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Fujitsu Releases Compact and Lightweight Si-R G100 Gigabit Access Router

Enables construction of inexpensive high-speed networks supporting VPN connections at speeds up to 440 Mbps

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 28, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the release of the Si-R G100, a gigabit access router. It is the latest model in Fujitsu's Si-R G series of IP access routers for building corporate network systems.

The new product, a smaller version of the Si-R G200 introduced in May of this year, is designed to be lightweight and compact with low operating noise. This makes it ideal for small offices to set up a network environment where it can even be used on a desktop.

Despite its modest price of JPY 79,000, the new router supports virtual private network (VPN)(1) connections as fast as 440 Mbps, enabling it to accommodate high-speed WAN(2) services in excess of 100 Mbps, such as FLET'S Hikari Next or au Hikari.

Moreover, it can also accommodate LTE(3) and other high-speed wireless WAN services with a data communication card (sold separately) for quick set up of virtual networks at temporary offices or event venues. It is also ideal for systems that need high-speed back-up lines to connect branch offices.

While there may have been a time when only very large companies had much use for the high-speed networking services provided by communications carriers, today small- and medium-sized companies demand these services as well, but at a lower cost.

To meet these needs, Fujitsu is launching the Si-R G100 access router, which is designed to be an ideal access router for smaller offices demanding very fast network connections.

The Si-R G100 front, in vertical orientation

Larger View (21 KB)

The Si-R G100 back, in horizontal orientation

Larger View (27 KB)


Si-R G Series System Image

Features of the Si-R G100

1. Desktop form factor for smaller offices

The compact and lightweight design (205 × 155 × 34 mm, 0.9 kg) dispenses with a fan for quiet operation, making it an unobtrusive addition, even when placed on a desk in a small office. Because it can be placed either vertically or horizontally, customers can make the best use of limited space.

2. Inexpensive high-speed networking

Despite its modest price, all of its ports are 1000base-T(4), supporting VPN connections as fast as 440 Mpbs. As a result, it can accommodate high-speed WAN services in excess of 100 Mbps, enabling customers to set up a high-speed company network at a low cost.

Features of the Si-R G Series

The Si-R G Series, which now consists of two models, the Si-R G100 announced today and the Si-R G200 announced in May 2011, supports excellent VPN performance and ultrafast WANs in excess of 100 Mbps. The models in the series share the following features.

1. Option enables support of LTE and other high-speed WAN services

The Si-R G Series can support high-speed wireless WANs such as LTE or other 3.5G networks(5) when a data communication card (sold separately) is used. This means routers in the series can be used to quickly set up virtual networks at temporary offices or event venues. They are also ideal for systems that need high-speed back-up lines to connect branch offices.

2. Safe and secure networking

As it supports automatic backup functions for wireless WAN lines, communications continuity is assured even in the case of a line failure. By using the wireless WAN monitoring function to verify connection status, wireless WAN can be used with confidence as a backup line when there is a main line failure.

3. Robust support for IPv6

Being an access router, the Si-R G Series naturally supports IPoE(6) and PPPoE(7), and also works with IPv6 in a broad variety of areas, from security to operational and maintenance functions. This allows it to support building, evaluating, and transitioning to IPv6 environments in IT systems. These products have also earned IPv6 Ready Logo Phase2 approval for advanced interconnections between IPv6 devices.

4. PC-free set-up

This series supports external media start function that enable network set-up without a PC by simply plugging in a USB memory stick that contains the software and configuration specifications. These functions allow quick set-up when initially deploying a branch office router or when equipment needs to be replaced due to an equipment failure.

The use of "config-trial" functions, which allow temporary settings for configuration specifications, enables users to avoid inoperability resulting from errors in settings when working from remote locations.

5. Environmentally friendly product design

It supports eco-lamp functions, which allow the lamp to be temporarily turned off by using the CLI(8) setting or the button on the router. In addition, sensors enable the router's power consumption to be monitored in real time, promoting better management of power consumption.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product name Sales price (excl tax) Shipment
Si-R G100 Pre-installed model V2 JPY 79,000 November 30, 2011

  • [1] Virtual private network:

    A service creating a private circuit from a public circuit.

  • [2] WAN: Wide Area Network:

    A network that connects geographically separated computers to exchange data, using either telephone infrastructure or leased lines.

  • [3] LTE:

    Short for Long-Term Evolution, an advanced mobile-phone communications standard. Enhanced support is planned.

  • [4] 1000base-T:

    A standard for Gigabit Ethernet.

  • [5] 3.5G network

    An advanced form of 3G mobile-phone networking with faster transmission speeds.

  • [6] IPoE:

    IP over Ethernet. A network-connection protocol passing IP signals over Ethernet.

  • [7] PPPoE:

    Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet. A network connection protocol for user authentication over Ethernet.

  • [8] CLI: Command Line Interface:

    A way of changing settings by connecting a piece of equipment to a PC and inputting commands.

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