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Fujitsu Launches Service for Streamlining Business Systems

Enhances APM Modernization Services for Cloud

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, August 11, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the launch of a service for streamlining customers' existing business systems for APM Modernization Services for Cloud.

APM Modernization Services for Cloud, an array of services to help customers transition their business systems to the cloud, has been available since May 2010. The new offering, as part of this package, will be delivered as a service for streamlining customers' existing systems that leverages the know-how acquired by Fujitsu in the implementation of its own internal systems.

With the new streamlining service, Fujitsu will work with the customer's existing systems in order to eliminate and integrate the least-frequently used screens and forms, combine analogous databases, and integrate interfaces that connect different systems, among other tasks.

As a result, customers can optimize their existing systems by undertaking a review of their hardware and middleware, gradually employing the cloud, rebuilding their systems, and employing software packages.


Customers with systems that feature an intricate entanglement of business processes often encounter the following kinds of challenges:

  1. As multiple similar processes exist, maintenance requires significant effort.
  2. Maintenance is challenging when there is a complex arrangement of interfaces connecting different business processes.
  3. Customers want to migrate some of their systems to the cloud, but the migration cannot take place because the relationships between these systems and other systems are complicated.
  4. As the interfaces with other systems are complex, the range of applicable software packages cannot be narrowed down.
  5. Due to an overload of incidents, the priority of maintenance tasks cannot be determined.

To address these kinds of challenges, Fujitsu is delivering a new service for streamlining customers' existing systems that is based on the know-how acquired by Fujitsu in the implementation of its own internal systems as part of its APM Modernization Services for Cloud.

During the company's internal implementation, Fujitsu was successfully able to reduce its number of applications by roughly 80% and its number of forms by roughly 60%.

Positioning of the New Service in the APM Modernization Services for Cloud

Larger View (390 KB)

Service Overview

  1. Application streamlining
    • The operating status of applications will be determined, and then applications will be consolidated through the integration/elimination of the least-frequently used applications.
    • Steps will be taken to improve the serviceability of programs requiring frequent revisions through incident analysis.
  2. Database streamlining
    • After determining various kinds of information—including the database management systems in use, the usage status of database items, and the usage status of character encoding and Chinese character encoding—databases will be consolidated through the integration/elimination of databases, unnecessary tables, and overlapping data items.
    • By integrating databases, the number of licenses required for database management systems will be minimized.
  3. Interface streamlining
    • After determining the usage status of interfaces linking different applications, systems, and other companies, interfaces will be consolidated through the integration/elimination of unused items and formats.
    • By clarifying the screens and forms that are in use, screens and forms will be consolidated through integration/elimination.
  4. Streamlining applications operations
    • Service levels for business systems will be changed to more appropriate service levels.
    • By adopting a standardized operations maintenance process, work processes will become standardized, reducing problems.
  5. Streamlining application maintenance plans
    • Maintenance plans will be evaluated in terms of a cost/benefit analysis, necessity and urgency, and the number of agreements will be reduced in accordance with the budget.
  6. Streamlining application maintenance costs
    • By implementing the streamlining measures indicated in 1 to 5 above, application maintenance costs will be minimized.

Addressing Customer Challenges

Larger View (125 KB)

Service Application Schematic

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Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing Availability
APM Modernization Services for Cloud Customized quote Available now

* "Streamlining" is provided as part the above service.

Pricing Examples:

  • Streamlining applications: Three mega-steps starting from 5 million yen.
  • For the entire service: From 13 million yen to streamline a business system built using VB6.0 and consisting of 300 screens (operations processing) and 800 applications, and to migrate the system to the newest version (VB.NET).

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