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Fujitsu Announces Spring 2012 Line of FMV Series of Personal Computers

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, January 12, 2012

Fujitsu today announced that it has updated its FMV Series of consumer-oriented personal computers, with a total of 14 models in 6 product families. The new models will be available starting January 19, 2012 only in Japan.

The LIFEBOOK SH family of notebooks (wide-format 13.3" liquid crystal display models) are slim, light, and boast long battery life. All models are equipped with super-fast solid-state drives for fast processing speeds. These truly mobile PCs, which can be carried around in one's bag or briefcase, can be used anytime and anywhere, making them stylish and perfect for the upcoming spring season.

With Quick Start(1), the computer is up and running in as little as six seconds(2) after the power button is pressed. New features such as the Conservation Navigator, a unified dashboard for monitoring power-saving settings, make the computer convenient to use.

Through a domestically integrated system which overlooks overall operations from planning and development to manufacturing and support, Fujitsu strives to ensure that customer expectations are met quickly and completely, while carrying on its tradition of delivering products with "Made in Japan"(3) quality and reliability.

Key Features of the Spring 2012 Models

1. Stronger on fundamental performance and design

(1) The high-performance Intel® Core™i7 Processor available on more models
The high-performance Intel® Core™i7 Processor available on more models
For effortless playback and editing of high-definition video, as well as other processor-intensive tasks, the Intel® Core™i7 Processor comes standard with notebook computers LIFEBOOK AH77/G, LIFEBOOK AH56/G (wide-format 15.6" LCD models), and on the desktop computers ESPRIMO DH77/G (wide-format 24" LCD attachment models), ESPRIMO FH77/DG (wide-format 23" LCD models), and ESPRIMO FH56/GD (wide-format 20" LCD models). This brings additional power to midrange models as well as high-end ones for smoother operation.

(2) Better design
ESPRIMO EH30/GT (wide-format 20" LCD model) has been updated with a sleekly rounded and compact design. With a depth of only 18 cm, it takes up little desk space. Combined with its light weight of 5.8kg, the display tilts continuously through a range from 10° to 30°, making it easy to position for optimal viewing. ESPRIMO EH30/GT is available in two color choices, Snow White and Ocean Black. LIFEBOOK AH56/G (wide-format 15.6" LCD model) is now available in the new color Aqua Blue.

EH30/GT (Snow White)

EH30/GT (Snow White)

Larger View (49 KB)

EH30/GT (Ocean Black)

EH30/GT (Ocean Black)

Larger View (57 KB)

AH56/G (Aqua Blue)

AH56/G (Aqua Blue)

Larger View (69 KB)


2. Genuine mobility computers: slim, light, and fast, with great battery life

The LIFEBOOK SH family (wide-format 13.3 LCD model) of PCs is designed with a slim, lightweight body, making the computer easy to slip into a briefcase and carry along. All PC models in this line are equipped with solid-state drives for extreme speed, making it the choice for maximum portability without compromising on performance. Quick Start and WiMAX(4) allow the computer to quickly start up as well, making it a truly mobile PC for users to fully enjoy during the upcoming spring season.

(1) Mobile computers: extremely slim, light, and long-running
In order for it to be genuinely mobile, the PC is equipped with a Super Multidrive and designed with a slim and light body with great battery life, enabling users to take it anywhere. SH76/G, measuring only 23.2 mm at its thickest point (16.6 mm at its thinnest), is the world's thinnest notebook computer(5). This design is complemented by its ultra lightweight body, which weighs only 1.34 kg(6), and 12.9-hour battery runtime(7). The SH54/G is available in three color choices: Urban White, Shiny Black, and Garnet Red.

SH54/G (Urban White)

SH54/G (Urban White)

Larger View (55 KB)

SH54/G (Shiny Black)

SH54/G (Shiny Black)

Larger View (57 KB)

SH54/G (Garnet Red)

SH54/G (Garnet Red)

Larger View (59 KB)


(2) Outstanding mobile performance
All models are equipped with solid-state drives (with a capacity of approximately 128 GB) for faster startup times and processing speeds. Combined with the Quick Start feature, the computers can be up and running in six seconds. With WiMAX built in, users can get fast Internet connections even when out and about.

These notebooks have been designed for durability, having undergone clamshell load testing of approximately 200kgf(8). Even the stick-shaped AC adapter has been redesigned to save 65 g(9) for improved mobility.

3. More convenient, more enjoyable

(1) Quick Start (feature carried forward)
The new models carry on the widely-praised Quick Start feature that delivers a usable desktop only six seconds after pressing the power button, minimizing wait time and enabling the quick use of the PC. Shutting down the system is easy as well: simply press the power key again and the PC turns off immediately.

Quick Start can operate in two modes(10) to suit the way people work: 1) Quick Mode, which maximizes speed, and 2) Eco-Quick Mode, which balances startup time with power conservation.

(2) My Photo Museum: revisit special moments and memories
The FMV Series can select photos to suit a season or event from among those taken by the user, and automatically put them into a digital photo album. These digital photo albums can be accessed through My Photo Museum "admission tickets" (special screen icons). By clicking on these "tickets", the user can view the photos in slideshow format. With FH77/GD, which has built-in speech recognition(11), the user can produce new screen icons by uttering specific instructions to the computer while viewing a particular slideshow, in turn creating new personalized photo albums.

(3) Automatic face detection: recognize people in photos
With the FH77/GD, Corel® Digital Studio for FUJITSU's face-finder feature(12) will automatically detect and identify people in photos. As this feature can be used to select not only one person but multiple people, it becomes easier to find photos of family members or friends together.

(4) F-Launcher: quickly launch your favorite applications
Simply clicking an icon in the launcher saves users the trouble of searching through the Start menu to find their favorite applications. New applications or folders can be added to the launcher through a simple drag-and-drop operation, making it easy for every user to customize it to their needs.

(5) Easy Web Login: simpler website authentication
Easy Web Login is a unified manager for all the different IDs and passwords users need for the various websites they visit. By keying in a simple four-character password, Easy Web Login will take care of entering the specific information each website requires. Passwords can be comprised of numbers, colors, or icons, for speed and personalization.

4. Convenient settings for electricity-saving features

Conservation Navigator(13) is a new feature that offers users two ways to approach power conservation on their computers: Easy Conservation and Strict Conservation. As every setting can be scored, users can obtain a better sense of how their actions contribute to saving electricity.

(1) Easy Conservation
Users are guided through their options with recommended settings for screen brightness, screen sleep time, and computer sleep time, making it easy for even beginners to set their computers up correctly.

(2) Strict Conservation(14)
A detailed dashboard allows Strict Conservation users to view and manage power settings at a glance. To change a setting, users select the parameter from the overview display to open a parameter display, making it easy to fine-tune the system.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Family Product Availability Pricing
LIFEBOOK AH77/G January 19 Subject to order
AH56/G January 19
AH54/G February 3
AH52/GA February 3
AH42/G February 23
SH76/G February 9
SH54/G January 19
MH30/G February 23
ESPRIMO FH77/GD January 19
FH56/GD January 26
FH54/GT February 3
EH30/GT February 3
DH77/G January 19
DH54/G January 26

  • [1] Quick Start:

    With the exception of the AH42/G, MH30/G, EH30/GT, DH77/G, and DH54/G.

  • [2] In as little as six seconds:

    For the SH family only. Start-up times vary by model and operating environment.

  • [3] Made in Japan:

    Meaning that incoming parts inspection, CPU installation, parts installation, final assembly, and shipment testing (quality control) of the PC units all are performed in Japan. With the exception of the AH42/G, MH30/G, and EH30/GT.

  • [4] WiMAX:

    To use WiMAX, users separately need to sign up for and set up service.

  • [5] World's thinnest notebook computer:

    Among notebooks with a 13.3-inch LCD screen and an optical drive. As measured at its thickest part (excluding protruding parts). As of January 11, 2012, according to Fujitsu's own research.

  • [6] Ultra lightweight body, which weighs only 1.34 kg:

    Approximate weight when a Super Multi drive is attached in the Mobile MultiBay.

  • [7] 12.9-hour battery runtime:

    When using the standard built-in battery pack and a Mobile MultiBay cover (which comes standard). As measured using Ver. 1.0 of JEITA's measurement method.

  • [8] Clamshell load testing of approximately 200 kgf:

    According to test results obtained during the product development evaluation phase, not a test performed on units being shipped. There is no guarantee that the product will not become damaged.

  • [9] Redesigned to save 65 g:

    Compared to the AC adapter that is standard with the winter 2011 models of the SH family.

  • [10] Two modes:

    Units are set on Quick Mode when shipped.

  • [11] Speech recognition

    Will not recognize or detect all speech. Accuracy of speech recognition may vary depending on sound quality, environment of use, speaking speed, and speech intonation. During the speech-recognition process, My Photo Museum's music playback and emitter will be temporarily suspended. This feature is disabled by default. Setup required before use.

  • [12] Face-finder feature:

    Depending on conditions when the photo is taken, there are times when the subject's face will not be found.

  • [13] Conservation Navigator:

    Included in the AH family, SH family, and the FH77/GD, FH56/GD, and FH54/GT.

  • [14] Strict Conservation

    Items displayed in the settings screen vary by model.

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