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Fujitsu Cloud Services Deployed by Aeon Marketing for Mobile Services

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 15, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that it is providing AEON MARKETING CO. LTD., with Fujitsu's cloud services to serve as the ICT infrastructure behind Aeon Marketing's new mobile coupon service, which launched in October 2010.

Aeon's mobile coupon service allows users to redeem discount and other kinds of coupons by simply holding a mobile phone in front of a special terminal located at check-out counters of each store. By employing Fujitsu's cloud services, Aeon Marketing will be able to expand its ICT infrastructure in a timely, cost-effective, and flexible way to accommodate customer usage and service enhancements.

By fully leveraging the power of cloud computing and other cutting-edge ICT technologies, Fujitsu will continue to support Aeon Marketing's business operations to usher in a new era of shopping for the Aeon Group.


The general market environment in Japan continues to face challenging conditions due to a prolonged downturn in consumption, as well as consumer demand for lower prices. At the same time, the introduction of convenient payment methods such as electronic money, as well as the expansion of the Internet and mobile-connected services providing overall support throughout the entire consumer lifecycle, are expected to bring about new consumer needs and revitalize the market.

Aeon Marketing is enhancing its delivery of one-to-one marketing that builds sustained relationships with customers by providing added value based on a customer's individual tastes, needs, shopping habits, and product usage history. As part of this campaign, starting October 27, 2010, the company has employed Fujitsu's On-Demand Hosting Service to launch operations of its new mobile coupon service as part of its Aeon Mobile Services (*1) at 47 Jusco and other retail establishments in Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, and Saitama Prefecture. The convenient service allows users to redeem discount and other kinds of coupons when purchasing a product simply by holding their mobile phones in front of a special terminal located at check-out counters.

By employing Fujitsu's cloud services as the ICT infrastructure behind Aeon's mobile coupon service, Aeon Marketing will be able to flexibly augment its infrastructure to accommodate customer usage loads and the rolling out of new services. This has made it possible to launch new services quickly and cost-effectively—including services for which it is difficult to predict the number of users and usage volume—without having to procure ICT resources in advance to accommodate peak-load periods.

In the future, Aeon Marketing will analyze the usage patterns of the mobile coupon service and adjust the Aeon Group's services to fulfill customer needs with greater precision. Through these efforts, Aeon Marketing will enhance its one-to-one marketing efforts that are tailored to the lifestyles and ages of individual customers. The company also plans to gradually expand the coverage area of its services.

Starting in May 2009, Fujitsu began offering an on-demand hosting service, which delivers dedicated ICT infrastructure resources located in Fujitsu's datacenters to customers on an on-demand basis. Not limited to just server and storage capabilities, these resources encompass a comprehensive range of ICT infrastructure, including network and security functionality. In addition, through its SaaS environment development and operations services, Fujitsu can flexibly provide users with access to customized cloud resources that build upon Fujitsu's standard cloud services. This includes providing connectivity between customers' existing systems and the cloud through a dedicated line, as well as cloud operations tailored to customer's individual usage scenario and needs. Fujitsu will continue to deliver cloud services and other advanced ICT technologies to support the Aeon Group in their major initiative of creating the next generation of new shopping services.

  • [1] Aeon Mobile Services

    A free mobile entertainment site providing users with access to flyers, information on bargains, and campaigns held at Aeon retail establishments.

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Date: 15 February, 2011
City: Tokyo
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