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Fujitsu Supports ICT-Enabled Japanese Crane Conservation in the Kushiro Wetland Area

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 15, 2011

Fujitsu has announced the launch, starting today, of a support initiative that employs multi-sensing network(1) technology from Fujitsu as part of a winter Japanese crane conservation research project. Conducted by the Wild Bird Society of Japan in the Tsurui Village of Hokkaido, Japan, Fujitsu's role is to help enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the conservation research by installing multi-sensing units, which will enable remote monitoring of the Japanese cranes and the collection of video data, in natural feeding ground locations established by the Wild Bird Society of Japan.

The multi-sensing network technology will be exhibited at the Eco-Products 2011 exhibition to be held from December 15-17 at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-Ku, Tokyo.


Japanese cranes have been designated by Japan as both a special natural treasure and as an endangered species. In order to cultivate an environment that Japanese cranes can inhabit without depending on feeding by humans during the winter when food sources are scarce, starting in 2008 the Wild Bird Society of Japan established eight natural feeding ground locations in Tsurui Village. Researchers have conducted field research on the Japanese cranes twice per month, but the difficulty of entering the snow-covered feeding grounds while avoiding times used by cranes, has made it a challenge to raise the frequency of field investigations to improve the accuracy of the research.


As part of the new initiative, which employs a multi-sensing network developed by Fujitsu, the natural feeding grounds will be outfitted with multi-sensing units featuring surveillance cameras that will regularly transmit video and other data to a nature center located 1.9 km away. The multi-sensing units—to be used for data measurement—are equipped with solar panels and battery boxes. This makes it possible to conduct highly accurate and efficient research without the need to rely on staff to replace batteries. In addition, by monitoring the status of natural feeding grounds in real time and analyzing this data together with temperature and other information, it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the natural feeding grounds and utilize the data in the planning of new facilities.

Future Development

The use of multi-sensing networks is expected to help improve the efficiency of research on the conservation of other wildlife in addition to Japanese cranes. Going forward, Fujitsu will continue to promote the utilization of ICT in conserving biodiversity in line with its "Fujitsu Group Biodiversity Action Principles."

  • [1] Multi-sensing network

    This is a network that employs multi-sensing units, which can record weather information and capture video to remotely collect measured data. It employs specified low power radio station technology so that the network can perform data collection without incurring communications costs.

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Date: 15 December, 2011
City: Tokyo
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