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  7. 50,000 Fujitsu Slate PCs Deployed by Dai-ichi Life as New Sales Terminals

50,000 Fujitsu Slate PCs Deployed by Dai-ichi Life as New Sales Terminals

Custom-made slate PC providing comprehensive easy-to-use communications support

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 30, 2010

Fujitsu today announced the recent order by the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited for approximately 50,000 custom-made slate PCs to be used primarily as mobile sales terminals by the company's total life plan designers, or sales representatives, in Japan.

Featuring a 12.1" design, the custom-made, thin and lightweight slate PC features a Windows-based LCD touch screen with pen/writing capabilities, and boasts excellent portability. The new slate PCs are scheduled for delivery in August 2012 to coincide with the launch of Dai-ichi Life's new Web-based life planning system. The new slate PC provides comprehensive communications support to Dai-ichi Life, delivering the same ease-of-use that employees are accustomed to when using conventional paper documents to present and explain proposals to customers, as well as confirmation purposes. The new custom-made slate PC is designed to support Dai-ichi Life's total life plan designers in transforming their business processes and further improving customer service.


Under Dai-ichi Life's new total life plan strategy, the company is working to further strengthen its company-wide framework for delivering high-quality products, services, and proposals, as well as the structures that support this delivery. As part of this effort, Dai-ichi Life has developed a new Web-based life planning system which is scheduled to begin operations in August 2012. Through this system, Dai-ichi Life aims to enhance its support specifically for total life plan designers across Japan, increase customer satisfaction, and improve its competitive strengths and productivity.

With twenty years of experience and know-how in developing tablet PCs and the latest ultra-thin and lightweight technologies, Fujitsu has shipped over approximately one million units worldwide. Drawing on this track record, Fujitsu will develop and deliver new custom-made slate PCs for Dai-ichi Life as next-generation business operations terminals, providing comprehensive communications support for the company's total life plan designers.

By deploying the custom-made slate PCs, Dai-ichi Life expects to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Transforming the business processes of total life plan designers (improved consulting capabilities)
    As an easy-to-carry PC that total life plan designers can constantly take along with them, the custom-made slate PC will help employees when consulting customers.
  2. Further improving the quality of customer service
    The custom-made slate PC improves the quality and speed of customer service through remote meeting functionality that employs document capturing through a built-in camera and mobile capabilities, as well as features that use electronic signatures to expedite procedures and make negotiations paperless.

Product Features

The custom-made slate PC displays important information with a single touch, providing comprehensive communications support that is easy-to-use.

1. Thin, lightweight slate PC featuring excellent portability

A thin, lightweight 12.1" slate PC that features an LCD screen with excellent portability and a battery life of seven hours. The custom-made slate PC also employs Windows OS, ensuring a high degree of interoperability and compatibility with Dai-ichi Life's existing systems.

2. Interactive PC ideal for customer presentations

The lightweight, ultra-thin slate PC which uses touch screen with pen/writing capabilities enables employees to make presentations to customers naturally. Customers can also sign digital documents using a digital signature. As well, the screen employs a bright, clear LCD panel that can be read from a wide-viewing angle, thereby supporting effortless face-to-face communication with customers.

3. Built-in web camera further improves business efficiency

While on the go, employees can easily take high-resolution photos of required documents using the slate PC's built-in 3.0 megapixel camera and forward them to the office. This makes it possible to process documents quickly and directly. The custom-made slate PC is equipped with a variety of supplementary features including video and microphone, allowing the use of moving visuals and sound to further enhance education, training, and communication capabilities.

4. Prevents information leaks from loss or theft

In the unlikely event that a mobile terminal is stolen or lost, it can be remotely accessed using a mobile network. This enables employees to utilize the slate PC's built-in advanced security features which allow the mobile terminal to lock and data to be deleted(1), even when the computer is in off-mode, thereby preventing any information leaks with a high degree of certainty.

5. High-quality, environmentally-friendly technology

Manufactured using molding technology perfected by Fujitsu over a period of more than ten years, the slate PCs casing employs environmentally-friendly magnesium alloy, which preserves the toughness of metal while possessing a low relative density. Furthermore, Fujitsu's unified production process—from development to manufacturing—ensures the delivery of high-quality products.

Fujitsu will deliver the custom-made slate PCs to Dai-ichi Life, which will serve as a core point-of-contact between total life plan designers and customers, as well as maintenance and operations services. By delivering one-stop services that total life plan designers can confidently rely on, Fujitsu strives to contribute to the promotion of Dai-ichi Life's new total life plan strategy.

  • [1] Data to be deleted

    The encryption key required to decrypt the data content on the SSD is deleted, making it impossible to recover the data.

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Date: 30 November, 2010
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