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Fujitsu Announces Winter 2011 Line of FMV Series of Personal Computers

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 04, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that it has updated its FMV Series of consumer-oriented personal computers with a total of 17 models from 7 product families. The new models will be available only in Japan beginning October 13, 2011.

As a "Made in Japan"(1) line of products, the FMV Series meets high-quality and high-reliability manufacturing standards. This enables Fujitsu to deliver products that meet customer needs in a timely and thorough manner.

The LIFEBOOK SH76/E, with its wide-format 13.3" liquid crystal display, offers significant improvements in weight, battery life, and profile size, making it the world's thinnest(2) Super Multi Drive-equipped PC. Together with its lightweight form factor and long-lasting battery, SH76/E is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use as the user's primary machine. The ESPRIMO FH family of desktop PCs (wide-format 23" LCD models) delivers high-quality audio that meets the stringent criteria of Onkyo's "Sound Meisters," in addition to stunning clear image using full flat fine-panel(3) technology. As a result, users can fully enjoy television in high resolution and high-quality audio.

Moreover, the FMV Series comes loaded with a variety of features that make using PCs more convenient and simple, including Quick Start functionality(4), which enables computers to boot in as little as six seconds(5) after pressing the power button, and iPhone-compatible F-LINK(6), which allows captured photographs and videos to easily and wirelessly be stored to the computer.

The new models also help customers save power through features such as an ECO button that can switch the computer into power-saving mode with the simple touch of a button.

Key Features of the Winter 2011 Models

1. New lineup boasting innovative designs

In addition to offering enhanced core performance, the new lineup includes models—such as those in the LIFEBOOK SH and LIFEBOOK AH families of notebooks PCs, and the ESPRIMO FH family of desktop PCs—that deliver advanced design features, such as the world's slimmest profile, full flat fine-panel technology, and unique coloring for the sides of keyboard keys.

  1. LIFEBOOK SH76/E (wide-format 13.3" LCD model): Thin, lightweight, and long-lasting
    From design to components selection, Fujitsu has built the LIFEBOOK SH76/E with the aim of enabling users to carry around their computers wherever they go, both at home or when on-the-go. The result is the world's thinnest notebook that is lightweight and long-lasting. Equipped with a super multi drive, the computer is merely 23.2mm at its thickest point, and 16.6mm at its thinnest. Its ultra lightweight body measures only 1.34kg(7), and the notebook features a long-lasting battery capable of running up to approximately 13.7 hours(8). Moreover, it has been designed for durability, having undergone clamshell load testing of approximately 200kgf(9). Fujitsu is offering SH76/E as a portable PC that users can employ as their primary machine both at home or when on-the-go.
  2. LIFEBOOK AH family (wide-format 15.6" LCD models): Style redefined
    AH77/E, AH56/E, and AH52/EA all utilize full flat fine-panel technology. Without a border separating the screen's frame and liquid crystal display, the design is clean-cut and eye-catching. AH77/E, AH56/E, AH54/E, and AH52/EA also feature keyboard color schemes in which the sides of the keys match the body of the units, thereby helping to improve key visibility for an enhanced design.

    The models are equipped with an easy-to-use natural keyboard featuring stepped keys to help prevent typing errors and enable accurate touch typing, as well as spherical-cylindrical key caps with an ergonomic design that naturally conforms to the shape of the user's fingers. Moreover, AH77/E and AH52/EA come standard with large-capacity batteries that offer over six hours of operational time. On top of the enhanced design features, the new models in the LIFEBOOK AH family offer the latest in Fujitsu's pursuit of user-friendliness in a PC.
  3. ESPRIMO FH family (wide-format 23" LCD models): Enjoy television in high resolution and high-quality audio
    With the ESPRIMO FH family, which employs full flat fine-panel technology, users can enjoy TV and movie content on the computer's clean-cut and eye-catching display. Moreover, the models are equipped with speakers developed in collaboration with Onkyo, thereby providing lifelike audio quality for a more enjoyable TV and movie viewing experience. The PC unit's design is intended to maximize speaker performance, resulting in high-quality, full-forced sound with lofty high notes and powerful low notes that meet the stringent criteria of Onkyo's "Sound Meisters." The computers are also equipped with DTS Ultra PC II Plus™, which delivers lifelike surround sound, in addition to allowing users to enjoy higher-quality audio by restoring harmonics of the sound source that have been lost through AAC, MP3, and other kinds of compression formats. As a result, users can fully enjoy TV and movie content without having to make any compromises in terms of video and audio quality.
Comment from Asahara Hiroyuki, "Sound Meister" Master Engineer, Development Research Center, Onkyo Corporation

Onkyo has been working together with Fujitsu since the initial project stages to develop the new FH family models, to which we have devoted considerable sound engineering expertise. The new family features rich expressive capabilities that are suited for a product of such unparalleled class, and we hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy this first-rate audio quality.

2. Features for greater convenience and simplicity

The FMV Series comes equipped with a plethora of features that have been specially designed for greater convenience and simplicity.

  1. New "Quick Start" functionality
    The newly-available Quick Start functionality enables computers to boot in as little as six seconds after pressing the power button. By reducing the waiting time required before the user can begin using the computer, the feature makes it simple to use the computer whenever needed. In addition, shutting down the PC can be easily performed by simply pushing the power button.

    Two separate modes are available(10)—Quick Mode, which shortens the start time, and Eco Quick Mode, which combines speedy booting with energy efficiency—and can be configured based on the user's usage preferences.
  2. iPhone-compatible F-LINK
    The new models include an iPhone-compatible version of F-LINK, which makes it possible to wirelessly store captured photographs and videos to a computer. Without having to connect the devices via a cable, users can easily store these image files on their PCs, enjoy viewing them on a big screen, use them to create seasonal cards and other content, and make backups as well.
  3. Back Up Navi for worry-free backups
    All of the new models come equipped with Back Up Navi, an updated feature that delivers greater convenience by integrating all of the separate backup software features of previous models. With a single software package, users can save and restore(11) an image of the C drive containing all of their personal data, such as important photos, movies and music, as well as e-mail, Internet settings, and installed software. In addition, the package includes a new feature that automatically backs up personal data on a specified day and time. As a result, users can easily be rest assured that their important data and settings are safely backed up.

3. A wide range of power-saving features

The FMV Series includes a variety of energy-saving design features as well as built-in energy-saving functions. These include the use of LED backlights(12) that consume very little power, achieving the energy consumption targets as defined in Japan's energy conservation laws(13), as well as support for international Energy Star program standards(14). The FMV Series helps to reduce energy consumption, both when the products are being used and when not in use.

  1. Power Saving Utility(15)
    By simply pressing the ECO button(16), the computer can be switched into power saving mode. During power saving mode, electricity supplied to unused features can be controlled and reduced, such as the reduction of excess screen brightness, muting sound, and stopping the supply of power to optical disk drives.
  2. ECO Sleep feature(17)
    When off or during sleep mode, the FMV Series is able to reduce power consumption through the ECO Sleep feature, which limits the supply of power from the AC adapter after the battery has fully charged. Furthermore, the LIFEBOOK AH52/EA model comes standard with a "Zero Watt AC Adapter" (ECO Sleep-compatible AC adapter), thereby nearly eliminating power from the AC power supply when the computer is turned off or in sleep mode, further reducing power consumption.
  3. Newly equipped with peak-shift control feature(18)
    With the peak-shift control feature, the PCs can automatically switch to battery operations and prevent the battery from charging during predefined periods of time(19), thereby contributing to a more even distribution of power consumption.
  4. Newly equipped with a PC power-saving settings screen(20)
    The FMV Series is newly equipped with a PC power-saving settings screen, which displays a list of the power-saving features that can be used. Any feature displayed on the list can be simply accessed and adjusted accordingly. As a result, no time is wasted in searching for the right screen to make the proper changes to conserve power.

4. "Made in Japan" quality and reliability highlighted in Izumo Model and Date Model promotions

The FMV Series is made with the consistent high quality and reliability that customers around the world have come to expect from Fujitsu. With models released starting in the winter of 2011, the notebook PCs made by Shimane Fujitsu Limited (based in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture) will be labeled as "Izumo Models," and the desktop PCs made by Fujitsu Isotec Limited (based in Date City, Fukushima Prefecture) will be labeled as "Date Models," in reference to the traditional names of the regions in Japan where they are made. A variety of marketing promotions will highlight this labeling.


Availability of Products
Family Product Name Availability
LIFEBOOK NH77/ED October 13
SH76/E October 21
SH54/E* October 13

* Models in "shiny black" will not be available until October 21.

  • [1] Made in Japan

    With the exception of NH77/ED, AH42/E, PH50/E, and EH30/ET.

  • [2] World's thinnest

    Among PCs with a 13.3-inch LCD screen and an optical drive. As measured at its thickest part (excluding protruding parts). As of October 3, 2011, according to Fujitsu's own research.

  • [3] Full flat fine-panel

    Technology used in the FH77/ED model.

  • [4] Quick Start functionality

    With the exception of NH77/ED, AH42/E, PH50/E, EH30/ET, and DH77/E.

  • [5] In as little as 6 seconds

    For the SH76/E model only. Start-up times vary by model and operating environment.

  • [6] iPhone-compatible F-LINK

    Using F-LINK with the iPhone requires downloading and installing a separate program. In addition, a wireless router (sold separately) and an access point are required.

  • [7] Ultra lightweight body measures only 1.34 kg

    Approximate weight when a Super Multi drive is attached in the Mobile MultiBay.

  • [8] Running up to approximately 13.7 hours

    When using the standard built-in battery pack and a Mobile MultiBay cover (which comes standard). As measured using Ver. 1.0 of JEITA's measurement method.

  • [9] Clamshell load testing of approximately 200 kgf

    According to test results obtained during the product development evaluation phase, not a test performed on units being shipped. There is no guarantee that the product will not become damaged.

  • [10] Two separate modes are available

    Units are set on quick mode when shipped.

  • [11] Save and restore

    There is no guarantee that all data will be saved and restored. In addition, there are cases in which material that is subject to copyright protection, such as video content (for example, recorded digital broadcast programs) and music, cannot be saved or restored.

  • [12] LED backlights

    Included in all FH and EH family models and LIFEBOOK family models.

  • [13] Achieving the energy consumption targets as defined in Japan's energy conservation laws

    All models meet the base target values that must be achieved before FY2011, according to Japan's energy conservation laws.

  • [14] International Energy Star program standards

    SH76/E, SH54/E, PH74/E, PH50/E, the display that comes standard with DH77/E, and EH30/ET models meet the current standards for products applicable to the international Energy Star program.

  • [15] Power saving utility

    Included with NH77/ED, AH77/E, AH56/E, AH54/E, AH52/EA, AH42/E, SH76/E, SH54/E, PH74/E, PH50/E, FH99/EM, FH98/EM, FH77/ED, FH56/ED, and FH54/ET. Controllable features vary by model.

  • [16] Simply pressing the ECO button

    Included with AH77/E, AH56/E, AH54/E, AH52/EA, SH76/E, SH54/E, PH74/E, FH99/EM, FH98/EM, FH77/ED, FH56/ED, and FH54/ET.

  • [17] ECO Sleep feature

    Included with AH77/E, AH56/E, AH54/E, AH52/EA, SH76/E, SH54/E, and PH74/E.

  • [18] Peak-shift control feature

    Included with AH77/E, AH56/E, AH54/E, AH52/EA, SH76/E, SH54/E, and PH74/E.

  • [19] Prevent the battery from charging during predefined periods of time

    The battery can be charged at set periods of time when the PC is not in use (in sleep mode or when turned off).

  • [20] PC power-saving settings screen

    Included with AH77/E, AH56/E, AH54/E, AH52/EA, SH76/E, SH54/E, and PH74/E. Features displayed on the list vary by model.

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