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Fujitsu Marketing Enhances its Business Activities for the Private Sector Market

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Marketing Limited

Tokyo, September 30, 2011

The Fujitsu Group today announced that it will consolidate Fujitsu Limited (Fujitsu)'s business activities for private sector markets in Japan's regional areas into Fujitsu Marketing Limited (FJM). This initiative, commencing from October 1, 2011, will be undertaken to better offer outstanding products and proposals that meet customer needs. In parallel to this, an accelerated pace of business reorganization will take place to support customers in the manufacturing, retailing and services industries.

From 2009, Fujitsu and FJM began efforts to enhance their private sector business activities in Japan. Strengthening of their business organization moved forward with consolidation into FJM of planning, development and sales activities for mid-market solution products in April 2010, and sales-partner support activities in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in October 2010.

Fujitsu's aim with the latest restructuring is to clarify the responsibilities of group companies in the private sector market while bolstering and further growing its business throughout Japan.

In the solutions business market in Japan, aggressive investment is likely to continue in the areas of globalization, support for cloud computing and other new businesses and services, and business continuity. Especially high demand for ICT is expected from medium-sized companies.

Given these expectations, the Fujitsu Group seeks to offer products and proposals to meet related customer needs, and has already begun to shift toward an industry-specific sales structure. It will continue to enhance the competitiveness of products for medium-sized companies—for which FJM has become the lynchpin—and strengthen relationships with sales partners and restructure its private sector business framework.

1. Restructuring sales organization for the private sector market

The Fujitsu Group views growth in its private sector business activities as a crucial component of expanding its solutions business in Japan. As such, it is restructuring its organization to better target private sector customers. In aiming to provide comprehensive support to customers and further expand its business activities aimed at the private sector market, Fujitsu will be responsible for business in which large-scale system development is involved, while FJM will work with partners to handle business focused on the delivery of software packages and services products.

2. Initiatives since fiscal 2010

Since fiscal 2010, the Fujitsu Group has pursued initiatives aimed at strengthening and expanding its business activities targeting medium-sized companies. In April 2010, Fujitsu integrated its planning and development activities for the GLOVIA smart mid-market solution with FJM (formerly Fujitsu Business Systems Ltd.), which currently develops and offers new solutions, including the "GLOVIA smart" line of solutions for specific vertical industries and the SaaS-based "GLOVIA smart Kirara" series of application software for specific work processes.

In October 2010, responsibility for sales-partner support programs in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka was transferred to FJM, which has promoted collaboration with partners through the MAST Program(1). FJM has also worked as a member of the Fujitsu Group to enhance sales capabilities and the competitiveness of products targeting medium-sized companies.

  1. Enhancing the GLOVIA Series Product Lineup
    • Offering GLOVIA smart solutions for specific industries (manufacturing, retailing, hotels, etc.)
    • Offering the SaaS-based "GLOVIA smart Kirara" series of application software (accounting, HR/payroll)
    • Developing the "GLOVIA SUMMIT GM" integrated accounting solution
  2. Expanding Fujitsu's portfolio of mid-market services products
    • Offering the AZBOX package of hardware, software and deployment support services
  3. Promoting matching business opportunities for regional banks using an online shopping mall for high-end consumers in China

3. Details of the organizational restructuring

As part of the restructuring of the organization for private sector business, FJM will support the regional private sector business of the Fujitsu Group, in addition to its existing business responsibilities. As a result, FJM will be the main driver of Fujitsu's private sector business expansion throughout Japan and will work to support sales partners to deliver solutions that leverage the strengths of FJM.

  1. Enhanced sales activities throughout Japan
    The number of FJM's sales offices will increase from 23 to 54 locations. The company will strengthen relationships with partners across Japan and expand its business.
  2. Business expansion by combining FJM's direct sales and sales partner strategies
    FJM's private sector solutions development and sales support units will work together to formulate a strategy for each region. The company will collaborate with partners to develop a shared understanding and clear sales targets for products to be sold and markets to approach, and will then strive to achieve these targets.
  3. Improved product competitiveness to capture a larger private sector market share
    FJM will quickly develop and offer products that best meet the needs of the private sector market—such as GLOVIA series products, AZBOX, and mid-market cloud offerings—through an integrated manufacturing and sales organization. In addition, by developing alliances with products from partners, Fujitsu will expand its business by offering enhanced solutions.

  • [1] MAST Program:

    The MAST (Mid-Market Strategy Team) Project is a partner support program offered by FJM.

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