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Fujitsu and TRVA Launch Veterinary Cloud Trials

Cloud services used to share and utilize pets' medical information in the Tokyo area

Fujitsu Limited,Tokyo Jonan Regional Veterinary Medicine Promotional Association

Tokyo, May 12, 2011

Fujitsu Limited and the Tokyo Jonan Regional Veterinary Medicine Promotional Association (TRVA) have announced that they are commencing joint veterinary medicine field trials today.

TRVA, an organization established in the Jonan area of Tokyo (comprised of seven wards, including Setagaya), is centered on the volunteer efforts of Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association members. The organization aims to ensure worry-free medical care for pets in the Tokyo area. In collaboration with Fujitsu, TRVA recently introduced a system that centrally manages pet health information—laboratory results, examination records, treatment history, and other medical records—which is utilized and shared by participating pet hospitals. As a result, the system enables veterinarians to access and analyze medical information whenever and wherever necessary. It also streamlines treatment, facilitates collaboration between area veterinarians, makes information promptly available to pet owners, and improves veterinary medical technology. These capabilities all help to achieve the ultimate goal of enabling higher-quality "pet care"(1) and enhancing the quality of people's lives in the region.

By employing its cloud services to build the new system, Fujitsu is contributing to the spread of a "pet care cloud."

In light of the pet boom in recent years, Japan has seen an upsurge in pet owners, as well as the increasing prominence of the "family pet." Against this backdrop, pet owners are more and more calling for improved veterinary medicine quality aimed at the prevention and treatment of illness, infectious diseases, injuries, and other pet health problems. In particular, sought-after improvements include after-hours emergency care, support for secondary care requiring advanced medical facilities, enhanced intraregional medical collaboration, and transparency during the care process. With this in mind, TRVA is pursuing a number of initiatives to enable animal care that better satisfies the needs of pet owners, including improved regional collaboration among animal hospitals and the speedy disclosure of information to owners as part of the informed consent process.

These are the conditions under which TRVA and Fujitsu begin Tokyo area field trials for the sharing and utilization of pet medical information. Through collaboration between the area's animal hospitals and TRVA, this project aims to establish a virtual general hospital that brings together day clinics, after-hours clinics and secondary care facilities.

Project Overview

Project Overview

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Using Fujitsu's cloud services, TRVA will input, manage, and utilize pet health information, such as pet laboratory results, examination records, treatment history, and other medical records obtained from the TRVA After-Hours Emergency Veterinary Care Center and the Secondary Veterinary Care Center. This will provide the following benefits:

  1. Streamlined and accelerated checkups and administrative work, and centralization of veterinarians' core tasks
  2. Prompt sharing of information between pet owners and primary care clinics, comprehensive support for owners
  3. Increased convenience with digitalized medical information
  4. Guaranteed transparency of the care process through the disclosure of medical information to pet owners
  5. Improvement to veterinary medical technology through analysis of medical information

Fujitsu supports TRVA's contributions to society and the local community by offering its specialized cloud services, stated as follows, that support the sharing and utilization of medical information in Tokyo.

  1. Animal Care Support Service (SaaS that enables medical information to be recorded, managed and shared)
    • Intuitive operations for easy data entry that follows the flow of medical examinations
    • Automatic generation of detailed statements and reports
    • Secure sharing of information including medical records and records of hospital visits within Tokyo
    • Secure disclosure of medical information to pet owners
  2. Secure Information Sharing Platform Service (PaaS for securely sharing clinical information among concerned parties)
    • Depending on the wishes of the information holder, information is disclosed only to persons to whom the information is necessary
    • Confidential or personal information can be classified or made anonymous if necessary
    • Provides medical, preventive and contagion analysis, as well as medical know-how and other necessary statistical information to veterinary hospitals through the aggregation and analysis of medical information
    • Open and global-standard interface makes connectivity with non-Fujitsu products and other vendors possible
  3. "On-Demand Virtual System Service" Cloud Service (IaaS that allows customers to utilize ICT infrastructure across a network)
    • Provides network access to servers, storage, and other ICT infrastructure located at Fujitsu's datacenters
    • Can be up and running quickly, enables flexible scalability and modification, and is ideal for new businesses with unpredictable demand needs
    • Robust facilities and highly reliable and comprehensive security measures enable information to be safely stored

TRVA and Fujitsu will continue to assess the effectiveness of the field trials and work together to contribute to society and enhance well-being in Tokyo, specifically that of pet owners.

Fujitsu's Cloud Service

Since October 2010, Fujitsu has been delivering its "On-Demand Virtual System Service" as the core offering of its portfolio of cloud services. The service delivers bundled virtualized ICT infrastructure, such as servers and storage functionality, over a network from Fujitsu's datacenters. This provides resources that can be employed on-demand in accordance with customers' needs, without requiring customers to configure ICT systems in advance. By offering this service, Fujitsu aims to leverage the power of ICT to help solve problems facing society and enable the creation of a comfortable and convenient human-centric intelligent society that is both prosperous and secure.

  • [1] Animal Care

    In recent years, companion animals (i.e. pets) have become an increasingly familiar presence in our society. This trend has been accompanied by a continued shift toward pet owners viewing their pets as members of the family, instead of, for example, just as animals bred for agriculture. In light of this, TRVA and Fujitsu view veterinary medicine as being different from the conventional approach of simply treating sick animals. Rather, it is a new type of medical care for animals that are an important part of human life. This is referred to as "animal care."

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$55 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. For more information, please see

About the Tokyo Jonan Regional Veterinary Medicine Promotional Association

TRVA, established in February 2011 in the Jonan area of Tokyo, is centered on the voluntary efforts of members of the Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association. The TRVA After-Hours Emergency Veterinary Care Center and Secondary Veterinary Care Center were established as the organization's base in Fukazawa, Setagawa Ward. At the TRVA After-Hours Emergency Veterinary Care Center, an on-call doctor responds to after-hours emergency cases, and utilizes a system that returns medical records to the pet's primary veterinarian. By coordinating medical activities with primary veterinary hospitals, pet owners and their pets receive 24/7 support that allows them to live together without worry. For more information see: (Japanese only).

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Date: 12 May, 2011
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