CMOS sensor
Sensors: Fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor, GPS
Colors: Eternal White

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Model Capacity Availability Pricing
FAR75A 32GB January 19 List prices

  • [1] Fingerprint sensor

    This function performs verification based on the characteristics included in an image of a fingerprint. As a result, depending on the person, the fingerprint may have few unique data points, and the registration procedure may not work. In addition, depending upon the condition of the finger, it may be difficult to register the fingerprint, or authentication accuracy (the proportion of correct fingerprint authentications when sliding a finger over the sensor) may decline. There is no guarantee that fingerprint authentication will perfectly authenticate and verify the correct person. Please be aware that Fujitsu accepts no liability for any damages arising from the use or the inability to use this product.

  • [2] IPX5/7 water resistant

    IPX5 designation indicates that the tablet can function normally after being sprayed from all directions with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3m for a period of at least 3 minutes. The IPX7 rating indicates that water will not penetrate inside the tablet and it will function normally after being gently immersed in a tank of room-temperature tap or still water of a depth of 1m for approximately 30 minutes.The tablet has been tested for operability under Fujitsu's examination standards on high-temperature conditions, such as usability in a bath area. Caution should be taken of the following: do not pour water with soap, shampoo or other bath agents on the tablet. Should this occur, please wash the tablet with regular room temperature water immediately. Do not attempt to drop or spray the tablet with warm/hot water. Do not use the tablet for long periods of time in places with high moisture levels. If so, please remove immediately from these areas after use. Do not directly subject the tablet to the spray of a hot water shower. Do not use the tablet in the sauna. Do not suddenly carry the tablet from cold outdoor temperatures into a hot bath area. Please first allow the tablet to warm up to regular room temperatures. Do not recharge the tablet's battery in a bath area.

  • [3] F-Link

    The F-Link software for PCs is pre-installed on Fujitsu FMV LIFEBOOK and ESPRIMO models released since the summer of 2011 (with some exceptions). To use it on other PCs, it will first need to be installed separately. F-Link software can be downloaded at Fujitsu's FMWORLD website. Android™ terminals are available in the market.

  • [4] i-Filter for Android™

    Tap the shortcut icon on the desktop and follow the instructions on the application screen after the introduction to obtain a serial number for exclusive use. You can obtain 15 days of free use by downloading the software from the Android Market™ after obtaining a serial number.

  • [5] Smooth display

    The frame enhancement technology employs Morpho, Inc.'s FrameSolid® technology.

  • [6] Virtual 5.1 Channel Surround

    Can only be used when connected to stereo headphones (not included), the quality of which will effect sound. The output from the built-in speakers is not 5.1 channel.

  • [7] Blue-ray disk recorder

    Information on compatible equipment is expected to be listed on Fujitsu's FMWORLD product information website.

  • [8] Recorded terrestrial digital broadcasts

    Applies to digital terrestrial TV programs recorded and stored on DLNA servers using the DTCP-IP copyright protection technology. There is no guarantee of compatibility with all equipment supporting DLNA. Depending on the content, replaying content may not be possible. To view streaming digital terrestrial TV programs, an 11n wireless LAN connection is recommended.

  • [9] Documents

    Compatible with Microsoft® Excel®/Word/PowerPoint®: Microsoft® Excel®2007/Word2007/PowerPoint®2007

  • [10] Continuous Standby Time

    May vary depending on usage environment.

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