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Fujitsu Releases Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10

Highly-reliable and easy-to-use database management system for small- to medium-sized systems

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 05, 2011

Fujitsu today announced its release of Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10, a database management system designed for small- to medium-sized systems, in Japan. The new product is the latest addition to Fujitsu's high-performance, highly-reliable Symfoware Server database management systems.

Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10 employs Fujitsu's smart technology, making it a highly-reliable database management system that can be easily deployed and operated even without expert engineers. As a database for small- to medium-sized systems that primarily use 1WAY servers(1), the new product is available at an affordable price.


The smart technology employed by Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10 automatically determines and optimizes hardware and software conditions, thereby enhancing convenience and reliability. With its smart technology, the product delivers smart set-up and smart recovery features that automatically optimize database set-up and recovery.

The smart set-up feature automatically sets up an environment in accordance with the system that suits data maintenance and performance needs in advance, eliminating the need for complex configurations. Smart recovery minimizes previous troubleshooting procedures required of typical databases in the unlikely event that a problem occurs. These include undergoing processes to determine the cause of the problem or having multiple recovery procedure manuals for each trouble-spot or type of trouble. With just one touch, Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10 automatically determines the source of the trouble and selects the optimal recovery method, reducing any margin of error that may result from previous troubleshooting methods.

The result is a highly-reliable database, employing the same engine used in Symfoware Server. Symfoware Server is also utilized in arrowhead, the Tokyo Stock Exchange's securities trading system. The Lite Edition V10 is easy to deploy and operate, and contains features that ensure recovery in the event of trouble. In addition to Lite Edition V10, Fujitsu has also introduced higher-end versions of Symfoware Server, depending on the size of the system and reliability needs, thus meeting customer needs for system scalability. The Symfoware Server line, including Lite Edition, is also the ideal database program for cloud computing platforms.

Main Features of Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10

1. Smart set-up feature enables easy database deployments

  • Automatic optimization of tuning parameters
    During set-up, characteristics of the server environment, such as disc size and memory, are automatically obtained. In accordance with the automatically-obtained environment, optimal data allocation locations that suit the data maintenance and performance needs are automatically selected.
  • Flexibly adjusts to disc increases and alterations
    During operation, the database can easily be transferred to a new disc when a new disc is exchanged, should existing disc space become inadequate.

These features allow the elimination of design and configuration work that had become increasingly complex in response to the increasing diversity of usage scenarios. Instead with simple procedures, it is possible to quickly construct and deploy a database system that is optimized for its given systems environment, even without the aid of expert engineers.

2. Smart recovery feature enables easy, secure recoveries in the event of trouble

  • Automatically determines source of trouble
    As the product automatically determines and reveals the source of trouble, it eliminates time spent trying to identify its cause.
  • One-touch recovery
    Normal functioning is restored simply with one-touch operation with an easy-to understand GUI, eliminating the need for complex recovery procedures created for each individual system.
  • Continuous back-up during operation
    Through the use of technology which enables continuous data back-up, the latest data can always be recovered in the event of a problem.

These features enable simple and secure recoveries. Troubles attributable to operational mistakes or software problems (which, according to Fujitsu's own research, account for approximately 75% of operational troubles), rather than hardware failures, are automatically fixed enabling operations to be back up and running quickly.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability
Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10
(processor license)
600,000 JPY End of July 2011
Symfoware Server Lite Edition V10
(client license)
18,000 JPY
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003/2008
  • Product is applicable to servers with up to one embedded CPU

Sales Target

For the entire Symfoware Server line, Fujitsu plans to sell 8,000 processor licenses in Japan over the next two years.

  • [1] 1WAY server

    Lite Edition works in servers that only have one CPU.

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