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Fujitsu Launches New Software Series for Electronic Component Analysis

Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions – first package analyzes heat-related distortion in printed circuit boards

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Nagano Systems Engineering Limited

Tokyo, January 19, 2011

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Nagano Systems Engineering Limited today announced the release of a new software series in Japan for manufacturers of components such as electronic car parts and devices, which enables easy analysis of necessary electronic components simply by following on-screen instructions.

The new series, SimPRESSO, systematizes the know-how involved with the analysis of electronic components essential to designing high-quality products and standardizes the increasingly complex and advanced analysis processes required to ensure superior quality. By simply following the on-screen instructions, even designers who are unaccustomed to operating analysis software can easily and quickly perform precise analysis from a variety of angles, taking into consideration electromagnetic interference (unwanted electromagnetic waves), heat, strength, and vibrations. As a result, the new software can lead to improved product quality and shortened development periods.

With the new series, users can reduce the time required to perform the analysis from what might have conventionally taken ten days to a single day, regardless of the designer's software proficiency.

Starting today, Fujitsu will release SimPRESSO/BTS, the first package in the software series which analyzes heat-related distortion in printed circuit boards(1). In the future, the company plans to gradually expand the series to include various software packages capable of performing analysis from different angles.


In the manufacturing of electronic devices such as digital home appliances and electronic car parts, it becomes essential to verify the product's reliability by analyzing the necessary electronic parts from various angles encompassing electromagnetic interference, heat, intensity, and oscillation, during the initial design phase, to develop high-quality products in a shorter period of time. As a result, there has been an increase in the deployment of analysis software for designers. However, a number of challenges still remain. These include the difficulty of acquiring the proper skills needed to operate the multi-faceted analysis software and allocating the time required to construct proper 3D analysis models.

Screenshot of SimPRESSO Series

To address these challenges, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Nagano Systems Engineering have developed SimPRESSO, which systemizes the know-how involved in analyzing electronic components and allows designers unaccustomed to operating analysis software to easily perform product analyses.

Fujitsu will today release SimPRESSO/BTS, the first package in the SimPRESSO software series, for analyzing heat-related distortion in printed circuit boards. In the future, Fujitsu will gradually release additional analysis software packages designed specifically for electronic component thermal conductivity, reflow oven(2) temperature profile, thermo-fluid dynamics, and electromagnetic waves.

This product will be exhibited from January 19 - 21, 2011 at the 40th Internepcon Japan in Tokyo, Asia's largest electronics manufacturing exhibition.

3D analysis model of a printed circuit board with results from the analysis of heat-related distortion

Product Features

1. Analysis software can easily be operated by simply following on-screen instructions

In the past, designers have had to devote a significant amount of time to learning how to operate analysis software. Performing the correct analysis required overcoming a considerable learning curve. With this new software, designers can efficiently perform complicated analyses from a variety of product dimensions by simply operating the software in accordance with on-screen instructions, thus reducing the excessive time required to learn how to operate the software.

2. Improves product quality and reduces development periods through highly-precise and rapid analysis

By managing the increasingly complex and advanced analysis processes of electronic components needed to ensure superior quality, SimPRESSO allows designers of all levels of proficiency to easily perform rapid component analysis. As a result, customers can easily achieve higher product quality and shorter development periods.

3. Streamlines the development of 3D analysis models needed for analysis

In the past, a significant amount of time was required to develop 3D analysis models needed for analysis during the design stage. The new software includes an automatic analysis model generation feature, thereby improving the efficiency of model development. By using the new software, users can generate a component's 3D analysis model that previously required ten days to develop through trial and error, in only a few hours.

Pricing and Availability

Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability in Japan
(Basic package)
JPY 2.0 million Late January 2011
(Substrate heat distortion analysis scenario)
JPY 1.2 million Late January 2011

* Pricing above is for up to five licenses. SimPRESSO/BTS requires LS-DYNA (analysis solver), sold separately.

Sales Target

200 licenses (including all SimPRESSO series products) within three years.

  • [1] Printed circuit boards

    A board upon which electronic components, such as integrated circuits, resistors and condensers, are mounted and connected to construct an electronic circuit.

  • [2] Reflow oven

    A heating device used to solder surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards. The device is used to melt the Handa solder paste for soldering purposes. Temperature regulation is essential when applying the solder paste for application purposes.

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