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Summer 2011 Models of Fujitsu's FMV PC Series to Come Pre-Installed with Bookmarks to Prominent NPO/NGO Websites

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 13, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that the line of FMV Series PCs for the consumer market that it will release this summer will come pre-installed with bookmarks to the websites of prominent NPOs(1) and NGOs(2).

Fujitsu normally charges to have bookmarks to website links pre-installed, but these bookmarks will be pre-installed at no charge as part of Fujitsu's CSR(3) activities utilizing the company's products.

Service Features

Starting with the summer 2011 models of its FMV Series of PCs, which are designed for the consumer market, Fujitsu will include a special folder for "social contributions and donations" in the "favorites" bookmark section of each PC, in which the company will pre-install links to the websites of 11 NPOs and NGOs. These links will enable one-click access to the websites of each of these NPOs and NGOs.

Based on past experience, Fujitsu anticipates that these NPO and NGO websites will be accessed at a rate of 50,000 hits annually. Moreover, because these bookmark links will continue to be displayed unless a user deletes them, having them pre-installed will help to raise the profile and awareness of these NPOs and NGOs in Japan over the long-term.

Fujitsu's CSR Activities

To bring about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world, the Fujitsu Group aims to work with its customers as well as local communities and people around the world in leveraging the power of information and communication technologies to create value and knowledge that will contribute to the sustainable development of the planet. Fujitsu believes that collaboration with a variety of stakeholders(4), including NPOs and NGOs, is essential in creating new value. The Fujitsu Group, therefore, will continue to work with NPOs and NGOs as it advances activities designed to contribute to society.

Listing of the NPOs and NGOs

  • [1] NPO: Non-Profit Organization

    Organizations outside of the government or corporate sectors whose activities are designed to advance social objectives.

  • [2] NGO: Non-Governmental Organization

    Non-profit organizations established by the private sector, independent of any governmental entity, that focus on activities such as arms control, famine relief, and environmental protection.

  • [3] CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

    Refers to the responsibility assumed by a corporate for the impact of its organizational activities on society, beyond simply the pursuit of profit, and its decision-making processes that are designed to take into account the needs of a broad array of stakeholders.

  • [4] Stakeholders

    Refers to the variety of parties that have a stake in, or are affected by, the actions of a corporation, including consumers, investors, employees, local communities, and the global community.

About Fujitsu

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Date: 13 May, 2011
City: Tokyo
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