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Fujitsu Launches HOPE/EGMAIN-LX, an Electronic Medical Record System for Mid-Sized Hospitals

Utilizes the high performance and easy operability developed for large-scale hospital systems, promoting sharing and utilization of medical information

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 13, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the release in Japan of HOPE/EGMAIN-LX, an electronic medical records system for mid-sized hospitals with up to approximately 200 beds.

HOPE/EGMAIN-LX was developed based on HOPE/EGMINA-GX, Fujitsu's system for large-scale hospitals which boasts the top market share for electronic medical record systems. This new system offers mid-sized hospitals advanced features on par with those provided to large-scale medical treatment facilities, while realizing at low cost simple operations that emphasize usability. The result is that HOPE/EGMAIN-LX provides broad support for the diverse needs of mid-sized hospitals while promoting the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to process medical information.

Furthermore, the launch of HOPE/EGMAIN-LX is significant in that Fujitsu's electronic medical record solution is now available in a product lineup with uniform functionality and operability suitable to medical institutions of all sizes, dramatically reducing the burden faced by doctors whose practice extends over multiple hospitals.

The current rate of electronic medical record system adoption in mid-sized hospitals remains a mere 11.2%(1). This lack of progress is due to issues related to the difficulty of ICT deployment, as well as to budget constraints and other hurdles. On the other hand, however, institutions considering deployment are seeking increasingly diverse capabilities.

Available from today, HOPE/EGMAIN-LX is a platform system tailored to a customer's business conditions and budget. From ordering to keeping track of electronic medical records, and even nursing support, this system enables efficient investments with a staged deployment of functions.

In addition, HOPE/EGMAIN-LX is linked with Fujitsu's SaaS-based regional medical network solution, HumanBridge, which enables the sharing of medical information among different healthcare institutions via a network. This improves medical services within a region and promotes cooperation between medical institutions in times of major disaster.

Fujitsu's advanced ICT-based information services have been used to support the medical field for many years. Recently, however, demand has grown for electronic medical records systems that go beyond simply filing to offer functions that actually support clinical practice. Moreover, the reliability and stability of electronic medical records as a social system are gaining even more importance.

With the HOPE series, Fujitsu continues to offer exceptionally functional and high quality products and services, and contributes to the delivery of high-quality healthcare.

Product Features

1. High-Level Functionality

Leveraging years of accumulated experience and know-how, HOPE/EGMAIN-LX is equipped with abundant functionality for mid-sized hospitals. For example, it newly offers such functions as View Medical Records History to visibly express the thickness of paper medical records, and View Multiple Medical Records, whereby multiple views are displayed on the same screen. These high-level functions are able to support in a wide range of medical scenarios and aid in the spread of ICT within hospitals.

2. Usability

Being able to easily enter and view data is extremely important in the busy daily lives of practicing physicians. HOPE/EGMAIN-LX has prepared indexes, labels, and other markers allowing quick access to necessary information, a navigation map which can be customized for each user, a favorite button feature and other functions to improve usability for doctors, nurses, and all medical staff.

3. Easy Maintenance

HOPE/EGMAIN-LX allows for easy maintenance without the bother of computer system management. Methods for setting and changing preferences are easy to understand, enabling deployment and operation even without a technician. A unique configuration that offers redundancy, even during maintenance work in case of problems, makes for worry-free deployment even for mid-sized hospitals that have no IT department.

4. Lower Environmental Impact

The digitization of medical records has optimized the retrieval, transportation, storage, and other tasks once required with conventional paper records. This enables a 200-bed, mid-sized hospital to reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 3.4 tons per year(2).


Individual estimates will be made based on the scope of work and number of terminals. From 35 million yen; includes HOPE/EGMAIN-LX hardware, middleware, application package, other set-up fees necessary for deployment, operation guidance, and other service fees.

Sales Target

Deployment of 200 HOPE/EGMAIN-LX systems by March 31, 2012

  • [1] 11.2%

    The electronic medical record deployment rate for mid-sized hospitals with 100-299 beds. Source: New Medicine in Japan Monthly, July-September 2010 Issue (MA Promotion Association), Medical Device Systems White Paper, 2010-2011 Edition (MA Promotion Association); also includes internal research by Fujitsu.

  • [2] Reduction of CO2 emissions by an estimated 3.4 tons per year

    Calculations by Fujitsu in accordance with environmental impact assessment techniques for software and service environments developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Limited. Using a calculation in which one 50-year-old cedar tree with a height of 20 to 30m absorbs an average of approximately 14kg of CO2 emissions per year, 3.4 tons is equivalent to 243 cedar trees.

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Date: 13 June, 2011
City: Tokyo
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