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Fujitsu Puts Cloud to Use in Upgrade of Yaoko's Store-Management Platform

Cuts No. of servers to less than one-tenth current count with Teraoka Seiko and virtualization

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 13, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that it has upgraded the store-management platform used by Yaoko Co., Ltd., with the new system beginning operations in November.

Yaoko, which previously had one system in each store for foodstuffs and daily orders, along with a dedicated server for a weighing system used for fresh fish and produce, was ultimately able to reduce its total number of servers by 90% by employing Fujitsu's cloud environment. This move dramatically lightens Yaoko's operational duties and keeps its running costs in check. It will continue to pay off whenever the company adds new stores and installs new equipment, which regardless of type, merely needs to be hooked into the cloud.

Furthermore, because the company expects to reduce the electric power consumed by ICT equipment in its stores by 40%, Yaoko is both saving energy and reducing its environmental footprint.

Following a policy of being a supermarket for people who enjoy food, Yaoko has continued to increase sales and profit by expanding the number of its attractive stores. But with 116 stores as of December 2011, the company's store-management system had become cumbersome and expensive to operate.

This is why Yaoko turned to Fujitsu, which worked with Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd. to consolidate Teraoka's scale-management servers—which handle the weighing of produce and fresh fish, and the printing of weight labels—in the cloud environment hosted at Fujitsu's datacenters. It also shifted the company's system for foodstuffs and daily orders to Fujitsu's Electronic Order Book (EOB) servers.

This lightened the workload of maintaining servers installed in Yaoko's stores, greatly reduced running costs, and also resulted in a highly reliable system environment for uninterrupted business continuity, thanks to robust datacenter security and virtualization technology.

The scale-management system has been greatly simplified. Whereas the company had once distributed unit-price and labeling information on fresh fish and produce from the head office to servers located in each store, under the new system, there are no more servers located in individual stores, making the system easier to maintain. And when new scales are put into service with store expansion, regardless of type, a simple connection to the cloud system further improves operational efficiency.

The number of EOB servers has been cut to 20% of the previous figure, and the number of in-store scale-management servers has been cut to a mere 5%. One result of this is that the total amount of electric power consumed by the servers in Yaoko's stores is 40% lower than before, reducing the company's energy demands and environmental footprint. With cloud computing and other advanced technologies, Fujitsu looks forward to continuing its support of Yaoko's initiatives to further improve its attractive sales floors and strengthen its management capabilities.

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Date: 13 December, 2011
City: Tokyo
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