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Fujitsu Unveils GLOVIA SUMMIT GM Group-wide Management Accounting Solution

Integrates group management information to enable timely group-wide managerial decision-making and cost reductions

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Marketing Limited

Tokyo, July 12, 2011

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Marketing Limited today announced the availability of GLOVIA SUMMIT GM, an enhanced version of the GLOVIA/SUMMIT V integrated accounting solution, starting at the end of October 2011 in Japan.

GLOVIA SUMMIT GM transcends the boundaries of existing accounting systems and enables the integration of all information pertaining to the business activities of group companies spread over the world. By enabling high-volume and high-speed processing, the solution can provide visual representations of actual financial results, such as budgets, and actual and future projections from corporate-group-wide data encompassing 100 million journal entries per period. As a result, the solution allows companies to make accurate and rapid management decisions, in addition to improving productivity of the accounting process. With IFRS(1) support, journal entries for both IFRS and Japanese local accounting standards can be generated simultaneously from existing business systems, thereby reducing workloads and minimizing the impact on those systems, while at the same time providing support for Japan's taxation system and business practices.

Since 1997, Fujitsu has been offering GLOVIA/SUMMIT as a solution that handles both financial and management accounting through a dedicated accounting data warehouse. It has been employed by a wide range of customers as an integrated accounting solution for consolidating management information and supporting group-wide management.

Going forward, the Fujitsu Group will continue to expand its lineup of GLOVIA products and enhance its services.


In recent years, companies have persisted in taking a cautious stance toward ERP-related investments. At the same time, they have also been pressed to accommodate continuous changes to accounting standards, including the need to support IFRS. It has become a challenge to bring visibility to group companies' information in order to strengthen the governance and management infrastructure of corporate group-wide, including subsidiaries both in and outside Japan.

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Marketing will offering GLOVIA SUMMIT GM to customers who are looking to strengthen their corporate group management by integrating group companies' management information, reduce total cost of ownership corporate group-wide, and smoothly follow changes in accounting standards, including future changes to IFRS.

Product Features

1. Management solution flexible for change

  1. Enables performance management not only for accounting, but also for group companies' actual business
    In addition to traditional accounting processes, such as financial accounting and budget and actual management, the new solution enables future projections that take into account information on orders and other items such as future accounting data, including a rolling forecast model(2) that periodically revises budgets to accommodate changes in the business environment. This rolling forecast functionality has been developed based on know-how gained from Fujitsu's accounting department's real practices. Moreover, in combination with the GLOVIA SUMMIT MI management visualization solution, the software visually represents management information for both senior management and operational managers in various fields.
  2. Makes visible the overall business activity information from corporate group-wide, and speeds up group decision-making and responsiveness
    The new solution can accept unprocessed raw data with non-accounting information which traditional accounting system does not accept, without any accumulation or conversion. By integrating corporate group-wide management information with actual operational information, senior management and operational managers, headquarters, and group companies, both in and outside Japan, can communicate based on a common set of information. With this, issues can be reviewed and discussed much more efficiently. As a result, this helps keep individuals on the same page during decision-making and ensures that everyone is seeing a consistent set of figures, thereby making it possible to quickly take specific action based on management decisions.
  3. High-volume and high-speed processing for 100 million journal entries per period
    GLOVIA can store 100 million journal entries per period. Through GLOVIA's original in-memory architecture, those journal entries are kept in memory, thereby enabling high-speed processing in which the information required can be instantly accessed.

2. Accounting solution for integrating group companies

  1. Raises operational efficiency and reduces costs by integrating group companies' ICT
    Features for unified processing of standard operations and shared master file management enable smooth integration, resulting in greater operational efficiency and a reduction in the cost and workload associated with systems operations and maintenance. Moreover, by using Fujitsu's cloud services, such hardware infrastructure as servers and clients can be consolidated, enabling further cost reductions.
  2. Reduces development workloads through flexible systems linkages that require no development work
    Sophisticated entry generation engine function enables data from different operational systems to automatically generate accounting entries, without the data aggregation or conversion, and without developing the linkage programs of operational systems. This solution helps reduce the volume of system development as it requires no reconfiguring of data formats.
  3. Unified rules for transactions among group companies enable periodic financial results to be quickly tabulated
    Intercompany rational entry functions enable entries for transactions among group companies, which conventionally are handled in accordance with the rules of each group company, to be automatically generated for the counterpart company when one group company inputs the transaction entry. The work involved in cross-checking intercompany transactions and analyzing any resulting discrepancies, which is often the cause of bottlenecks in generating account settlements each accounting period, is thereby made much more efficient, enabling the financial results for each accounting period to be tabulated more quickly.

3. IFRS solution

  1. Automatically and simultaneously generates entries in accordance with Japanese accounting standards and IFRS
    Using existing operational system data, entry generation engine function enables entries in accordance with Japanese accounting standards and IFRS to be automatically and simultaneously generated. This feature reduces the work required to convert data from one standard to the other. In addition, as there is no need to undertake major system revisions when converting to IFRS, it enables conversions to IFRS to be performed quickly.
  2. Conforms to IFRS while supporting Japanese standards and tax treatment.
    The solution supports Japanese business practices and tax treatment while conforming to IFRS. For issues such as component accounting, reversals of impairment losses, and other areas in the management of fixed assets in which there are large divergences between Japanese accounting standards and IFRS, Fujitsu provides GLOVA SUMMIT FM. Building on Fujitsu's existing solution, GLOVIA/SUMMIT Fixed Assets, which featured functions for managing a high volume of transactions and multiple patterns of depreciation, GLOVIA SUMMIT FM enables the functions to conform to IFRS.
  3. Supports the production of consolidated corporate account settlement reports
    When used in combination with GLOVIA/SUPER COMPACT Pathfinder consolidated accounting system, with which GLOVIA SUMMIT GM is highly compatible and for which there is an ample track record of integration, the software facilitates the productions of consolidated corporate account settlement reports. Users have the ability to drill through(3) GLOVIA/SUPER COMPACT Pathfinder to GLOVIA SUMMIT GM to confirm the individual company data that are reflected in the consolidated figures.

About the GLOVIA SUMMIT Series

To respond to customers' increasingly diverse needs, Fujitsu has brought together three different solutions in the GLOVIA SUMMIT Series to offer a comprehensive set of capabilities.


  • GLOVIA SUMMIT GM (Group, Global, Governance Management): Management accounting solution
  • GLOVIA SUMMIT FM (Fixed Asset Management): Management solution for property, plant, and equipment
  • GLOVIA SUMMIT MI (Management Data Intelligence): Management visualization solution

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability in Japan
GLOVIA SUMMIT GM From 400,000 yen (per user) End of October

Sales Target

Sales at 700 sites within two years.

  • [1] IFRS

    International Financial Reporting Standards.

  • [2] Rolling forecast model

    Instead of setting budgets and performance forecasts for a fiscal year on an annual basis, revising them based on market and economic developments on a short-term basis of a half-fiscal year or quarter. The aim is to flexibly respond to the rapidly-changing business environment.

  • [3] Drill through

    Taking aggregate figures and checking them by displaying the detailed data from which they are derived.

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