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  7. Fujitsu Wins Japan Minister of the Environment Award for Reducing CO2 Emissions Through Modal Shift

Fujitsu Wins Japan Minister of the Environment Award for Reducing CO2 Emissions Through Modal Shift

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 01, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that it has been awarded the 2010 Minister of the Environment Award for the Prevention of Global Warming for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Japan through its modal shift(1) program for product and parts shipments.

The award is given as part of the Ministry of the Environment's efforts to promote measures that reduce global warming, and has been granted annually since 1998 during the month of December, which the ministry has designated Global Warming Prevention Month. The award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made noteworthy achievements in combating global warming.

Fujitsu received the award in recognition of the significant reduction in shipment-related CO2 emissions that it has achieved through the proactive implementation of its modal shift program, which seeks to ship goods and components using methods that have a low burden on the environment.

For shipments of finished products, Fujitsu developed a shipment mode selection system that, since fiscal 2004, has enabled the company to select shipment methods with lower CO2 emissions when delivering goods to customers in accordance with the customer's designated delivery date. Moreover, in order to expand rail shipments, Fujitsu has changed the size of its shipping pallets to conform to the specifications of Japan Freight Railway Company's container railcars, thereby raising load efficiency.

For the shipments of parts and components, Fujitsu responded to a request from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to participate in its rail model project, which seeks to enhance rail service for transportation of goods from Japan's "super hub ports(2)" to the interior of the country. In collaboration with Japan Freight Railway Company, Fujitsu has started to use 20-foot sea containers and 40-foot sea containers to ship supplies of parts from seaports to its manufacturing facilities.

Through these efforts, Fujitsu has been able to implement an integrated modal shift covering shipments of both parts and finished goods. As a result, the company achieved an 8% reduction in shipment-related CO2 emissions in fiscal 2009, compared to fiscal 2004. Moreover, in combination with efforts to raise load efficiency stemming from its fiscal 2006 green distribution partnership promotion program, it has succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 45% from fiscal 2000 to fiscal 2009.

  • [1] Modal Shift

    Shifting modes of transport from trucks and other shipment methods that entail high CO2 emissions to methods with lower CO2 emissions, such as rail or boat.

  • [2] Super Hub Port

    Specially designated ports, from among Japan's international hub ports, that implement pioneering policies, as part of a pilot program collaboration between the government and private industry.

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Date: 01 December, 2010
City: Tokyo
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