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Fujitsu Launches Energy-Saving Low-Cost Switches, Supporting Offices' Efforts to Conserve Energy

Achieves 228% of the energy savings targeted by Japan's Energy Conservation Law, delivering the highest energy efficiency in the industry

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 02, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the release of new energy-saving and low-cost 10/100Mbps compatible Layer 2 switch models in Japan. The switches, principally used to connect devices to networks in offices and other business centers, are available in three models, SH1516C, SH1508C, and SH1508MC. Realizing low energy consumption, these models achieve an energy-saving level far above that required by Energy Conservation Law standards.

Strengthened environmentally conscious product design enables the new switches to reach energy consumption efficiency rates of up to 228%(1) of the standards established by Japan's Energy Conservation Law(2), delivering industry-leading energy efficiency among products of the same class(3). Moreover, these new models achieve up to an 80% reduction(4) in energy consumption compared to Fujitsu's previous models, dramatically improving energy efficiency.

This new technology enables offices to construct energy-efficient networks when replacing existing or installing new network equipment, providing strong support to offices in their efforts to reduce power consumption.

Furthermore, the energy-efficient, low-cost switches employ an eco-friendly casing design and are designated as "Super Green Products"(5) by Fujitsu because of their environment-friendly features.

Demand for energy-efficient network equipment in offices has emerged as efforts to reduce electricity consumption intensify in response to social issues such as power shortages and concern for the environment. Layer 2 switches are used to connect network devices in all sorts of enterprises, from small scale initiatives to massive projects, with some large companies deploying several hundred switches at a time. These switches are in use 24 hours a day and create enormous energy burdens in offices.

Fujitsu has responded to this demand with SH1516C, SH1508C, and SH1508MC, three new energy-saving low-cost 10/100Mbps compatible Layer 2 switches available today in Japan, supporting offices in their efforts to reduce electricity consumption.


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Product Features

1. Industry-leading 228% energy-consumption efficiency rate

When compared to standards established by the Energy Conservation Law (Top Runner standards), these energy-saving, low-cost switches achieve energy consumption efficiency rates(6) of up to 228% of target levels, delivering industry-leading energy efficiency.

Energy Consumption Efficiencye and Efficiency Rate
Product Name Energy Consumption Efficiency (Actual) Efficiency Rate
SH1516C 1.4W/Gbps 228%
SH1508C 2.3W/Gbps 165%
SH1508MC 2.1W/Gbps 180%

2. Energy-efficient design reduces energy consumption by approximately 80% compared to previous models

The switches are equipped with an "eco mode LED function" enabling reduced power consumption. With the click of a button users can select "Eco Mode," which turns off all LED lights excluding the POWER button. This and other capabilities improve energy efficiency, delivering up to an 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to previous models.

Maximum Consumed Electricity and Reduction Rate
Newly Available Products Previous Models Maximum Energy Consumption Reduction Rate
Product Name Maximum Consumed Electricity Product Name Maximum Consumed Electricity
SH1516C 2.4W SH1516B 12W 80%
SH1508C 1.9W SH1508B 6.5W 71%
SH1508MC 1.9W SH1508MB 5.6W 66%

3. Certified as "Super Green Products," RoHS compatible

The new switches meet Fujitsu's stringent green environmental assessment standards, and have been certified as Super Green Products. The switches also comply with the RoHS(7) directive on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Retail Price and Delivery
Product Name Specifications Retail Price (excluding tax) Delivery
SH1516C 10/100BASE-TX  16-port 27,000 yen June 24, 2011
SH1508C 10/100BASE-TX  8-port 11,000 yen June 24, 2011
SH1508MC 10/100BASE-TX  8-port, with magnets(8) 12,000 yen June 24, 2011

  • [1] Up to 228%

    For SH1516C only.

  • [2] Energy Conservation Law

    The law concerning the rational use of energy (caloric, thermal, electric). Manufacturers and importers of electronic goods must comply with the Energy Conservation Law and the Top Runner standards it stipulates. This law previously targeted goods such as automobiles and television sets, but box-type layer 2 switches became subject to the law in July 2009.

  • [3] Industry-leading energy-saving rate among products of the same class

    Among 10/100Mbps compatible Layer 2 switches (as of May 2011, comparison conducted by Fujitsu).

  • [4] Up to 80% reduction

    Comparison made between the maximum energy reductions of the previous SH1516B model and the new SH1516C model.

  • [5] Super Green Products

    Designated products of the Fujitsu Group, selected from among the company's Green products series that excel in comparison to other products on the market and other Fujitsu products. Super Green Products are at the top of their class in terms of environmental factors, such as energy savings, and 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) design and technology.

  • [6] Energy consumption reduction rates

    Calculated by dividing Top Runner standards by energy consumption efficiency, multiplied by 100 (decimal point truncated).

  • [7] RoHS

    Restrictions on Hazardous Substances Directive. European Union Directive that restricts the use of six substances (mercury, lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ether) in electrical and electronic equipment. Effective from July 2006.

  • [8] Magnets

    Magnets used to attach product to desks, steel wall surfaces, etc. SH1508MC comes with a standard magnet, and SH1516C and SH1508C use optional magnetic sheet.

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Date: 02 June, 2011
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