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Fujitsu Releases Primesoft Server v1.1

In-Memory Data Management Software with World-Class Data-Processing Speed and Reliability

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 03, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the release of Primesoft Server v1.1, the latest version of its high-speed, in-memory data management software that combines high availability and scalability to enable microsecond (one-millionth of a second)-level processing, available in Japan only.

The new software can quickly access data stored in memory in a matter of microseconds, thereby resulting in faster responsiveness and higher throughput. Automatic data redundancy ensures high-reliability and the software's scalability allows operations to continue even while the system is undergoing expansion. This software is perfect for systems, such as those involved in financial transactions and network transactions that involve the quick processing of large volumes of data.

Primesoft Server has been employed on all of the servers involved in stock transactions on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's next-generation trading system, "arrowhead"(1), which launched in January 2010. The mission-critical arrowhead system depends on the software to support its speed, reliability, and scalability. Building on the technologies that ensure arrowhead's stable operations, Fujitsu is releasing a new version of Primesoft Server that features additional functionality for enabling continuous 24/7 uptime. In addition, the software now runs on Fujitsu's PRIMEQUEST mission-critical IA servers, as well as the company's PRIMERGY BX blade servers.


In light of recent technological developments and changes in companies' business models, today's ICT systems are relied upon to process data in volumes and at speeds that would have been challenging for previous online systems to handle. In the financial sector, the spread of online trading among individual investors and the use of algorithmic trading(2) by securities companies and institutional investors has led to increased demand for rapid responsiveness in day-to-day operations. In addition, there is a need for companies to handle high-speed, high-volume data throughput to support massive volumes of instantly-occurring transactions, such as Internet auctions, as well as data from smart grids and the tracking of goods.

Primesoft Server is an in-memory data management software platform that delivers high-speed access—on the order of microseconds—to data stored in memory, in addition to ensuring the continuity of business services through server swaps that can be performed within seconds. As in-memory data is always duplicated across multiple servers, the software can switch between servers in a matter of seconds, in the event of a fault, while making sure that the data is protected. Moreover, it is possible to quickly expand systems and add additional servers without interfering with applications. Even for systems that require 24/7 uptime, it is possible to add servers and restore data while the system is running, making the product applicable in a wide range of systems.

Primesoft Server brings together technologies for high-reliability and availability developed by Fujitsu for its mainframe products, as well as advanced technologies, including data management technologies based on advanced research, networking technologies, and cluster technologies. The software will play an important role in helping to build social infrastructure that involves the high-speed processing of large volumes of data.

Key Features of Primesoft Server v1.1

1. Microsecond-level high-speed access

By keeping all data resident in memory—including not only transaction data from applications, but revision logs, as well—the software obviates the need for hard drive access. Furthermore, it employs Fujitsu's proprietary protocols (patent pending) for network access between servers, thereby enabling microsecond-level, high-speed access.

2. Data redundancy for high-reliability and rapid data-recovery

In-memory transaction data is continuously and automatically mirrored to standby servers (patent pending) for data redundancy. In addition, mirrored data is instantly reflected on the standby servers and all of the in-memory data is preserved in the same state as on the live servers. Therefore, in the unlikely event that a live server goes down, the data can be restored in a matter of seconds with complete data integrity, enabling business services to stay up and run without interruption.

3. Flexible system scalability to keep pace with growing processing volumes

By distributing data across multiple servers and virtualizing the location where data is stored, servers can be added simply while applications no longer have to recognize data storage location. This enables companies to flexibly respond to sudden increases in demand for system processing, and to safely and quickly perform system expansions.

4. Delivers stable business services for 24/7 operations

Even systems that are operational 24/7 may require servers to be taken offline for periodic maintenance. As Primesoft Server provides redundancy for in-memory data, individual servers can be taken offline for maintenance during regular operations without affecting business services. After maintenance is finished, the server can be updated in the background with the latest data and be brought back online—again without affecting business services. This ensures the 24/7 continuity of business services.

Usage Scenarios for Primesoft Server v1.1

This product can be used in a variety of scenarios where systems require high speeds and reliability:

  • Internet auction systems, voting systems, and other systems that instantly handle large volumes of data.
  • Systems that employ new input methods (sensors, RFID tags, mobile terminals, etc.) and constantly handle large volumes of data.

By employing this software in such systems, customers can accept large volumes of input data without lag and quickly process it without sacrificing data consistency. As a result, companies can maintain continuous 24/7 operations with redundancy.

Comment from Yoshinori Suzuki, Senior Managing Director and Chief Information Officer, Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc.

"We welcome the release of Primesoft Server, which has supported the acceleration of our new trading system, 'arrowhead'. With Primesoft Server's lightning-fast performance, we were able to vastly exceed our performance targets for arrowhead when building the system, and have achieved response speeds of 2 milliseconds—a thousand times faster than before. This has allowed us to develop a new business model for stock transactions and has greatly helped to reinvigorate the market."

  • [1] arrowhead

    The Tokyo Stock Exchange's next-generation trading system, which went online January 4, 2010.Please see press release: TSE Launches Next-Generation "arrowhead" Trading System

  • [2] Algorithmic trading

    High-frequency stock trades in which computers automatically determine the order timing and number of shares based on stock prices and trading volumes.

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Date: 03 June, 2011
City: Tokyo
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