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Fujitsu Releases New Virtual Product Simulator

Reduces time required to create assembly animation to one-tenth or less

Fujitsu Limited,Digital Process Ltd.

Tokyo, November 30, 2011

Fujitsu Limited and Digital Process Ltd. today announced the release of V15L12, the latest product in their Virtual Product Simulator (VPS) series of 3D virtual testing tools for the manufacturing sector.

One of the features of VPS, intended for the development of copy machines, servers, and other such products with densely packed electrical and mechanical components, makes it possible to test the assembly process through computer simulation using 3D models. As testing can be conducted in the design and process-planning phases without relying on physical prototypes, there is less need for corrections and revisions in later phases, thereby making the development cycle shorter and less expensive while increasing product quality.

This new software dramatically accelerates the process of creating product-assembly animations, cutting the time required to one-tenth that of its predecessor(1). This makes it possible to quickly perform tasks such as instructing production-line operators in the assembly process by using assembly animations. The software can be used directly in design and manufacturing settings to study and confirm the assembly process, as animations can be easily generated by not only process-planning engineers, but by designers and line operators as well.


As manufacturing has increasingly moved overseas, manufacturers have felt a growing need to test their assembly processes closer to headquarters in Japan, as opposed to afar. There is also a growing need for animations of the assembly process, which are useful for instructing line operators, who may speak a foreign language, at remote sites overseas.

These considerations were the motivation behind Fujitsu's launch of the VPS V15L12, which features improved assembly animation functions based on Fujitsu's proprietary logic, enabling the time required to create the animation to be reduced to one-tenth that of previous levels or less.

Key Features of VPS V15L12

1. Cuts the time required to create assembly animations by 90% or more

The previous VPS animation process was relatively labor-intensive, demanding that assembly procedures and configurations in the manufacturing flow be edited while checking 3D models, and that component movements and viewpoints be defined after checking assembly orientations. VPS V15L12 can determine assembly orientations without relying on the shape of the finished product. The new software adds new features such as the ability to define assembly movements and generate viewpoint information all in one operation, which can be completed in two minutes for a product with 1,000 parts (patent applied for). It also boasts more robust features for editing assembly animations generated in a one-batch operation, and it enables the movement orientations and distances for parts-assembly to be edited more intuitively using a mouse-operated manipulator.

All these factors contribute in cutting down the time required to prepare an animation to one-tenth or less than what was needed before. Even businesses that previously could not afford the time needed to prepare animations will be able to quickly prepare assembly animations that cover every part in a product. These assembly animations will also be used to instruct line operators at the production site in the assembly process on a timely basis. Furthermore, the software can be used to study and validate the assembly process, as the assembly animations can be easily generated not only by process-planning engineers, but by designers and line operations as well.

Sample screen showing the generation of assembly animation in a one-batch operation using V15L12Sample screen showing the generation of assembly animation in a one-batch operation using V15L12

2. Includes process library feature for efficient creation of production flows

VPS makes it possible to calculate and tabulate the number of assembly steps based on the components that are in the production flow and the types and methods of tasks. Users can store typical tasks in the library and then simply drag and drop single or multiple processes into the production flow design. Processes stored in the library can include a wide range of related information, such as the name of the task, the number of steps, related tooling information, and warnings, which simplifies setup work and makes the process of production-flow design more efficient.

3. Produces more detailed images for assembly procedure manuals

VPS can generate static images based on the components and tasks that are part of the production flow, which can be useful when preparing the assembly procedure manuals and other forms of documentation required from process planning. It includes improved tools for editing static images, with new features to highlight the target component in an assembly process and a hatching function that can be used for instructing which areas are to be painted. These all can be used to help engineers express their ideas in a more comprehensive form.

In addition to the above, this new software enhances the performance of interference checking (faster processing, less memory); improves ease of operation in assembly setup and replacement, as well as in editing branching harnesses; and includes a host of other upgrades covering every aspect of operations.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability
VPS V15L12 Digital Mockup JPY 2.5 million End of Dec. 2011
Manufacturing JPY 4 million End of Dec. 2011
Harness JPY 700,000 End of Dec. 2011
  • All pricing is for single-client licenses
  • VPS/Manufacturing and VPS/Harness both require VPS/Digital Mockup

Sales Target

5,000 licenses over the next three years

  • [1] One-tenth the time of its predecessor

    Compared to the time involved in preparing animations using VPS V15L11.

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Date: 30 November, 2011
City: Tokyo
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