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Fujitsu Powers Next Generation of Financial Reporting With New Release of Interstage XWand 12

Standards and best practices come together to provide power, adaptability, and flexibility to all users of XBRL

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 27, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the latest version of its market-leading XBRL software, Interstage® XWand® Version 12, worldwide.

Significant strides have been made across the globe in adoption of XBRL. This release marks the first commercial implementation of the latest updates to the Formula specification(1) and the newly released Versioning specification(2) that manages taxonomy(3) revision history information, enabling all users in the reporting chain to embrace XBRL in its full capabilities. The web-based XBRL generation will reduce the cost of data creation.

Several regulators have now adopted XBRL in one or more forms, including Inline XBRL(4). Through understanding the global operations of several of its customers and recognizing the need to adhere with reporting regulations of more than one country, Fujitsu has developed Interstage XWand v12. The Interstage XWand series has been employed by approximately 100 organizations and their systems including the TDnet system for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Interstage XWand is currently the leader in XBRL product market share globally (according to Fujitsu's own research). The latest version of Interstage XWand provides support for XBRL and Inline XBRL, allowing users to create, validate, and analyze reports in both formats. Interstage XWand Version 12 ensures support for the needs of customers in 27 countries worldwide and across a full spectrum of users in the financial reporting market.

Fujitsu has been part of the XBRL Consortium from its inception and has actively led several initiatives within the consortium across the globe, contributing significantly in the development of the XBRL specifications. Leveraging these experiences and know-how, Fujitsu Interstage XWand will continue to conform to the most up-to-date specifications.


Fujitsu is a Silver Sponsor of the 23rd International XBRL Conference in Montreal, Canada (October 25-27, 2011), where it will be debuting Interstage XWand Version 12.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange, Financial Services Agency in Japan, and SEC in the U.S have adopted XBRL. In the U.K. HMRC has mandated the use of XBRL for a number of reports, commencing March 2011, while in Canada, financial institutions are looking to make it obligatory. An increasing number of governments and regulators are now using XBRL.

As the adoption of XBRL proceeds, more region-specific and regulator-specific taxonomies or submission rules are becoming defined. Revision of taxonomies occurs frequently and submitters are constantly required to catch up with these taxonomy revisions and newly defined rules. Mandated XBRL submission ranges from large-scale enterprises to smaller or privately owned companies, with lowering the threshold of both submission and utilization being in demand.

The widespread adoption of XBRL is unceasing. Fujitsu Interstage XWand will continue to conform to the most up-to-date specifications and provide capabilities that will leverage easy creation and utilization of XBRL data for all customers.

Key New Functionality in XWand v12

1. Supporting the latest Formula extension and regional rules validation

This version of Interstage XWand provides the first commercial implementation of the latest Formula extension specification. It allows users to perform validations supporting regional rules such as the EFM in the U.S. and the HMRC Guidelines in the U.K. In addition, individual validations for taxonomies and Inline XBRL data contents that cannot be covered by the standards can be both configured and customized. The validation of the Inline XBRL is also supported.

As regulators mandating the use of XBRL grow in number, they request stricter validation. Submitters proportionally pay more attention to validation and its automation prior to submission. This version of Interstage XWand provides a new Validation Framework designed to provide power and flexibility in performing validation, as well as enables automation and cost reduction. For example, the U.S. achieves approximately 60% of the automation in the validation of U.S. SEC submission rules.

2. Supporting newly adopted Versioning specification -- managing document changes made to XBRL taxonomies

This version supports automatic synchronization of instances to taxonomy updates, using Fujitsu's implementation of the newly adopted Versioning specification. It enables users to reuse older financial reports.

This function detects differences between old and new taxonomies, and automatically revises the old instance based on the old taxonomy into a new one on the new taxonomy. This will enable users to make a new report just by modifying an old one, thus reducing the workload of report preparation. In addition, the automatic synchronization will enable users to compare the old and new reports very easily. Although revision is possible without Versioning information, with it, the revision will be more accurate.

3. Easily and efficiently generate web forms in XBRL submission / collection systems

With more applications being developed for the cloud and web, this latest release of Interstage XWand will also be the first commercial product to leverage the Rendering Linkbase in its current form. This will provide users with an easy and efficient mechanism to generate web forms directly from the taxonomies. Changes in the taxonomies will no longer require countless hours and a multitude of code edits to update the forms used in the corresponding web applications.

Interstage XWand has already provided capabilities of XBRL editing, Excel to XBRL transformation, and Word to XBRL transformation in the previous version. In addition, the latest version provides the web form API which is used for building web form submission systems, in which submitted form data is saved as XBRL documents on the server side. With these four capabilities, Interstage XWand now supports all the major system construction patterns that regulators in the world adopt. In other words, Interstage XWand covers any types of submissions, ranging from those of big companies to small ones, as well as privately owned companies.

Operating Environment

Operating Environment
Product Name Operating System
Interstage XWand Application Developer V12 Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP
Interstage XWand Runtime V12 Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP
Interstage XWand Toolkit V12 Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP

NOTE: Additional platforms will be released in succession.

  • [1] Formula specification:

    Formula is an XBRL specification, defining rules of assertions or calculations of XBRL data contents. New extensions were added in October 2011.

  • [2] Versioning specification:

    Versioning is an XBRL specification, managing document changes made to XBRL taxonomies. The implementation of this specification in this release is based on Candidate Recommendation (as of October 2011).

  • [3] Taxonomy:

    XBRL taxonomies define the business facts which need to be reported as well as their attributes and the relationships between these facts.

  • [4] Inline XBRL:

    Inline XBRL is a specification, defining how XBRL data is embedded in XHTML documents. Inline XBRL documents have both data view information and XBRL data in a combined manner.

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Date: 27 October, 2011
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Company: Fujitsu Limited