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Fujitsu Introduces au T007 Mobile Phone

Water-resistant slide phone featuring advanced photography and entertainment functionality

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications Limited

Tokyo, July 06, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that the new T007 mobile phone from Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications is now available in Japan through KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.

T007 features a 12.2 megapixel camera with Omakase Select(1), which with a single press of the shutter release rapidly captures twelve consecutive photos and automatically selects the best three. In addition, the new water-resistant slide phone comes with Sound Fitter, which delivers clear earphone audio that is adjusted to the individual attributes of the user's ears, as well as a customizable Self Menu from which users can access frequently-used features. The high-speed 1-GHz Snapdragon™ CPU enables enhanced operability of T007.


As mobile phone owners gradually replace their handsets with smartphones, Fujitsu has developed T007 to satisfy the highly-requested slide phone needs of a younger generation of female users, while at the same time packing in advanced functionality and entertainment features that appeal to young males in the same age range.

With Omakase Select, which rapidly shoots twelve consecutive photos and automatically selects the best three, users can capture stunning images without missing out on the perfect shot. The .3-megapixel interior camera's mirror functionality can also be used for a quick appearance check. Moreover, the phone's Self Menu screen can be customized to the user's liking, thereby providing quick access to frequently-used features.

Through features like Sound Fitter, which delivers high-quality earphone audio that is adjusted to the attributes of the user's own ears, and the Mobile Regza Engine 2.0 for producing impressive high-definition image, users can easily enjoy au's LISMO! integrated entertainment service and one-segment television content.

The T007 is packed with advanced functionality and entertainment features, including a Photo Viewer that allows users to enjoy watching slideshows while listening to music from the phone's FM transmitter or other background music. Furthermore, the water-resistant slide phone's 1-GHz Snapdragon™ CPU enables smooth operations. The mobile phone is available in three color variations: SOLID BLACK, LIME GREEN, and BERRY PINK.

au T007 Mobile Phone

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Product Features

1. Wide range of key illumination variations

  • 36 illumination patterns
    Users can configure light illumination patterns for each of the mobile phone's operations. In addition, they can also choose between six different overall color themes for the phone's illuminations. Themes for special celebrations, such as birthdays, Christmas, and the Japanese Tanabata star festival, are also included.
  • Decorative e-mail illuminations
    The mobile phone scans key words in the text of an incoming e-mail message and expresses the mood of the sender through illuminating lights making text exchanging fun.

2. Extensive e-mail features

  • 4,010 kinds of preset emoticons
    Including 497 emoticons from au, the T007 comes with a total of 4,010 preset emoticons, the largest number available on an au mobile phone (2) . Users can begin sending decorative e-mail messages immediately after purchase.
  • Predictive text input, text conversion, and tag association
    For example, when a user wants to use a "donut" emoticon, the screen will display the donut emoticon by simply starting to type in the text. Users can also associate emoticons with original tags to make them easier to access.
  • Five-row history for faster input
    Previously used emoticons will appear in a five-row input history, thereby allowing many emoticons to be viewed at once for convenient access.

3. Camera and other convenient features

  • Blogging application
    By inputting blog settings into the mobile phone, users can easily upload photos to their personal blogs by selecting the upload option from the menu after shooting a photo.
  • Photo Viewer
    Users can view slideshows of photographs stored on the mobile phone through a selection of 16 different kinds of visual templates. As well, the user can select their favorite music as background.
  • Key to customize
    Users can choose from among 23 types of functions, including one-segment television and LISMO!, to assign as features they often use. By just pressing one button, they are conveniently able to launch these desired functions.
  • Vibration notification
    Simply by sliding the handset, a vibration will alert users if there are any mobile phone messages or new e-mail messages waiting.
  • Privacy filter
    Turning on the privacy filter makes it difficult for bystanders to view the screen. T007 includes two filter levels to suit the user's preferences.

Other Key Services

LISMO (Music, Video, Book), au Smart Sports, EZ Navi Walk, EZ Navi for passenger seat, Osaifu-Keitai®, JIBUN-BANK, EZ News EX, 1 Seg, WIN HIGH SPEED(3), Wi-Fi Win, Video phone, Bluetooth®, Infrared data communications, GLOBAL PASSPORT CDMA(4)

Product Specifications

Size: 118 × 52 × 17.3 mm
Weight: 153g (with battery pack inserted)
Continuous Standby Time (in Japan): 270 hours
Continuous Talk Time (in Japan): 230 minutes
Main display: 3.0" TFT color LCD full-wide VGA (480 × 854 pixels)
Camera: (Exterior) 12.2-megapixel CMOS; (Interior) 0.3 megapixel effective resolution

  • [1] Omakase Select

    Sizes supported: Wallpaper mode - standard, wide, full-wide; Camera mode - 0.3 megapixels and 1 megapixel.

  • [2] Largest number of emoticons available on an au mobile phone

    As of July 2011. 4,010 when combined with 497 au emoticons.


    Please refer to au's homepage for a list of compatible service areas. As the service employs the best-effort delivery method, speeds may decrease depending on the communications environment and network traffic.


    As of January 2011, customers can use voice communications in 21 countries and regions worldwide and packet communications, such as e-mail and EZweb, in 13 countries and regions. Separate EZweb subscription is required to use e-mail and EZweb. Please refer to au's homepage for further information on GLOBAL PASSPORT CDMA.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$55 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. For more information, please see

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Date: 06 July, 2011
City: Tokyo
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