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Fujitsu to Strengthen Network Business Structure

Manufacturing operations in Japan to be reorganized

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 07, 2010

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it will transfer the manufacturing and quality assurance operations for mobile systems products(1) from its Nasu Plant to its wholly owned subsidiary, Fujitsu Telecom Networks Limited, which is responsible for developing and manufacturing photonics products(2) for the Japanese market. As a result, the manufacturing and quality assurance functions for both mobile systems products and photonics products in Japan will be consolidated and integrated at the Oyama Plant operated by Fujitsu Telecom Networks, thereby unifying the manufacturing infrastructure for the network product lines.

With this reorganization, Fujitsu will enhance the manufacturing efficiency of both its mobile systems and photonics products to strengthen the structure of its entire network business. At the same time, by leveraging the company's manufacturing and quality assurance technologies and know-how in the manufacturing of both these products, Fujitsu aims to further enhance the quality of its products and services.

Background to the Reorganization

In light of increases in communications traffic associated with the recent spread of smartphones, and in anticipation of the launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) services, a next-generation communications standard, the network equipment market is expected to continue expanding on a global scale.

In this environment, the number of mobile systems products equipped with optical interfaces is expected to increase, while in the area of photonics, wireless network connectivity is becoming increasingly important. It is anticipated that in the future there will be an increase in demand not only for individual wireless and transmission equipment, but also for communications network products that integrate wireless and optical transmissions capabilities.

Until now, in Japan the Fujitsu Group has manufactured mobile systems products, primarily mobile phone base stations, at its Nasu Plant, and photonics products, primarily optical transmissions equipment, at its Oyama Plant. As the market has evolved, however, the boundary between mobile systems and photonics products has become increasingly blurred. As a result, Fujitsu has decided to transfer the mobile systems product manufacturing and quality control functions to its Oyama Plant, with a target completion date of September 2011, thereby unifying the company's manufacturing infrastructure in Japan.

As part of the reorganization and integration of these manufacturing units, Fujitsu will partially expand the manufacturing floor space at the Oyama Plant and transfer the manufacturing lines for its mobile systems products from its Nasu Plant. This will enable the company to build a manufacturing framework capable of handling both mobile systems and photonics products. In addition, by integrating the manufacturing operations for both types of network products, the company will be able to streamline its logistics and warehouse operations and consolidate the common processes of both operations to enhance operational efficiency.

The Nasu Plant will serve as the Fujitsu Group's main manufacturing facility for mobile phone handsets, and the company will strengthen its manufacturing framework in anticipation of future expansions to its product lineup, including smartphones.

  • [1] Mobile systems products

    Wireless base stations, multiplex wireless equipment, etc.

  • [2] Photonics products

    Optical transmissions equipment, etc.

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Date: 07 December, 2010
City: Tokyo
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