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Fujitsu Introduces REGZA Phone IS04

Advanced water-resistant high-spec smartphone

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 04, 2011

Fujitsu today announced that the new REGZA Phone IS04 smartphone from Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications will be available in Japan from KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company beginning February 10, 2011 in Japan only.

The IS04 is an Android™ OS-based smartphone—the first water-resistant smartphone available from au—featuring the Mobile REGZA Engine, which is based on technology for producing beautiful picture quality, and a 12.2 megapixel high-performance and high-resolution camera that is among the top of its class of smartphones. In addition, the mobile phone incorporates a variety of familiar and convenient features found on existing mobile phones, including Osaifu-Keitai®(1) and infrared communications.

The IS04 is also compatible with au's new WIN HIGH SPEED(2) service, making it an advanced high-spec smartphone that enables speedy operations with communication speeds of up to 3x(3) that of existing handsets.

Equipped with Mobile REGZA Engine 3.0—a processing engine optimized for smartphones that is based on the super-resolution technology employed in Toshiba's REGZA LCD TVs, the IS04 enables users to enjoy watching one-segment TV, YouTube™, and other videos in beautiful image quality. The handset's 12.2 megapixel autofocus-enabled camera ranks among the industry's highest performance cameras for a smartphone, and it is also capable of recording hi-definition video footage.

The mobile phone is compatible with au's new WIN HIGH SPEED service and can be used to quickly download applications, as well as send and receive movies at downlink speeds of up to 9.2Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 5.5Mbps. Furthermore, the mobile phone's 1GHz CPU chipset makes it possible for users to enjoy browsing the web and playing YouTube™ videos with comfort.

In addition, the IS04 is equipped with a number of features that have been highly requested by users of conventional mobile phones, including IPX5/IPX7(4) water-resistance—the first smartphone from au with this feature—as well as Osaifu-Keitai® functionality, one-segment TV viewing, infrared communications, and the ATOK Japanese input system, making the IS04 an all-in-one, high-spec smartphone. The mobile phone is available in two color variations: BLACK and WHITE.

REGZA Phone IS04 smartphone

Larger View (52 KB)

Main Features

1. Mobile REGZA Engine 3.0 enables users to enjoy high-resolution one-segment broadcasts and YouTube™ videos

Mobile REGZA Engine 3.0 employs a variety of advanced features, such as super-resolution technology, which processes complicated images in real-time; auto-image adjustment, which adjusts the mobile phone's backlight in response to the brightness of the surrounding environment and performs picture correction, thereby enabling users to view the screen without being affected by the brightness of surrounding light; and noise reduction, which reduces alias distortion, an issue common to one-segment video that existing noise reduction technologies have been unable to remedy. These features make it possible to enjoy one-segment broadcasts and videos in more beautiful high-resolution using the phone's large 4" screen. In addition, the Mobile REGZA Engine 3.0's frame interpolation functionality helps to smooth one-segment streams, allowing users to view high-quality videos.

2. Water-resistant and compatible with Osaifu-Keitai® and infrared communications

The mobile phone features IPX5/IPX7 water-resistance technology. It can be used in any environment, including the kitchen, bath and outdoors, without users needing to worry about it getting wet. As the IS04 is compatible with Osaifu-Keitai®, users can take advantage of services like electronic money and coupons. The mobile phone can also exchange contact information with other mobile phones using infrared communications.

3. Utility features combining fun and ease-of-use

ATOK for IS04
The IS04 features the latest Japanese input system that displays the most appropriate word options based on the word's context. This convenient feature makes composing e-mail and other documents effortless.

E-mail/C-mail compatibility(5)
Users can utilize their regular mobile phone e-mail addresses ( on the REGZA PHONE IS04. The mobile phone also features automatic e-mail receiving, pictograms and decoration mail.

Flash® Lite® compatibility(6)
Just as if they were browsing websites on a PC, users can view sites that employ Flash technology. Using pinching hand gestures, the screen size can also be easily expanded or reduced.

4. 12.2 megapixel high-definition camera with Hi-Vision video recording

Hi-Vision video recording(7)
The camera is capable of recording Hi-Vision video footage (1,280 × 720 resolution). Users can enjoy even the most subtle details in their images.

Face-finder autofocus(8)
When taking photos, the mobile phone automatically focuses on the subject's face using an image-processing engine. Simply by tapping on the touchscreen, the user can manipulate the shot to focus on their object of choice. Other functions include automatic face-tracking focus, smile finder, and panoramic mode.

5. Employs NX!UI, an original, easy-to-use interface

Original NX!UI home-screen for the REGZA Phone IS04
The original NX!UI home-screen(9) interface fulfills the needs of users who want to quickly access their favorite websites and keep a constant eye on Twitter™. Users can set function icons from 17 different options, and instantly access applications and features by simply sliding the screen to the left or right with their finger.

Star Memos
Similar to sticky notes, users can save Star Memos containing not only text, but also information such as website news, map routes from a train station, as well as their favorite Twitter™ tweets. By briefly pressing the camera key located on the side of the mobile phone, the user can access the Star Memo composition screen to save memos of interest, ranging from text and handwritten messages, to photographs and videos. Users can take advantage of the IS04's unique smartphone capabilities by directly posting saved Star Memos to Twitter™ as tweets or uploading them as images to Picasa™.

Compatibility with Key Services and Applications

au one Market, Android Market™, WIN HIGH SPEED, Skype™ | au, jibe, au one Navi Walk, au one GREE(10), Sekai Camera(10), LISMO(10), moshimo camera®

Product Specifications

Size: 126 × 62 × 11.9 mm (14.7mm at thickest point)
Weight: 149g
Continuous Standby Time: 260 hours
Continuous Talk Time: 300 minutes
Main Display: 4.0" TFT color LCD full wide VGA (480 × 854 resolution)
Camera: 12.19 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
Colors: BLACK and WHITE

  • [1] Osaifu-Keitai

    Incompatible with Mobile Suica and some other services as of January 2011. For more information regarding services compatibility, please refer to au's homepage.


    Please refer to au's homepage for a list of compatible service areas. Applicable in areas that support maximum 9.2Mbps downlink (5.5Mbps uplink) speeds. The service employs the best-effort delivery method. Listed speeds are the maximum speeds attainable using the technical standard and do not reflect actual usage speeds. Speeds may significantly decrease depending on the communications environment, network traffic, and other factors.

  • [3] Speeds of up to 3x

    Compared to models that use the existing EV-DO Rev.A standard (3.1Mbps maximum downlink and 1.8Mbps maximum uplink). For information about specific regions please refer to au's homepage.

  • [4] IPX5/IPX7

    IPX5 designation (formerly JIS waterproof grade 5) indicates that the mobile phone can function normally after being sprayed from all directions with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3m for a period of at least 3 minutes. The IPX7 designation (formerly JIS waterproof grade 7) indicates that water will not penetrate inside the mobile phone and it will function normally after being gently immersed in a tank of room-temperature tap or still water of a depth of 1 m for approximately 30 minutes.

  • [5] C-mail compatibility

    Packet communications and c-mail transmission cannot be performed in CDMA 1X areas (areas with a maximum downlink speed of 144Kbps). A separate update is planned for release. Specific details, including the timing of the update, will be listed on au's homepage. Customers cannot utilize EZweb services.

  • [6] Flash® Lite® 4.0 compatibility

    Depending on the website, some sites cannot be viewed properly.

  • [7] Hi-Vision video recording

    A 16GB microSDHC™ card (sample included) or a microSD™ card (sold separately) with an SD Speed Class greater than class 4 or microSDHC™ card are recommended for recording video.

  • [8] Face-finder autofocus

    The face-finder autofocus and automatic face-tracking focus cannot be used at the same time.

  • [9] Original IS04 NX!UI home-screen

    The home-screen UI is configured by default at the time of purchase. To change it to NX!UI, tap the change home-screen menu option, and select the IS04 original screen option.

  • [10] LISMO, au one GREE, Sekai Camera

    Applications must be downloaded prior to use.

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