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Fujitsu Releases FMV Raku-Raku PC 4

Helps make walking enjoyable through downloading pedometer and activity data from Raku-Raku Phone Basic 3

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 31, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that two new FMV Raku-Raku PC 4 notebook models will be available in Japan starting June 9, 2011. The notebooks are the latest in the family of FMV Raku-Raku PCs, which are popular among senior citizens and novice PC users.

The new products are capable of downloading data including pedometer and physical activity data from the Raku-Raku Phone Basic 3 mobile phone. The pedometer and physical activity data is displayed in easy-to-read graph form on a walking log application, making it fun for users to continue managing their health on a daily basis.

In addition, the new models come preinstalled with six different types of Microsoft Office user templates, including those for notices and daily allowance records. The FMV Raku-Raku PC 4 also comes preinstalled with "Fude-gurume," an original add-on package that allows users to create postcards in three steps which include selecting the layout, text input, and printing.

In the future, Fujitsu will continue to make the PC experience more comfortable for both senior citizens and novice PC users in terms of hardware, software, and support services.

Main Features of the FMV Raku-Raku PC 4

1. Download pedometer and activity data from the Raku-Raku Phone Basic 3 via easy dock transfer

The FMV Raku-Raku PC 4 enables enhanced connectivity with Raku-Raku phone handsets(1). In addition to transferring photo data, users can enjoy an easy data transfer feature for downloading pedometer and activity data stored on the Raku-Raku Phone Basic 3.

Raku-Raku walking diary

  1. Downloaded data—including the number of steps, distance, physical activity, fat burned, and calories consumed—is displayed in graph form, which can be viewed on a scale of days, months, and years. As a result, users can understand their daily physical activity with a single glance, thereby helping to manage their health. Users can also take photos of what they have eaten during meal times and have the data displayed on the screen to monitor eating habits. If the user inputs photos of events during the course of the day, the program can be used as a diary to look back upon what happened.
  2. Downloaded photographs are organized by the date they were taken. Fujitsu has added new features, such as an overview display that showcases photos in calendar format, as well as a convenient caption print mode to be used when printing photographs. Users can insert a short comment on the edge of the photo on its date or location, making it easy to chronologically organize the pictures into albums. Moreover, the software is useful for creating postcards or setting the user's favorite photo as the desktop wallpaper with a single click.

2. Loaded with templates for notices, daily allowance records, and other documents, making it easy to manage Microsoft® Office Personal 2010

The FMV Raku-Raku PC 4 includes example documents for senior citizens and novice PC users in the form of Microsoft® Word 2010 and Microsoft® Excel® 2010 templates. The documents, which can be utilized in the daily lives of users, features six different types of templates: notices, photo calendars, contact lists, medical expense tables, daily allowance records, and photo diaries. Users can compose practical documents simply while referencing examples in the user's manual.

Documents for easily composing notices and daily allowance records

Furthermore, Microsoft® Word 2010 comes preinstalled with "Dr. Simpler 2010 Beginners Lite," an easy operations tab for the FMV Raku-Raku PC 4 which provides access to frequently-used features, thereby enabling first-time users to operate the software with ease.

Easy operations tab

3. "Fude-gurume" postcard creation software featuring original an Raku-Raku navigation bar for the FMV Raku-Raku PC 4

To further enhance the user-friendliness of the pre-installed "Fude-gurume Ver. 18" postcard creation software, Fujitsu has included an original Fude-gurume (roughly translated in English as "pen-gourmet") Raku-Raku navigation bar that has been specially designed for the FMV Raku-Raku PC 4. By selecting a photo in the My Photo Viewer application and choosing the "Create Postcard" option, users can easily create New Year's cards or summer greeting cards using a three-step process: selecting the layout, entering text, and printing.

Layout Selection

Larger View (99 KB)

Text Entry

Larger View (242 KB)


Larger View (199 KB)


4. Simple, easy-to-understand, and reliable

FMV Raku-Raku PC 4

Larger View (51 KB)

  1. Carefully-designed hardware found only on the Raku-Raku PC
    Fujitsu has enhanced the Raku-Raku PC's touchscreen, which can be operated by touching the screen and is popular among customers who have difficulty operating a keyboard and mouse. In addition, Fujitsu has refreshed the design, employing an even thinner and lighter chassis.
    • "Raku-Raku Keyboard"
      The new products feature an easy-to-read numeric keypad, making inputting numbers effortless. Moreover, like previous models, the keyboard is still designed to highlight the characteristics of each key in an easily understandable manner. Color coding is employed for Japanese vowel keys and keys for inputting small Japanese characters; Roman alphabet keys feature large letters; and the function keys feature Japanese notations.
    • "Beginner Mouse"
      Shaped with a finger notch, the mouse affords the user a natural and proper grip. The left button is a different color and is embossed for a varied tactile sensation that allows the user to tell the difference between the left and right buttons.
  2. Specialized software that leverages touchscreen capabilities
    • Raku-Raku menu
      Each time the computer is turned on, frequently used software loads instantly. The menu includes options including Internet pages visited daily, reading and sending e-mails, creating New Year's cards and greetings cards,and viewing the number of steps walked, and physical activity."
    • Touch-based text input
      For users who have difficulty entering text via a keyboard, the PC is equipped with touchscreen LCD-based text entry functionality to enable text input by touching the screen. Even if users cannot remember the key configuration, they can use a 50-character alphabet keyboard layout, allowing them to easily find the key they are looking for. A predictive input(2) function can anticipate and display intended words based on the characters already entered, enabling text input that requires fewer touches.
  3. Full-featured expert support services
    • Expert telephone support service
      Each computer comes with one-year free(3) expert telephone support service for Raku-Raku PC buyers. As part of the service, a dedicated team will work to resolve any trouble the customer is experiencing. In addition, the staff will offer advice regarding the customer's daily PC use and kindly support users' on their computer needs. The service also delivers remote support(4), which is easy to understand even for customers who have trouble operating computers. The Raku-Raku PC Help Line has received international certification from the Support Center Certification Program(5), recognizing it as an excellent support center.
    • Home-visit service
      For customers who have difficulty initially setting up their PC, Fujitsu offers a fee-based Raku-Raku home-visit service in which dedicated staff will visit the customer's home and configure the computer for them. A selection of PC lesson-only services is also available.
    • User manual
      Included is a user manual written in large letters that as much as possible simplifies difficult concepts to make learning about the Raku-Raku PC an enjoyable experience.
    • Special homepage
      This homepage supports users in their efforts to search for desired information, to solve problems, and to learn more about their computer.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Pricing Availability
(Intel® Core™ i5 processor)
Subject to order June 16
(Intel® Celeron® processor)
June 9

  • [1] Connectivity with Raku-Raku phone handsets

    On the Raku-Raku Phone Basic 3, pedometer, activity and photo data can be downloaded. On the Raku-Raku Phone 7, photo data can be downloaded. Both Raku-Raku phone models are sold separately.

  • [2] Predictive input

    The predictive input feature uses JustSystems' ATOK Japanese input system.

  • [3] One-year free

    Beginning the second year, users can utilize the expert telephone support service for a fee.

  • [4] Remote support

    A service in which a support representative controls the customer's PC screen over the Internet and explains the operations via telephone.

  • [5] Support Center Certification Program

    A certification program from the Help Desk Institute that is the only certification program in the industry based on international standards adapted to support centers. Fujitsu received international certification for its service in October 2009.

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