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Fujitsu Upgrades Production Management System for Daifuku in China

Enhances factory production system in anticipation of increased demand for material handling systems

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 21, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that, in collaboration with Daifuku Co., Ltd., which is globally expanding its material handling system, it has upgraded the production management system at Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company's Shanghai-based Chinese production center. Responding to increased demand for material handling systems in China, the new system started operations in November 2010.

The new system will enable Daifuku to accelerate initiatives for improving its productivity through the standardization of production processes, as well as shortening turnaround times, reducing costs, and flexibly responding to changes in product requirements. At the same time, by connecting the company's production management system with other systems, including its accounting, sales management, and inventory management systems, the upgraded system will strengthen Daifuku's revenue management and the management of the progress of projects.


Daifuku is a global corporation with business outside of Japan accounting for more than half of its sales. The company offers a comprehensive line of services, from the development of material handling systems for building internal material handling systems involved in production and distribution, to the sales, manufacturing, and support of these systems. Daifuku has positioned China as the largest and most important market for its business outside of Japan. In response to increased demand for its material handling systems, Daifuku has been strengthening its business under a new organizational structure with Daifuku (China) Co., Ltd., a new company it established in April 2010, at its core. Daifuku had revised the production processes at Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and had been considering upgrading its system platform in order to speed up the standardization of and productivity improvements for these processes.

In January 2010, Daifuku migrated the accounting, sales management, and inventory management systems at Daifuku (China) Co., Ltd. to an SAP platform. Through the latest upgrade of the production management system at Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd, to an SAP platform, the company aims to enhance its system governance. This will allow Daifuku to standardize the different production processes for each of its products, bring visibility to its production operations, and further improve productivity. At the same time, by managing the progress of individual projects and revenue in real-time, Daifuku will strengthen its project management framework for adhering to deadlines and budget constraints.

The new system will allow Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to thoroughly manage inventory, projects, and delivery dates, while at the same time being able to deliver higher-quality products with a strong commitment to quality, cost, and delivery through the visualization of Daifuku's work processes.

With sales and production centers in 20 countries around the world, Daifuku is building a globally-optimized production and supply chain. Through seamless collaboration among its local subsidiaries around the world, the company is implementing a global production framework that fulfills all requirements in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and the environment. In the future, Daifuku will continue to optimize the production systems of its subsidiaries in each country and work to further improve productivity.

On August 1, 2010, Fujitsu established a new business unit to provide strong and seamless support between Japan-based companies and their local subsidiaries in Asia in the manufacturing, retailing, and distribution industries, for Japanese customers who are launching or expanding business in Asia. The new Asia business unit will provide solutions as well as infrastructure services. For Daifuku's new system, the new business unit and Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.—which has SAP expertise as well as system development experience in China—in collaboration with Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Daifuku corporate headquarters, were able to quickly develop a system that complies with Chinese business practices and regulations, and for which governance can be handled by Daifuku's headquarters in Japan.

Fujitsu will continue to support Daifuku in expanding its business in China, while at the same time, as a business partner, proposing ideas from a global perspective that generate added value for Daifuku's business.

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