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Fujitsu Launches TC Cloud Services for Analytical Simulations

Enabling computational environments for utilizing analysis applications to be built quickly due to initial operational testing

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 05, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the launch of three services in Japan, from its TC Cloud family of cloud services for analytical simulations: (1) Analytical Platform Service Standard Class(1), which provides a computational environment for conducting analytical simulations; (2) Analytical Platform Service High-Performance Class; and (3) Analytical Help Desk, which provides support for running analytical simulations.

Analytical Platform Service Standard Class provides access to a computational environment for conducting analytical simulations that is ideal for medium-scale parallel computations. The service is available starting from a single node for a period of at least one month. Analytical Platform Service High-Performance Class, which is intended for large-scale parallel computations, provides a high-performance computing environment connected to a high-speed network. Analytical Help Desk delivers deployment as well as operational support and training for running analytical simulations.

Fujitsu has been testing the operation of analysis applications, sold by Fujitsu and independent software vendors, on these analytical platforms (such as structural analysis, form analysis, electromagnetic wave analysis, and thermal fluid analysis), making it possible for customers to quickly build and utilize computational environments with these applications.

The new service enables customers to optimize their computational resources and flexibly respond to sudden demand by allowing them to quickly scale their resources up or down in accordance with fluctuations in their need to run analyses. Moreover, as users do not have to worry about operating or maintaining ICT equipment, they can instead focus their time on analytical work.

These cloud services are currently available only for customers based in Japan. Service release schedules outside Japan have not yet been determined.


In the manufacturing and other industries, computer-enabled analytical simulations have become an essential part of design and development due to the need for improved product reliability and safety, as well as the demand for accelerated development speeds. In August 2011, Fujitsu announced the concept behind its TC Cloud family of cloud services for running analytical simulations in the area of technical computing. These services enable customers to quickly adjust their resources and number of application licenses according to their need to run analyses, which fluctuates over time.

Based on this concept, Fujitsu is launching three services: (1) Analytical Platform Service Standard Class, which provides a cloud-based platform for conducting analytical simulations; (2) Analytical Platform Service High-Performance Class; and (3) Analytical Help Desk, which provides support for deploying and operating analytical simulations.

About the Analytical Platform Service Standard Class

Offered as a cloud service, this service provides a platform for conducting analytical simulations. The standard class is ideal for medium-scale parallel computations of up to 32 parallel computing tasks.

Features of the Analytical Platform Service Standard Class

  1. On-demand service available starting from a single node for one month
    The service is available with a minimum configuration of one node, which features 8 CPU cores (Intel Xeon 2~3GHz) of computing resources, for a period of at least one month. Additional individual nodes can be added on a week-by-week basis. This service allows users to take advantage of the right amount of computing resources to meet their analysis requirements.
  2. Eliminates need for operations and maintenance, so users can focus on analytical work
    The service includes operations and maintenance of hardware and middleware, thereby eliminating the need for troublesome operations and maintenance work. As a result, users can focus their time on performing analyses.
  3. Portal site enables one-stop operations
    The service offers a portal screen (GUI) for managing the system's operations. The portal offers a single tool for handling a wide variety of operations, such as user authentication, analytical job execution and management, management of file input/output, and displaying the usage status and billing details.
  4. Highly-reliable cloud environment ensures business continuity
    Fujitsu's datacenters, which are equipped with the latest facilities—including earthquake-resistant technology, in-house power generation facilities, and uninterruptible power supplies—ensure business continuity even in the case of disasters. As well, Fujitsu can deliver a physically separated and highly-trusted private cloud environment to each respective subscriber.

Optional Services for the Analytical Platform Service Standard Class

  1. Pre/post environment services
    To enable users to conduct pre-(2) and post-processing(3) of analyses, this service transmits the cloud system's desktop image to the customer's PC. As a result, pre- and post-processing can be performed using data already available in the cloud environment.
  2. Data delivery service
    For data that is difficult to transfer over a network, such as large-volume analytical results data, with this service Fujitsu will store data onto a portable hard disk or other medium and physically deliver it to the customer. Fujitsu will arrange for the data to be shipped by the customer's delivery carrier of choice.

About the Analytical Platform Service High-Performance Class

Offered as a cloud service, this service provides a high-performance computing environment in which computing resources are connected across a high-speed network. This high-performance class is ideal for large-scale parallel computations that employ a large number of CPUs, thereby allowing even customers who do not normally have access to a high-performance computing environment to rapidly process large-scale analyses.

This service is offered on a customized basis to support the customer's individual computational environment needs.

Application Software Available on the Analytical Platform Service

A wide range of application software can be employed with the Analytical Platform Service.

Customers have access to analysis application software packages sold by Fujitsu, including LS-DYNA(4), a nonlinear dynamic structural analysis software package; eta/DYNA FORM(5), a die system analysis package; Poynting(6), an electromagnetic wave analysis software package; and SCIGRESS(7), an integrated platform for computational chemistry (some applications are currently under performance testing). With these software packages, Fujitsu has adopted a monthly price structure based on the number of CPU cores in use. As a result, customers can utilize analysis applications at an optimal cost by using only the number of CPUs required to accommodate changes in their analysis requirements.

Analysis Application Software Available from Fujitsu

Analysis Application Software Available from Fujitsu
Available from Area of Analysis Name of Software
Fujitsu Limited Nonlinear structural analysis LS-DYNA
Die system analysis eta/DYNA FORM
Electromagnetic wave analysis Poynting
Computational chemistry SCIGRESS

In addition, Fujitsu is currently performing joint-testing of the operations of software available from the following ISV (Independent Software Vendors):

Joint-Testing of the Operations of Software from ISV
Available from
(in alphabetical order)
Area of Analysis Name of Software
Structural/heat transfer analysis ANSYS Mechanical
Thermal fluid analysis ANSYS FLUENT
Thermal fluid analysis ANSYS CFX
CDaES Co., Ltd.
Thermal fluid analysis STAR-CCM+
ESI Japan Dynamic mechanical stress analysis VPS (PAM-MEDYSA, etc.)
Sheet metal forming analysis PAM-STAMP2G
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Thermal fluid analysis scSTREAM
Thermal fluid analysis SC/Tetra

About the Analytical Help Desk

This service helps customers resolve problems related to analytical simulations. By leveraging the know-how it has accumulated to date through the delivery of solutions in the area of analysis, Fujitsu is offering the following services, which include software-related troubleshooting support:

  1. Hosted analysis service
    With this service, Fujitsu's analysis experts take care of the entire analysis process, including analytical model creation, solver(8) execution, and visualization of analysis results.
  2. Training service
    This service provides deployment training, such as practical operations training and the explanation of case studies, for analysis applications available from Fujitsu.
  3. Deployment support service
    With this service, Fujitsu will set up ISV software and other applications on the analytical platform. In addition to configuring the software's operating environment, the service includes basic operations verification.
  4. Operations support service
    This service provides support for resolving problems that arise when utilizing analysis applications on the analysis platform. Fujitsu will provide Q&A assistance when trouble arises and handle version upgrades.

Comment from Mr. Arthur Tang, Vice President of ETA

"ETA is excited to be part of this opportunity to reach engineers and researchers who are using cloud computing to access advanced simulation software. The TC Cloud service is an efficient way for these users to access software such as eta/DYNAFORM," stated Mr. Arthur Tang, Vice President, ETA.

Service Pricing

Service Pricing
Service Price (excluding tax) Specifications
Analytical Platform Service Standard Class From 380,000 JPY/month CPU: Intel Xeon (2~3GHz) 8CPU cores
Memory: 32GB
Storage: 1TB
OS: LinuxOS
Standard Class
Optional services
Pre/post environment service From 165,000 JPY/month OS: WindowsOS
Data delivery service 42,000 JPY  
High-Performance Class Available by quotation  
Analytical Help Desk Available by quotation  

  • [1] Analytical Platform Service Standard Class

    Formerly known as the "Analytical Platform Service Premium Class" when the TC Cloud family of services was announced in August 2011.

  • [2] Pre-processing

    A pre-analysis process for creating an analysis model that will serve as input data for the analysis processing.

  • [3] Post-processing

    A post-analysis process for visualizing output data from the analysis process.

  • [4] LS-DYNA

    Software developed by LSTC and sold by Fujitsu for analyzing large deformations of structures using explicit time integration. This highly-reliable program is the world's leading software for use in the areas of collision/impact analysis, drop testing, plastic forming analysis, and the analysis of perforations, cracks, and wrecks, among other applications.

  • [5] eta/DYNA FORM

    Developed by ETA and sold by Fujitsu, an integrated CAE application for die system analysis. The package features pre/post functionality and a one-stop solver for simplified analysis, both of which are useful in performing die system analysis. By employing LS-DYNA as a solver, the application is capable of high-precision analyses.

  • [6] Poynting

    Developed and sold by Fujitsu, a general purpose electromagnetic wave analysis software package that employs the FDTD method. "Poynting for Microwave" and "Poynting for Optics" are available for high-frequency wave analysis and optics analysis.

  • [7] SCIGRESS

    Developed and sold by Fujitsu, an integrated platform for computational chemistry. The package features a broad array of modeling capabilities, including small molecules, macromolecules, crystals, amorphous solids, and solutions, as well as computational chemistry solvers that employ a variety of methods, such as molecular mechanics, the molecular orbital method, molecular dynamics, and density functional theory.

  • [8] Solver

    Software for performing numerical analysis simulations.

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