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Fujitsu Launches Secure Slate PC for Business Class

STYLISTIC Q550 combines highest levels of enterprise security with benefits of multiple touch computing

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 24, 2011

Fujitsu today announced the global launch of the STYLISTIC Q550, a business-class slate PC designed for the high-security requirements of mobile enterprise computing, starting in early April 2011.


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Building on Fujitsu's long heritage of creating tablet PCs for professional and business users, the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 slate PC builds in security from the ground up, so that it meets the most stringent ICT security requirements of governments and businesses. The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 is developed to meet enterprise mobile computing demands and integrate seamlessly into existing ICT infrastructures.

As enterprises struggle to keep consumer smartphones and tablets off their corporate networks to avoid security breaches, Fujitsu is taking an alternative approach with the introduction of a companion device designed for maximum interoperability with business environments. Seamless integration is provided thanks to use of the Microsoft Windows® 7 operating system. Additional licensing and rollout costs are capped since the slate PC uses the same software already deployed in enterprise infrastructures.

Usability features also help set the Fujitsu slate PC apart from other mobile devices. The STYLISTIC Q550 is distinguished by elements such as full work day battery runtime and a brilliant anti-glare 10.1-inch screen that allows for use both indoors and outdoors. Seamless connectivity comes through the inclusion of WLAN, Bluetooth and optional mobile broadband 3G/UMTS, enabling collaboration such as the sharing of documents while on the move.

Along with excellent ergonomics, Fujitsu makes mobile data entry easier by combining a multiple touch interface with precise and pressure-sensitive pen input. The STYLISTIC Q550 automatically recognizes when users are working with a pen, allowing them to rest their hand on the screen when writing. Built-in handwriting recognition software converts input to text. When the pen is not in use, the slate PC automatically readjusts to a touch interface.

Since 1991, Fujitsu has pursued the global expansion of tablet PC portfolio with an emphasis on the North American market. Currently, it holds the second-largest market share in North America(1).

Fujitsu is offering the STYLISTIC Q550 as a ubiquitous terminal that can be utilized safely and securely in all business scenarios, while at the same time accommodating advancements in enterprise system environments, including rapidly accelerating communications environments and cloud computing.

"Microsoft welcomes the release of the STYLISTIC Q550," says Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of the OEM Division, Microsoft Corporation. "Windows® 7 is a great choice for commercial customers looking for a devices that enables the flexibility and mobility their businesses need to succeed. With Windows® 7, you get enterprise manageability, security, as well as the ability to run the applications used within organizations."

"The STYLISTIC Q550 delivers low power and performance with the upcoming Intel Atom processor, codenamed 'Oak Trail'" said Doug Davis, vice president and general manager of the Netbook and Tablet Group, Intel. "Atom processors help provides business users a seamless, rich multi-tasking experience with PC-like functionality and all day battery life for professionals on the move."

To accommodate the full range of business scenarios in which customers operate, Fujitsu will continue to introduce new ways for customers to leverage cloud computing and other corporate ICT systems to enhance their businesses.

Features of the STYLISTIC Q550

1. Usability and user experience - effortless and intuitive operability via touch or pen input

The STYLISTIC Q550 runs on Microsoft Windows® 7 and is compatible with Windows®' multi-touch capabilities. Users can control applications and input text by touching the screen simply with just a touch of their fingers or by the attached stylus.

The STYLISTIC Q550 is equipped with a next-generation Intel® ATOM™ CPU that is highly-compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7 operating system, energy efficient, and features superior performance. By making full use of Fujitsu's proprietary power supply control functionality, the new series provides effortless operations using a large-capacity battery that can power the slate PC's 10.1 inch screen while still lasting approximately 10 hours(2). Furthermore in terms of maintenance, the battery is removable. The overall unit weighs only 690g when a standard battery is inserted(3).

The STYLISTIC Q550 employs an ergonomic design, with a surface texture and weight balance that make it fit naturally in the user's hand.

2. Content creation and collaboration - enhanced network communications features to support a ubiquitous working environment

The STYLISTIC Q550 can connect to IEEE 802.11n/a/g-compatible wireless LANs and wireless WANs(4), thereby enabling high-speed network communications. This in turn, makes data communications in a cloud computing environment effortless and helps to facilitate smooth business operations.

3. Security and manageability - highly compatible with existing ICT systems, features advanced security

As the STYLISTIC Q550 runs on Microsoft Windows® 7, customers can deploy the slate PC without having to make changes to existing Windows®-environment security resources and operations management systems. Moreover, through its unique product design process, Fujitsu has engineered the slate PC to incorporate a variety of technologies—such as fingerprint authentication, smart card reader, embedded security chip(5), and encrypted SSD—that enable the development of even more robust security systems, an important feature for enterprise customers.

4. Payment by monthly installments (in Japan only)

By using Fujitsu's Workplace LCM Service, which provides total outsourcing support over the lifecycle of the customer's ICT equipment ranging from planning and acquisition to deployment, day-to-day operations, equipment retirement, and disposal for a monthly fee, customers can reduce the initial costs and operational management burdens involved with the deployment of the STYLISTIC Q550, in addition to utilizing thin clients.

Fujitsu will continue to deliver products and services not only through its computing products, but also by expanding its cloud services offerings in mobility catered towards sales, customer management, and maintenance operations so that customers can easily and effectively conduct business towards the future.

Pricing and Availability

Product Name
(w/ input method)
Pricing Availability
(touch input)
Starting from under JPY 90,000 Gradual roll-out starting early April 2011
(pen + touch input)
Starting from under JPY 100,000 Gradual roll-out starting mid-May 2011
  • Pricing is for STYLISTIC Q550/C configuration for the Japanese market only.
  • Workplace LCM Service is not included.

  • [1] Second-largest market share in North America

    Second-largest market share by total units shipped in North America (US and Canada) of tablet PCs (PC OS-based slate and convertible products) in the first three quarters of FY2010. (Source: Gartner, "Quarterly Statistics: Personal Computers, Worldwide by Region, 3Q10 Update (Final Statistics)" 1 December 2010.)

  • [2] Still lasting approximately 10 hours

    Applicable to the STYLISTIC Q550/C (touch input method only) sold in Japan. The standard battery on the STYLISTIC Q550/C (touch input method only) lasts up to approximately 3.5 hours.

  • [3] 690g when a standard battery is inserted

    Applicable to the STYLISTIC Q550/C (touch input method only) sold in Japan. When the large-capacity battery is inserted, the PC weighs approximately 840g.

  • [4] Wireless WAN

    Can be added as a built-to-order feature.

  • [5] Embedded security chip

    Can be added as a built-to-order feature.

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