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Fujitsu Launches New Energy-Saving Model of PRIMERGY Server

Achieves industry-leading reductions in power consumption to support offices' efforts to conserve energy

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 10, 2011

Fujitsu announces a new model of PRIMERGY RX200 S6 in its two-socket rack-mounted x86 server lineup that offers even greater energy savings. This new model consumes significantly less energy than standard PRIMERGY models. By offering the new model, Fujitsu is promoting energy-saving ICT infrastructure as one way to support nationwide energy-conservation efforts ahead of power shortages expected in Japan this summer. Sales of PRIMERGY RX200 S6 Energy-Saving model are set to commence in Japan from May 20, 2011.

By employing an energy-efficient CPU and energy-efficient memory, and through the application of Fujitsu's proprietary technology to optimize cooling fan controls, the PRIMERGY RX200 S6 server achieves up to a 33% reduction(1) in energy consumption compared to standard models, delivering industry-leading energy efficiency.

Even with the standard PRIMERGY lineup of x86 servers, Fujitsu has actively pursued energy efficiency, offering proprietary energy-saving features and compliance with International ENERGY STAR(2) standards. Fujitsu will continue its energy conservation efforts and is committed to helping businesses and organizations reduce their electricity consumption.

Model Features

1. Industry-leading energy efficiency: consumes up to approximately 33% less power compared to standard models

By employing an energy-efficient CPU and memory, and through the optimization of cooling fan controls, the PRIMERGY RX200 S6 achieves as much as a 33% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard models, delivering industry-leading energy efficiency.

a. Optimization of cooling fan controls
Power-saving technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories enables significant reduction to server power consumption by controlling the number of cooling fan rotations, reducing them to the minimum necessary given the temperature.

b. Energy-efficient CPUs
The PRIMERGY RX200 S6 employs the low-power consuming Intel ® Xeon ® processor L5630 from its CPU lineup and reduces power consumed while maintaining equivalent processing performance(3).

c. Energy-efficient memory
The PRIMERGY RX200 S6 employs the LV-Registered DIMM, a dual inline memory module that operates at a low voltage of 1.35V. The 1.35V DIMM delivers memory performance on par with 1.5V memory while reducing power consumption.

Compared to servers of around five years ago, these innovations have reduced energy consumption by up to approximately 47%, and performance raised by 7.2 times per equivalent volume of energy, even while the processing performance of Fujitsu servers has improved by about 3.4 times. Consequently, transitioning from existing models will enable customers to not only dramatically reduce power consumption, but to also increase overall system performance.

2. Total energy-saving that includes server rooms

Setting server room temperatures below that of a normal office environment requires air conditioning equipment that accounts for a large portion of overall energy consumed. With the PRIMERGY RX200 S6, settings can be set at the same levels of regular office room temperatures because the cooling fan is able to maintain a minimum rotational speed, thereby including air-conditioning in total energy savings.

PRIMERGY Energy Conservation Effort

The model announced today is the latest x86 server in a PRIMERGY lineup that not only improves processing performance, but reduces electricity loss through enhanced energy efficiency. These are representative of the variety of Fujitsu-developed technologies incorporated into each of its models, thus demonstrating Fujitsu's commitment to reducing the energy consumption of servers, however they are used.

1. Power Optimization

The loss of power conversion efficiency in power supply units greatly affects power consumption in a server. PRIMERGY employs high-efficiency power units compatible with power efficiency standards stipulated by the CSCI(4). By reducing power loss within power units, less electricity is consumed overall. As a result, the power supply units generate less heat, which in effect reduces the rotational speed of the cooling fan required for heat dissipation, further conserving electricity.

2. Control of Power Consumption through Management Processors

With the CPU's operating frequency control function, users can choose two modes: high efficiency mode (the highest operating frequency), and power-saving mode (the lowest operating frequency.) These modes can be set in advance and coordinated with task schedules, making it possible to reduce power consumption by planning the appropriate setting for a given task.

3. Offering Models with Superior Energy Efficiency

Fujitsu offers models such as the PRIMERGY TX120 S2, a one-socket compact server that is the industry's gold standard of low energy consumption (maximum energy consumption of 127W), and the PRIMERGY CX1000, an x86 server for datacenters that employs centralized cooling and a highly efficient power supply. These are representative of the products offered by Fujitsu specifically designed for energy efficiency.

Pricing and Availability

Product Name
(excluding tax)
Energy-conserving model PRIMERGY RX200 S6
Disc-less type
Xeon L5630(2.13GHz/12MB/4 core)/4GB LV-Registered DIMM
From 355,000 JPYFrom Mid-June 2011

  • [1] Up to 33% reductions

    Comparisons made with PRIMERGY RX200 S6 server that used Intel® Xeon® processor E5606.

  • [2] International ENERGY STAR

    This program, originally established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), promotes energy efficient products in seven countries and regions worldwide.

  • [3] Processing performance

    Comparison made with SPECint-rate-base 2006 measurements.

  • [4] CSCI

    The Climate Savers Computing Initiative was launched by Intel and Google in 2007 with the objective of reducing the power consumption of IT, and related emissions of greenhouse gasses.

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Date: 10 May, 2011
City: Tokyo
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