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Fujitsu Releases New Software to Support Development of Safe, High-Quality, Electronic Control Systems

Facilitates support for ISO 26262 functional safety standard

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Chubu Systems Limited

Tokyo, November 17, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the release of PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer(1), a new software package to assist in developing electronic control systems for the automotive and precision-equipment/electronics industries.

PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer assists in the development of safe, high-quality electronic control systems that conform to ISO 26262(2), the functional safety standard for onboard control systems. By consolidating the deliverables of the development process such as integrated management of design documents, test specifications, and test result documentation, as well as by establishing links among large volumes of those complex deliverables, the system enables users to retrace steps in the process and quickly identify problem spots when audits become necessary. This is performed without imposing any additional overhead on the actual development work. As well, the software's simple operations and low price encourage widespread adoption.

PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer was developed by Fujitsu Chubu Systems Limited, which boasts a long track record of supporting R&D, including the construction and operation of parts list systems for automobile manufacturers and suppliers.


In the automotive and precision-equipment/electronics industries, progress has been made to date in promoting support for the Automotive SPICE(3) and AUTOSAR(4) standard specifications, which aim to ensure quality in product development and to accelerate development cycles by employing standard processes and platforms. Moreover with ISO 26262, which was enacted in November 2011, there is a need for even more specific development processes and greater clarity in the deliverables of these processes to maximize their functional safety.

It is these factors that prompted Fujitsu to offer, PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer, a new software package from Fujitsu Chubu Systems for assisting in the development of electronic control systems.

Product Features

1. Integrated management of development products

Even in instances where development teams for electronic control systems are scattered across international regions, the new system enables the integrated management and sharing of development products such as design documents, test specifications, and test result documentation.

2. Enables tracing along five different dimensions

Not only can PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer create links between a wide variety of development deliverables along the "deliverables-relations" dimension, but can also be bound to four other dimensions including: "related processes," "related projects," "part codes," and "spec set." This allows for high-quality auditing.

3. Highly responsive even with complex, massive data sets

The system has been designed and tested with complex, massive data variations that are typical of the automobile development process.

In the auto industry, as there is often a need to evaluate and analyze past design documents, the software allows for 5 million linking patterns, assuming 100 projects stored per year for 20 years. As a result, users can quickly identify problem spots even amid massive volumes of complex binding relationships.

4. Easy to operate and self-customizable

Through its easy operations, the software can be used without looking at a manual. Self-customization features allow non-standard functions to be added and modified without any additional programming.

5. Low cost enabling easy deployment

The product has been priced affordably to encourage widespread adoption.

System Overview

Larger View (150 KB)

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing (excl. tax) Availability
PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer Starting at JPY 2.6 million for 10 users Available now

Sales Targets

JPY 800 million by the end of fiscal 2014.

  • [1] SQ-Tracer

    Safety and Quality Tracer. Trademark from Fujitsu pending.

  • [2] ISO 26262

    An international standard implemented in November 2011. Aims to increase the safety of onboard control systems, encourages a V-model development process, and defines development methods and products that will ensure safety.

  • [3] Automotive SPICE

    A standardized software-development process for the auto industry established in 2005. Encourages a V-model software development process. ISO 26262 also references Automotive SPICE.

  • [4] AUTOSAR

    Automotive Open System Architecture. An organization and standard established in 2003 that promotes platform standardization for onboard control systems. Aims to increase the quality and efficiency of the control-system development process through platform standardization.

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Date: 17 November, 2011
City: Tokyo
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