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Fujitsu Introduces au F001 Mobile Phone

Water-resistant mobile phone featuring a 13 megapixel quick-shot camera, available in seven colors

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications

Tokyo, November 04, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that the new F001 mobile phone from Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications will be available in Japan beginning November 9, 2011, from KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.

Developed in collaboration with the global acrylic product brand Liquitex, F001 is a colorful mobile phone that is available in seven different colors. In addition to the handset's slim, curved form factor that fits easily into the hands of all users, it is also equipped with a high-performance 13.1 megapixel camera that launches in about 0.5 seconds, among the fastest load times of its class(1). The water-resistant mobile phone features vivid rainbow keypad illuminations, as well as a wide range of features designed for ease of use, including a Quick Deco feature for creating decorated e-mails with a single touch, as well as Fujitsu's unique HAKKIRI VOICE (translated as "clear voice") Basic and YUKKURI VOICE (translated as "slow voice") functions.


As users continue to replace their mobile phone handsets with smartphones, there are still many customers who continue to prefer the advanced functionality, high-performance, and comfort of conventional mobile phones. It is for such customers that Fujitsu has developed F001, a high-performance mobile phone featuring water- and dust-resistant technology(2) that offers a rich lineup of color options, as well as a full range of camera and e-mail features. F001 is the first Fujitsu brand mobile phone created for au since the establishment of Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications in October 2010. The mobile phone is the result of enhanced product development specifically for au.

To make the most of its high-performance 13.1 megapixel camera, the new mobile phone is equipped with the "Exmor® R for mobile" back-illuminated CMOS sensor and Fujitsu's high-resolution Milbeaut® Mobile image processing engine(3), thereby enabling low-noise and high-resolution photography. In addition, F001 comes with a variety of advanced photography capabilities, including a Best Shot Select feature that captures seven continuous photographs with a single press of the shutter and automatically selects the best image, as well as an art camera mode featuring 11 kinds of special effect filter functions. The mobile phone's camera also incorporates features for enhancing photo images.

In terms of its e-mail capabilities, F001 comes with a total of 4,010 preset emoticons(4), the largest number available on an au mobile phone(5). By employing the Quick Deco feature, users can easily compose expressive e-mail messages. Furthermore, the mobile phone is equipped with a 1GHz high-speed Snapdragon™ CPU, which makes operating the camera and e-mail features clear and simple.

F001 is available in seven colors made possible in collaboration with Liquitex: SNOWFLAKE WHITE, FRENCH SHELL PINK, RASPBERRY RED, HONEY GOLD, BRIGHT AQUAMARINE, OCEAN BLUE, and PIANO BLACK.

au F001

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Product Features

1. LED sub-display plays animated icons for incoming calls and when the mobile phone is closed

  • Call notification sub-display animations
    The LED sub-display shows the caller's phone number and name, if entered in the address book. For callers whom the user wishes to remain discreet, the mobile phone can display one of twenty different kinds of animated icons in lieu.
  • Closed mobile phone animated icons
    When the mobile phone is closed or when the clock reaches the top of the hour, the sub-screen displays a fun animated icon. Users can choose between ten different kinds of animated icons.
  • Incoming call notification light
    The mobile phone comes with three different incoming call notification light designs (6) . Users can choose between 7 different colors and 3 illumination patterns.

2. Rainbow keypad illuminations

The rainbow illuminations on the mobile phone's keypad sparkle stylishly in a variety of situations, such as when the user sends and receives phone calls or e-mail messages, when the mobile phone is open, and when the alarm goes off. In addition to selecting between 6 general themes, users can customize each function individually by choosing their favorite from among 36 illumination patterns.

  • Key-activated illuminations
    When a key on the mobile phone is pressed, the illuminations spread elegantly across the keypad.
  • Motion-activated illuminations
    If the mobile phone is open at the standby screen and the handset is tilted or raised, the keypad will sparkle in tandem with the mobile phone's motion sensors.
  • Decorative e-mail illumination feature
    F001 automatically scans the text of an incoming e-mail message and sparkles in an illumination pattern that best expresses the mood of the sender, making opening e-mails even more enjoyable.

3. Full range of e-mail and telephone functions

  • Automatic e-mail scheduling helps prevent forgotten outgoing messages
    If the user is unable to send an e-mail or unsuccessfully tries to send one when out of service range, the user can opt to have the mobile phone automatically send the message whenever service is restored.
  • Quick e-mail access for writing what you want, when you want
    A single push of the "customizable key" (7) brings up the e-mail composition screen, where users can quickly write and send messages (8) .
  • Deferred e-mail functionality
    When the user doesn't have time to read a message, they can mark it to be sent to the "Read Later" folder. The standby screen conveniently displays how many messages are waiting to be read.
  • "HAKKIRI VOICE Basic" and "YUKKURI VOICE" for easy audibility
    F001 has been engineered for clarity in listening to calls—a fundamental requirement for mobile phones. In addition to "HAKKIRI VOICE Basic," which enhances the clarity of the caller's voice in crowded places, the mobile phone comes equipped with "YUKKURI VOICE," which slows down the speed of the caller's speech. In addition, the mobile phone supports a noise canceling mode that reduces noise in the handset, as well as automatic volume tuning that adjusts the handset's volume depending on the surrounding environment.
  • Customizable keys
    From among 19 different functions, users can select the ones they often use and line them up for easy accessibility. With the press of a button, they are conveniently able to launch these desired functions.
  • Vibration notification
    By slightly opening the handset, a vibration will alert users if there are any mobile phone messages or new e-mail messages waiting.

Other Key Services

LISMO! (Music, Video, Book), au Smart Sports, EZ Navi Walk, EZ Navi for passenger seat, Osaifu-Keitai®, JIBUN-BANK, EZ News EX, 1 Seg, WIN HIGH SPEED(9), Bluetooth®, Infrared data communications, and GLOBAL PASSPORT CDMA(10).

Product Specifications

Size: 111 × 50 × 14.2 mm
Weight: 111g (with battery pack inserted)
Continuous Standby Time (in Japan): 270 hours
Continuous Talk Time (in Japan): 220 minutes
Main Display: 3.3" TFT color LCD full-wide VGA (480 × 854 pixels)
Camera: 13.1 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor

  • [1] Fastest load times of its class

    As of September 2011, according to internal research by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications. 0.5 seconds is the minimum possible speed and launch times may vary depending on the method of loading.

  • [2] Water-resistant (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X) technology:

    IPX5/8 water resistance: Please ensure that the cap and battery covers are firmly closed. Users should also refrain from using while bathing in hot springs or water using bath salts, as well as extended use in water. IP5X dust resistance: Please ensure that the cap and battery covers are firmly closed. Users should refrain from leaving the mobile phone in the sand on the beach. If the mobile phone becomes dirty, immediately rinse with room temperature tap water. Please do not clean with a brush, sponge, or detergents.

  • [3] Milbeaut® Mobile:

    An image-processing LSI for mobile phone use, which succeeded the technology of the image-processing engine "Milbeaut®" used for digital cameras.

  • [4] Total of 4,010 preset emoticons

    4,010 when combined with 497 au emoticons.

  • [5] Largest number of emoticons available on an au mobile phone

    As of September 2011.

  • [6] Light designs


  • [7] Quick e-mail access

    The customizable key is configured to launch the camera by default, so settings modification is required.

  • [8] Quickly sending messages

    Users can skip inputting the recipient's address by specifying it in advance.


    As the service employs the best-effort delivery method, speeds may decrease depending on the communications environment and network traffic.

  • [10] GLOBAL PASSPORT CDMA - As of September 2011,

    As of September 2011, customers can use voice communications in 23 countries and regions worldwide and packet communications, such as e-mail and EZweb, in 14 countries and regions. A separate EZweb subscription is required to use e-mail and EZweb. Calling charges and data charges outside Japan may differ from those in Japan. Discounted calling and free calling plans do not apply. Users will incur charges when accepting incoming calls outside Japan.

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