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Fujitsu Builds Linux-based Core Banking System for Daiwa Next Bank

Highly-reliable Internet banking system with seamless interface between banking and securities systems

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 06, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that it has built a Linux-based core banking system for Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd., which, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group Inc., began operations on May 13, 2011.

The new system, a Linux-based open-source core banking system that employs Fujitsu's PRIMEQUEST x86 mission-critical servers, was built based on Fujitsu's W-Bank open-source core banking solution. Fujitsu has installed W-Bank in approximately 20 banks, including the branches of foreign banks located in Japan. The new highly-reliable system was built in a short period of just 13 months.

Moreover, as the new system seamlessly interfaces with the systems of Daiwa Securities Ltd., the retail arm of Daiwa Securities Group, customers have access to an automated sweep service, in which balances in their savings account can be transferred to their securities account, enabling Daiwa Securities to offer one-stop service for the delivery of a full range of investment products for asset building, including those involving savings.


Daiwa Next Bank was established by Daiwa Securities Group to offer one-stop service towards the delivery of a full range of investment products for asset building, including savings accounts, enabling greater convenience for funds deposits and withdrawals. As its policy, Daiwa Securities Group decided to employ a system with a seamless interface between banking and securities brokerage systems using Linux open-source software.

Daiwa Next Bank is a new type of Internet bank that benefits from Daiwa Securities' nationwide network of branches, which can act as an agent of the bank. The bank offers yen deposit and time deposit accounts, wire deposits and transfers, and an automated sweep service, in which balances in a customer's deposit account can be automatically transferred to the customer's securities account.

Features of the New System

1. Highly-reliable Linux-based open-source core banking system employing mission-critical x86 servers

Using its PRIMEQUEST x86 servers, which incorporate the expertise in mission-critical systems that Fujitsu gained from its long history with mainframe systems, and leveraging its experience with large-scale Linux projects and expertise in building open-source systems, Fujitsu has built the first-ever highly-reliable core banking system using Linux, in Japan.

2. Built quickly by using a solution with a proven track record

With specialized suite modules utilized within its W-Bank open-source core banking solution for financial institutions, including modules for handling core banking functions as deposits, as well as the Internet portal, Fujitsu was able to build a highly-reliable system in a short period of just 13 months.

Fujitsu has used W-Bank in the systems of approximately 20 banks, including the branches of foreign banks in Japan. W-Bank has applications for a wide range of banking functions, including the ability to handle accounting involving multiple currencies.

3. Seamless interface between banking and securities systems

By building seamless interface functions between the deposit and securities accounts, the system is able to provide a sweep service that performs automatic transfers between the two types of accounts. Even as the two systems interface seamlessly, however, they operate independently, so if any problems arise with either system, the effects remain localized by design.

4. Superior security

As the hacking approaches used to gain unauthorized system access have been shifting in recent years from attacks on operating system vulnerabilities to attacks on web application vulnerabilities, the new system uses Fujitsu's WAF monitoring service(1), resulting in superior security. The WAF monitoring service is a service that monitors for unauthorized access attempts targeting web application vulnerabilities, conducting real-time searches for unauthorized access, and immediately mounting an effective response.

Leveraging its accumulated expertise in highly reliable and sophisticated open-source technologies, Fujitsu is committed to providing continued systems support to Daiwa Next Bank.

Daiwa Securities Group

Daiwa Securities Group is one of the largest brokerage and banking groups in Japan and employs approximately 16,000 professionals worldwide providing comprehensive financial services, including retail brokerage, investment banking and asset management. Daiwa Securities Group has been in continuous operation in the financial services industry since 1902.

  • [1] WAF monitoring service

    Web Application Firewall. A service offered by Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited.

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