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Fujitsu Develops Information Device Technology to Automatically Deliver and Run Applications Needed at Particular Time and Place

Leads the way to convenient new uses for smartphones and PCs

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Kawasaki, Japan, July 19, 2011

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development of a platform technology for users of information devices-including PCs, smartphones, and tablets-that automatically performs downloading, running, and erasing of applications and data, in sequence, required at a particular time and place.

This new technology will enable users to simply carry their information device into a conference room, for instance, and download needed applications and data for immediate access to the meeting's presentation materials. This reduces the time required to setup applications and transfer data, making it possible to significantly improve users' operational efficiency.

Figure 1: Scenarios for information needed at particular times and places

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The devices people carry are widely used in numerous business scenarios thanks to improved functionality and the prevalence of a diverse range of models. In line with this, there is growing demand for users to be able to immediately use their information devices when and wherever needed, depending on the task. Meeting applications and data, for example, are needed in a conference room, whereas teaching applications and data are necessary in a classroom. Furthermore, from the standpoint of preventing information leaks, applications and data must be erased once the user is finished.

Technical Issues

Conventionally, users or IT departments have had to setup and install applications and data directly onto information devices before they could be used. This, however, means time-consuming preparation that has become an issue. Users have needed a system that, without any preparation, automatically delivers applications and data-where and whenever they are required-to information devices, as well as a mechanism for preventing information leaks.

Newly Developed Technology

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a communications platform and application runtime environment that-depending on the user's circumstances-automatically performs a sequence of transmitting applications and data from the cloud, launching and running the applications on the information device, and then erases the applications and data when they are no longer needed.

Features of the newly developed technology are as follows:

1. Technology to Automatically Install and Run Applications (Figure 2)

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a communications platform and application runtime environment that automatically conducts the sequential activities of: 1) Determining a user's circumstances by using GPS and other sensor data; 2) delivering the necessary applications and data from the cloud, depending on the situation; and 3) launching and running the applications on the device. On smartphones, the management and transmission of applications and data is handled via dedicated software, and in the case of a PC, a proprietary chip is employed, even during sleep mode, to restore the PC and perform the communications.

Figure 2: Installing and automatically running an application

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2. Information Device Connection Technology (Figure 3)

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed technology that enables applications to be transmitted to other devices, and even between differing device types such as smartphones and PCs. By leveraging Near Field Communication(1) and various information, devices can transmit applications and data to other devices as they near in proximity. Applications can then be executed and adjusted to fit different sized screen displays for an easy-to-view layout.

Figure 3: Connecting multiple devices

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The new technology frees users from having to set up applications and data in advance enabling the utilization of information devices, when and wherever needed. This saves on time and makes it possible to significantly improve operational efficiency.

Future Plans

Fujitsu Laboratories plans to improve upon the technology during the current fiscal year with the aim of commercialization in fiscal 2012. This will support Fujitsu Laboratories' aim of offering human-centric ICT environments that deliver fine-tuned services where ever people are active.

  • [1] Near Field Communications

    An international standard, established in December 2003, for low-power wireless communication (RFID) across distances of tens of centimeters.

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