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Fujitsu Introduces docomo PRIME Series™ F-09C

High-spec water-resistant mobile phone featuring a rotating 3D display

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 15, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that its new docomo PRIME series F-09C mobile phone will be available from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. in Japan beginning June 24, 2011.

Featuring Fujitsu's unique rotating screen technology and IPX5/IPX8 water-resistance functionality(1), the F-09C is a high-spec water-resistant mobile phone with a large, 3.5" LCD display that enables 3D content to be viewed with the naked eye. The handset is equipped with other leading-edge technology including a 16.3 megapixel camera, a smart browser with web browsing functionality equivalent to that of a PC browser, and a convenient touchscreen display, thus making the F-09C a mobile phone with advanced features and high performance quality.


With the increasing switch to smartphones by consumers, users are looking towards high performance and functionality, with an added sense of comfort in their mobile phones. To meet these needs, Fujitsu has developed a new high-spec water-resistant mobile phone equipped with touchscreen, camera, and web browsing capabilities.

With the F-09C's 3D-compatible 3.5" LCD display, users can enjoy 3D videos and 3D still images with the naked eye. The phone's camera employs an "Exmor®R for mobile" back-illuminated CMOS sensor and Fujitsu's high-resolution Milbeaut® Mobile image processing engine(2), thereby enabling 16.3 megapixel image capturing—among the world's highest resolutions for a mobile phone. In addition, through a number of high-end digital camera features including high dynamic range imaging (HDRI), an Art Camera mode featuring 11 kinds of special effect filter functions, and Live Sound Full-HD & Zoom Mic, which allows users to further enjoy recording full high-definition video footage, it is possible to effortlessly enjoy even higher-quality images, video, and audio.

Moreover, in addition to a conventional full-featured browser, the F-09C comes equipped with a new smart browser that can quickly display webpages and is maneuverable through touch-based operations. The included Webkit rendering engine, which is also used in PC browsers, enables webpages to be rapidly displayed and is compatible with a large percentage of websites. With a quick-response touchscreen that was designed with responsiveness and tracking foremost in mind, the F-09C is simple to operate.

To accent the handset's smart large-screen design, which sports the conveniences of advanced touch control, the F-09C is available in three colors: RED, WHITE, and BLACK.

docomo PRIME series F-09C

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Product Features

1. Large rotating display for enjoying 3D content

  • 3.5" 3D-compatible LCD display
    With a 3.5" high-definition LCD display that can show 3D content without the need for special glasses, as well as the ability to rotate the screen into a horizontal position for optimal video viewing, users can enjoy videos whenever they want in a variety of settings. Dolby Mobile allows users to view 3D videos in 5.1 channel surround sound, making it possible to experience realistic, stereoscopic Dolby Surround (3) .
  • Easy to take 3D photos(4)
    Taking 3D photographs is just as easy and simple as capturing regular photographs. As images are automatically captured from the right-hand and left-hand perspectives, it is easy for users to enjoy impressive 3D photography.
  • Easy 3D conversion(5)
    Previously captured photographs can be converted into 3D photos. In addition, 3D photos can also be sent via e-mail or set as the mobile phone's wallpaper.
  • 3D i-appli mobile phone applications
    The phone comes preinstalled with four realistic 3D i-appli applications, including the classic game Breakout and a mobile phone companion application, "Kuuman's Room."

2. High-spec 16.3 megapixel camera

  • 16.3 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor "Exmor®R for mobile"
    The phone is equipped with "Exmor®R for mobile" and Fujitsu's Milbeaut® Mobile image processing engine. The combination of these two advanced features enables photographs to be captured with even higher sensitivity and lower noise, thereby replicating the subject's most subtle details.
  • Employs high dynamic range imaging
    In this mode, the camera simultaneously captures two photographs of different exposure times and then automatically merges them. This allows users to enjoy realistic pictures of vivid, stunning landscapes and other artistic photographs.
  • Art Camera mode
    The camera comes with 11 kinds of special filter functions, such as a chrome key mode and diorama mode. With these features, users can capture fantastic photographs that they will want to show off to their friends.
  • Face shrinking, softening and sharpening effects
    The mobile phone includes a variety of special camera effects, such as a function that narrows the subject's jawline to make their face appear sharper, as well as softening and sharpening functions that subtly enhance the mood of a picture.
  • Full high-definition video recording(6)
    The camera is capable of recording full high-definition video footage (1,920 × 1,080 resolution). As the camera also loads quickly, users will never miss out on a chance to capture the perfect movie.
  • Live Sound Full-HD & Zoom Mic(7)
    The mobile phone is equipped with a super surround sound microphone that can record high-quality stereo audio at 48kHz sampling, surpassing CD-quality. Furthermore, the Zoom Mic amplifies the audio signal depending on the camera zoom, making it possible to clearly record distant sounds.

3. Easy-use smart browser and quick-response touchscreen

  • Smart browser
    In addition to a conventional full-featured browser, the F-09C includes a new smart browser that can quickly display webpages and supports a user interface for touch-based operations. The browser features touch buttons for quickly loading desired functions and can simultaneously display content screens and thumbnails.
  • Large quick-response touchscreen
    Using touch gestures, users can smoothly perform operations such as scrolling and switching between menus. In addition, Fujitsu has developed a standby launcher function specifically for touchscreen operations. The standby launcher, which can be intuitively activated, enables users to view status details and also modify settings using the touchscreen.
  • Custom wallpaper pallete
    Users can touch the screen to customize the mobile phone's wallpaper as they wish. The clock, calendar, memo pad, and other wallpaper elements can be freely arranged, thereby allowing users to effortlessly create their own original wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper-writing pallet
    Using a finger, users can write handwritten characters on top of the wallpaper. These characters may also be shrunk or moved. Users can have fun leaving memo notes or writing on top of pictures that have been attached to the wallpaper.

4. Wi-Fi® compatibility enables easy file sharing with a PC

  • F-LINK
    Data stored on the F-09C can wirelessly be shared with a PC or another F-09C handset. It is possible to send and receive not only photos and movies, but office documents and other files as well.
  • DLNA compatibility(8)
    Images and videos can easily be shared with TVs, PCs, and other devices that are DLNA certified.
  • Access point mode - base station(9)
    By turning the F-09C into a wireless LAN access point, or base station, users can connect a variety of Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as PCs and Nintendo DS® series gaming devices, to the Internet. Up to four devices can be connected at once.
  • Wireless LAN printing
    Users can wirelessly print captured photos using wireless LAN-compatible printers made by Canon and Epson. As downloaded fonts are also supported when printing a letter, users can compose postcards that fit their personalities even closer.

5. Full-featured electronic multimedia dictionary(10)

The F-09C comes loaded with dictionary data from the numerous publications. Also included is a convenient metasearch feature, which searches multiple dictionaries at once for a specified word.

6. IPX5/IPX8 water-resistance

The mobile phone is equipped to handle sudden rainfalls while outside or be utilized with wet hands to enjoy one-segment TV broadcasts, for example, in places such as the bathroom.

Compatibility with Key Services

  • i-concier®
  • Data Security Service
  • MyArea™
  • i Bodymo™
  • DCMX®
  • iD™
  • Map applications (docomo map navi)
  • Voice Delivery Service
  • World Wing® international roaming (3G+GSM)
  • i-motion (supports 50MB)

Product Specifications

  • Size: 114 × 51 × 15.8 mm (19.8 mm at thickest point)
  • Weight: 146 g (with battery pack)
  • Continuous Standby Time:
      720 hours in FOMA 3G
      340 hours in GSM
  • Continuous Talk Time:
      240 minutes in FOMA 3G voice mode
      140 minutes in FOMA 3G videophone mode
      300 minutes in GSM
  • Main Display: 3.5" TFT color LCD full wide VGA (480 × 854 pixels), 16,777,216 colors
  • Camera: 16.3 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
  • Colors: RED, WHITE, BLACK

  • [1] IPX5/IPX8 water resistance

    The IPX5 designation indicates that the mobile phone can normally function after being sprayed with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3m for a period of at least 3 minutes. The IPX8 designation, in the case of the F-09C, indicates that the mobile phone normally functions after being immersed in room-temperature tap water to a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes, and that the camera can also function while being underwater for 30 minutes.

  • [2] Milbeaut® Mobile

    An image-processing LSI for mobile phone use, which succeeded the technology of the image-processing engine "Milbeaut®" used for digital cameras.

  • [3] Dolby Surround

    Can only be used with stereo earphones.

  • [4] Easy to take 3D photos

    Compatible with CIPA-standardized MPO (multi-picture format) and can be set when taking the following types of photos: wallpaper (480 × 854), Full HD (1080 × 1920), and 3M (1536 × 2048).

  • [5] Easy 3D conversion

    Can convert photos from the minimum-size of QVGA (240 × 320) to the maximum-size of 3M (1536 × 2048).

  • [6] Full high-definition video recording

    A microSD™ card (sold separately) or microSDHC™ card (sold separately) with a SD Speed Class greater than Class 4 is recommended for recording video in Full HD (1,080 × 1,920).

  • [7] Live Sound Full-HD & Zoom Mic

    The Zoom Mic and super surround sound microphone employs DiMAGIC, Inc.'s DVM™ (DiMAGIC Virtual Microphone) technology. DVM is a trademark for DiMAGIC's microphone directional control technology.

  • [8] DLNA compatibility

    Digital Living Network Alliance. A certification that promotes an interoperable wired or wireless network environment for any consumer electronics, computers, and mobile devices.

  • [9] Access Point mode (base station)

    When in use, communications charges apply for data transmitted by the F-09C (base station) across the FOMA network. Depending on the volume of data sent and received, packet-communications charges may become considerably higher. Customers may wish to consider subscribing to NTT DOCOMO's flat-rate services, such as "Pake-hodai Double." Communications when using Access Point mode are not covered by "Pake-hodai" or "Pake-hodai Double." An additional subscription is required from a provider, such as mopera U, to use the service on external devices. Please refer to DOCOMO's homepage for additional details on available flat-rate services and mopera U. When in Access Point mode, services other than voice calls, SMS and Area Mail are unavailable. Any i-mode e-mail messages received during this time will be stored at the i-mode mail center. Access Point mode can only be used inside a FOMA service area. In addition, the feature may become unavailable depending on the communication environment and network usage conditions. Service is not available for all games when connecting a gaming device in Access Point mode. Downloading may also take time.

  • [10] Multimedia dictionary

    The multimedia dictionary data are provided in the DVD included in the mobile phone package. To access this data, the dictionary data from the DVD must be saved on a microSD™ card (sold separately) or a microSDHC™ card (sold separately) using a PC. To save the entire dictionary stored on the DVD, it is recommended that there be at least 2GB of free recording space on the microSD™ card or microSDHC™ card.

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